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Robotics Enrichment class PowerPoint Presentation
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Robotics Enrichment class

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Robotics Enrichment class
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Robotics Enrichment class

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  1. Robotics Enrichment class Mr. Bosworth

  2. Goals of Class • Learn how to build a basic robot that performs various functions • Learn how to program robot to move and complete tasks using Lego Mindstorms NXT program. • Learn how to use the sensors to perform more complex movements and behaviors. • Work together as a team to accomplish a common goal. • Train to be able to compete in a FIRST lego league.

  3. FLL Robot Kit 9648 9797 NXT-G Software FLL Team License (10 seats) See Video Demos of the LEGO Parts online

  4. Engineering • Engineers solve problems, you will be solving many problems in this class. • Brainstorm solutions • Use math and take measurements • Testing and debugging (3x principle) • write down what you have discovered and present the solution.

  5. Project Manager • Makes sure everyone understands the instructions • Organizes team meetings and leads the meeting • Makes sure that all group members get the help that they need

  6. Human Resource (HR) • Helps everyone to participate • Makes sure there are no put-downs • Reports to teacher if there are group issues • Makes sure all group members participate

  7. Materials Manager • Gets robot kit and makes sure all materials are gathered for the group • Supervises the clean-up, watches time 3:55 is clean up time • Keeps track of parts, makes sure if a part is borrowed it is recorded.

  8. Recorder/Reporter • Takes down group notes, flow diagrams • Records history • Reports to other groups

  9. Rules to Follow • The following are rules and guidelines that will help you to have a successful experience in robotics class.

  10. Rule # 1 • Pay attention to what other group members need

  11. Rule # 2 • Everyone Participates • All group members should have turns to program and build.

  12. Rule # 3 • Ask other people in your group for help before asking the teacher.

  13. Rule # 4 • Help other group members without doing their work for them

  14. Rule # 5 • Agree on strategies to solve problems • democratically

  15. Rule # 6 • Everybody cleans up! • Lego pieces accounted for. • Everything Back in Bin • Computers closed down and USB cable put in Bin.

  16. Baseball • If you are off task you might receive a strike. Three strikes in one day and you will go to Mr. Stokers office until the end of the day. • Anybody that continues to mess around will not be coming back. There is a waiting list for this class.

  17. Routine • Meet outside of library at 3:20 • Teams will meet briefly to decide course of action for the day • At the end of the day the programs should be saved on your thumb drive and your NXT brick. Each program needs to be named with your group # and challenge #.

  18. Routine (Cont.) • You will want to get ready to go by 4:00 to get ready for buses. Time goes fast, so be organized! • You do not leave until all materials are put away.

  19. Challenge 1 • Move Block Can you get your robot to make a 180 degree turn in place? Use the steering slider shifted all the way to the right. Extension 1 Set the duration box to degrees. What number do you need to fill in for degrees to make an accurate 180 degree turn?

  20. Challenge 2 • Program your robot to move 1m to the tape, spin around and return exactly back to the starting positionand stop. • Hint: use information from MBC 1

  21. Challenge 3 • Use move blocks to make a program that enables the bot to drive as if it were drawing the first letter of someone’s name in the group.

  22. Challenge 4 • Sound Block Create a program that has the robot announce the direction in which it’s moving as it moves. While going forward, it should say “forward” and while going backward it should say “backward”. Use a wait for completion setting in the sound block.

  23. Challenge 5 • Sound Block • Make a program with a series of sound blocks configured to play notes to make your own musical composition, or from music that you like.

  24. Challenge 6 • Display Block Create a program that uses sound blocks to say a catch phrase with at least 4 words. Use display blocks to display what the bot says as subtitles on the NXT screen.

  25. Challenge 7 • Program the bot to drive in a figure 8. The robot should show a happy face on its display screen as it moves. When the figure 8 is completed program a sound such as clapping or cheering to announce your completion of the task.

  26. Challenge 8 • Wait blocks • Use your program from Challenge 2 and put in a wait block that will pause your robot for 3 seconds after the spin, and coast your robot over the finish line.

  27. NXT Mindstorms • Nxtminstorm webpage