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Group Danone Product – Yogurt UK Market PowerPoint Presentation
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Group Danone Product – Yogurt UK Market

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Group Danone Product – Yogurt UK Market - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Group Danone Product – Yogurt UK Market. Harsh Ruia Lin Qi Mathis Cohen Qian Cheng Wang Xiao nan Yang Yang. History of Group Danone. 1919 , Barcelona, Spain, Isaac Carasso , · Named after his son Daniel. · Manufacturing Yogurt.

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Presentation Transcript

Group Danone

Product – Yogurt

UK Market

Harsh Ruia

Lin Qi

Mathis Cohen

Qian Cheng

Wang Xiao nan

Yang Yang


History of Group Danone

1919, Barcelona, Spain, Isaac Carasso,

· Named after his son Daniel.

· Manufacturing Yogurt

1929, Daniel Carasso launched Danone in Paris and business was good.

1941, entrusted Danone France to Norbert Lafont and Danone Spain to Luis Portabella

· Founded Dannon US

1945,rebuilding French and Spanish businesses.

· Lost interest in the US market;

· Back to BSN GervaisDanone in 1981.

1967, fusion with Gervais,

· Gervais-Danone company.

1972, Daniel Carasso and Antoine Riboud.

· Merged their two companies.

· Making Danone into a world brand


What do we have?

Fresh Dairy Product --- Yogurt


Baby Nutrition


Why do we choose yogurt?

  • Google Trend



United Kingdom

Yogurt seems to be paid more and more attention


Capturing Marketing Insights – the internal environment

The most relevant Strategic Capabilities – a resource audit of Danone Yogurt UK


Strategy choice: Product development strategy

  • Product development : Launch a yoghurt especialy design for kid
    • Low cost of development as the product already exist in the Danone portfolio in other
    • country
    • National awareness on the importance of a vary alimentation for children as a mean to struggle against obesity
    • Good understanding of the population of the importance of Calcium and vitamine D to help the growth
    • A very good way to educate people to yoghurt (parents, habit in the childhood)
  • Focus on the importance of calcium for kids during growth and the healthy food
  • Use the very strong brand image in the children market(Danone World cup for kid, in 2013 in Wembley London)
  • Small number of competitor on the segment only two in comparison of the adult market

Segmentation: How to segmenting a kid market? – Yogurt for kid 1/3

It is hard to segment kids

The percentage of children who did sport in the last 4 weeks, by age and sex, 2010/1

The percentage of children who need calcium and vitamin D to grow


Segmentation: How to segmenting a kid market? – Yogurt for kid 2/3

The solution : family behavior (with a focus on mother) !

Cluster 1: lacking time, money and knowledge

Cluster 2: lack the knowledge and parenting skills to improve their family’s lifestyle

Cluster 3: affluent, overweight families who over- indulge in unhealthy foods

Cluster 4: living healthily

Cluster 5: strong parenting skills but need to make changes

Cluster 6: plenty of exercise but too many bad foods


‘Differentiated’ Targeting: Focus on the most promising segments!

Targeting strategy: Differentiated Targeting


Potential consumer


Positioning: Developing the image of our product in consumer’s mind

Nutrition info of main competitors


Focusing on kids from 5-10

Offering nutrimental Lifestyle

Developing energetic kids





Nutrition-Age Axes





We worth it !



Brand Reputation-Price Axes


Implementation Control: Assessment of the overall strategy

Continuously questions the basic direction of the strategy