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Princess Academy

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Princess Academy

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Princess Academy

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  1. Princess Academy • Power Point created by: Kelli • Pictures created by: Ashley, Kelli, Marissa, Eva, Tori, and Megan

  2. Intro(Meet the characters) • Miri: she is very stubborn and outgoing • Britta: Miri and Britta are best friends, Britta is shy and quiet • Steffan: Steffan is the prince, he is the reason why the academy was created, he is also quiet and shy. • The academy was created so the prince would have his princess. The girls from Mount Eskel were brought to the academy to learn how to be a correct princess. They stayed at the academy with their instructerOlana for about a year.

  3. Tori and Marissa’s Picture • This is the academy. The girls from Mount Eskel walked on a trail all the way up the mountain and to the academy. Some girls were excited, some weren’t. We chose this because it was part of the beginning when the girls first walked to the academy. Miri was not happy to go to the academy.

  4. Ashley and Eva’s Picture • This is the academy’s ball. The girls have studied for a whole year and now it is time for the prince to choose the princess. Steffan was like a stone column the whole time, Miri didn’t like that. We chose this picture because it is a very important time in the story because it was the first time the girls were seeing the prince. Miri is okay with being at the academy but would rather be home.

  5. Kelli and Megan’s Picture • This is a picture of Steffan picking his princess. Steffan chose Britta because he knew her when they were younger so they know each other very well. We chose this scene because it is another important scene. Miri was fine being at the academy now.

  6. Credits • Google Images • Clip Art • Ashley • Marissa • Eva • Tori • Megan • Kelli • Thank you for watching!