how to get a dog to stop barking by boyd alexander n.
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How to get a dog to stop barking by Boyd Alexander PowerPoint Presentation
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How to get a dog to stop barking by Boyd Alexander

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How to get a dog to stop barking by Boyd Alexander - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to get a dog to stop barking by Boyd Alexander

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  1. How to get a dog to stop barkingby Boyd Alexander • The cold water trick • Get a hose • Aim at dog about 6 feet away. • Turn on water • Say “I told you to hush” • Spray the water until he is good and wet. It will take 2 minutes the first time… • The next time he barks spray him again. Tell him to hush. • This should cure him after 3or 4 times in a few days • .

  2. Keeping a dog HappyBy Boyd Alexander • Just fool with him a bit and he will like to play • Play fetch.Roll a ball. Tell him to go get it. Bring it back. • If he bites when you play give him a swat upside the head. Not too hard. • He will remember in a short time.

  3. How to get a dog to quit bitingby Boyd Alexander • Slap on the face not too hard. Say “Quit” • If they want to fool with chickens, a whoopin with a apple tree switch will get them to quit.

  4. A Beagle Puppy with a RabbitBy Boyd Alexander • It may be good for them to play together. • If the puppy gets rough the rabbit will kick him. The rabbit will keep the puppy in his place • The puppy needs a friend.

  5. Tony Smith talks about Beagles • Beagles never forget what they learn • It takes them a long time to learn. • I used to train them to hunt rabbits

  6. How to train a beagle to huntby Tony Smith • Take him out in the woods when he is little • Even if you need to pack him • Go where there might be a rabbit • Take him in the early morning while the scent is still in the grass

  7. Bring your gun so he can get used to it • Let him sniff around while you rest • When he gets close to a rabbit the rabbit will run • Once the beagle chases it he will always know what to chase

  8. Don’t shoot any rabbits until the dog has chased a rabbit 4 different days. • Let him get to liking the chase before you fire a gun • On the fifth hunt kill the rabbit that the dog is running when you get a good shot • Let the dog get to the rabbit before you do

  9. The dog will think he ran the rabbit to death • Walk up to the rabbit • Field dress the rabbit and give the guts to the dog. • Let him sniff the end of the gun barrel and tell what a good job he did. • He may or may not eat them • He will think of it as getting a treat for doing something good. • Go hunt for more rabbits

  10. The more often you take your dog hunting the better hunting dog he will be.

  11. Beagles are stubborn • You just have to be more stubborn than they are.

  12. Don’t ever feed the dog before you hunt. • If he is full he won’t hunt

  13. Puppy training tipsby GP Pearson

  14. How to get a Husky Dog to Quit Digging in the Dirt • By Anthony Chapman April 16, 2003 • Stick his head in hole and spank his face. • Tie to post say “No digging • Get some boots for Kirby to wear so he can not dig.