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Barkoff - Train Any Dog to Stop Barking PowerPoint Presentation
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Barkoff - Train Any Dog to Stop Barking

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Barkoff - Train Any Dog to Stop Barking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Barkoff is the newest barking deterrent innovation. It uses ultrasonic frequencies, undetectable to humans, to catch the attention of dogs and deter their nuisance barking behavior. Unlike other barking deterrents the Barkoff will safely and humanely work on every dog within the vicinity. This awesome capability provides awesome results without the need for buying multiple anti barking devices- such as anti barking collars.

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Barkoff - Train Any Dog to Stop Barking

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Buy BarkOff | All Online Purchases Receive a FREE Bonus BarkOff Ultrasonic Device!

By purchasing the BarkOff online you maximize your investment as every online purchase is accompanied with a FREEBonus BarkOff Ultrasonic Bark Control Device.


The BarkOff is a popular and cost effective anti-barking system. This revolutionary barking deterrent works by using ultrasonic sound frequencies to humanely train dogs to stop barking. The BarkOff has been specially designed to deal with all bark control situations. Whether you intend to use this wonder device on one dog, multiple dogs or even neighborhood dogs you will not be disappointed with the results.

The BarkOff will instantly deter barking behavior and calm your pet.


When turned on, your pet's barking automatically activates the BarkOff and emits high pitched ultrasound tones. This ultrasound frequency is extremely annoying to dogs and trains your pet to associate the nuisance barking with the accompanying irritation. Eventually the dog stops barking to avoid being harassed by the powerful ultrasonic sound waves. This breakthrough and state-of-the-art application of ultrasound technology is a proven method for humanely training your companion to deter needless barking activity.


Unlike shock collars that are painful and can be used only on one dog, the BarkOff can be used virtually anywhere without you having to ask permission from your neighbors. In addition, it can be employed on multiple dogs within the vicinity and frees the pet owner from the need for buying several bark deterrent devices.

BarkOff is a pain-free barking deterrent that is completely safe for your companion.


The BarkOff trains dogs to stop nuisance barking but is designed to not suppress instinctual or protective barking.The BarkOff is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications and operates on a single 9 volt battery in order to enhance portability.Matter in fact, the BarkOff can easily fit in your pocket and accompany you on every outing. Take it with you on your walks and car rides to ensure your outings remain tranquil and serene.

The BarkOff Is the ideal device for getting your neighbours dog to stop barking.


The silence you experience with this pet friendly bark control device will allow you to finally appreciate restful and undisturbed respites. Thousands of worldwide BarkOff customers have discovered this calm and are now enjoying enhanced peace of mind and restfulness. The testimonials and reviews for the BarkOff are mostly positive and validate this innovative development as a necessity for those who are yearning for a bark free home or neighborhood.