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Future of NIEM Tools Delivery PowerPoint Presentation
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Future of NIEM Tools Delivery

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Future of NIEM Tools Delivery

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Future of NIEM Tools Delivery

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  1. Future of NIEM Tools Future of NIEM Tools Delivery Public Sector NIEM Team, July 2012

  2. Objectives Develop smaller, modularized and more easily consumed NIEM dictionaries and create supporting tools particularly for new users; Apply EIEM/BIEC-based solution and preclude the propagation of multiple NIEM models NIEM could create a simpler way to use NIEM when users have simpler requirements BIECs would make it easier to engage the model BIECs could reduce the need for understanding the greater number of elements in the NIEM model; “job aids”

  3. CAM/NIEM Solution • ALREADY IMPLEMENTED TODAY • Modularized dictionaries • Dictionary collections and management • Drag & Drop simplicity for exchange development • Ability for domains to create EIEMs and BIECs directly • UML model export • CAM templates provide “job aids” and entry wizards • CAM toolkit provides complete IEPD artifact delivery • NEW FEATURES • NIEM-Lite dictionary for broad government use • Support non-DHS/DOJ applications • Support international needs and standards alignment

  4. Big Picture What This Enables Easier alignment to NIEM approach Simpler more global NIEM dictionaries Rapid development of domain dictionaries Better interoperability and reuse within domains Management of domain components simplified along with how to align to NIEM specific components Much faster adoption of NIEM and development of new NIEM-based information exchanges More consistent technical results and ability to evaluate NIEM-conformance through automation tools Delivering on the “NIEM-Lite” vision

  5. Accelerated CAM/NIEM Approach 3 CAM Editor Visual Designer A R T I F A C T S NIEM IEPD Component Definitions Dictionary T A R G E T S Component Definitions Dictionary Output Templates Output Templates Output Templates Component Definitions Dictionary Traditional NIEM 2 1 LEGACY SYSTEMS LEGACY SYSTEMS INTERFACES INTERFACES Application Data Stores Application Data Stores CAMV Validation Engine 4 CAMV Test Suite NIEM XML

  6. CAM/NIEM deployment footprint Lightweight open source Java application solution Multi-lingual support Will run on any platform Java supports   CAMV batch engine with open APIs Integration with middleware for I/O and secure content delivery (available starter kit with sample code) CAM templates store data and rules information Emphasis on simple approach, rapid development, open exchange delivery

  7. PESC / Education Solution Demonstration Rapid NIEM-Lite dictionaries approach

  8. CAM Dictionary Collections Enables easy reuse of dictionary component sets by domain and multi-core development Collection View Components View

  9. Introducing NIEM-Lite Concepts Dramatically simpler and smaller component sets Context can be dynamically selected Context automatically drives components inclusion

  10. Exchange Development Example Rules: useTree(PersonEducation) useTree(FinancialAwardDetails) useTree(LanguageDetails) excludeTree(PersonHealth) Context set in structure; controls component inclusions

  11. Key Messages Deliver on the NIEM Strategic Vision for Approach C Dramatically simpler dictionaries and reuse Can be rapidly developed from existing dictionaries Enables use of context driven modelling Context replaces “schema tricks” e.g. substitutionGroups Accessible open source approach Supports international standards work