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NIEM Executive Briefing

NIEM Executive Briefing. Paul Wormeli Innovation Strategist Wormeli Consulting, LLC. Why NIEM?. Problem. Lack of standards leads to a decreased level of information sharing and increased costs associated with information exchange development.

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NIEM Executive Briefing

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  1. NIEM Executive Briefing Paul Wormeli Innovation Strategist Wormeli Consulting, LLC

  2. Why NIEM? Problem Lack of standards leads to a decreased level of information sharing and increased costs associated with information exchange development. NIEM is a federal, state, local, tribal and private initiative to increase information sharing between organizations. NIEM includes a data model from which organizations can establish information sharing specifications. NIEM adoption leads to cost avoidance, enhanced mission capabilities and low total cost of ownership. Solution The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)

  3. A Standard that facilitates information sharing: A Structured Approach that provides: A Data model that provides: What NIEM Is… • Agreed-upon terms, definitions, and formats for various business concepts • Agreed-upon rules for how those concepts fit together • Independence from how information is stored in individual agency systems • Across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries • At all levels of government • Development tools, processes, and methodologies

  4. Standardizing Data Moving Across Systems Scope-of-NIEM COMMONLY FORMATTED DATA INTERFACE INTERFACE LEGACY DATABASES LEGACY DATABASES Translation • NIEM intentionally does not address standardizing data inside legacy systems. NIEM serves as a translation layer (providing a common understanding) between and across disparate systems.

  5. The NIEM Formula for SUCCESS • - Selection based on number of stakeholders and potential for reuse • - Complexity increases with numbers of entities involved • - Benefit increases with numbers of implementations

  6. Only applicable to the Federal government A replacement for interagency agreements A database schema Just a data dictionary A programming language What NIEM Is Not… • Includes many other communities at all levels of government • NIEM is a technical solution; the policy and business issues must also be worked out

  7. The NIEM Framework NIEM connects communities of people who share a common need to exchange information in order to advance their missions, and provides a foundation for seamless information exchange between federal, state, local, and tribal agencies. Much more than a data model, NIEM offers an active user community as well as a technical and support framework. Support Framework Community Technical Framework Formal Governance Processes Data Model Tools for Development and Discovery Established Training Program Online Repositories XML Design Rules Mission-Oriented Domains Implementation Support Development Methodology Predefined Deliverables (IEPD) Self-Managing Domain Stewards Help Desk & Knowledge Center

  8. The NIEM Lifecycle Repeatable, Reusable Process (Exchange Specification Lifecycle) Build exchange specifications based on core data components plus domain specific components: The Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD)

  9. NIEM Governance

  10. NIEM Governing Structure ESC NIEM PMO Executive Steering Council Executive Director Deputy Director NC&OC NTAC NBAC NIEM Communications & Outreach Committee NIEM Technical Architecture Committee NIEM Business Architecture Committee NIEM’s governing structure is comprised of Federal, State, Local, Tribal and private organizationsNIEM is jointly managed at an executive level by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Justice (DOJ), and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

  11. Who governs NIEM Domains?

  12. NIEM Value Proposition

  13. Community of Support Structured Approach Value Proposition - Standardization The formalization of NIEM as a standard enables: NIEM Practitioners can leverage information sharing practitioners to decrease development time for exchanges and increase conformance Repeatable approach that decreases the inconsistencies and duration of development Value to Organizations: A larger community working with and developing agreed upon semantics combined with a structured approach can increase data compatibility between agencies, cost avoidance by building reusability of exchanges, and ease the development of information exchanges.

  14. Common Language and Vocabulary Agnostic Implementation Value Proposition - Interoperability NIEM facilitates interoperability through the use of: Eliminates confusion by providing consistency of data definitions between agencies NIEM does not dictate how agencies’ systems are implemented, but enables these systems to work together • Value to Organizations: Interoperability is the ability of many diverse systems to work together. By increasing interoperability between mission areas and jurisdictions, government can enhance its services across key functional areas such as law enforcement and emergency response.

  15. Decrease Development Time Increase Consistency Value Proposition - Reusability The reuse of IEPDs, in part and whole, within NIEM will: Decrease the development time for information exchanges that use similar sets of data Allows practitioners to increase the level of consistency in data definitions across their information exchanges Value to Organizations: Reuse through NIEM can help organizations avoid costs associated with the development and maintenance of information exchanges, leading to an increased budget available to spend in mission areas

  16. NIEM Success StoryImpact on Pharmaceutical Drug Monitoring

  17. NIEM IMPACT ON pharmaceuticaldrug monitoring The Standard Prescription Monitoring Information Exchange

  18. NIEM Impact on Pharmaceutical Drug Monitoring Prescription Drugs (15.1 million) • During the same period, there was a 150% INCREASE in prescriptions written for controlled substances. • The brand cost of 4 mg of Dilaudid is $88.94 per 100.The street value for the same amount is $10,000. The demand is REAL. Cocaine (5.9 mil.) From 1992-2003, 15.1 million Americans abused prescription drugs. That’s more than cocaine, hallucinogens, inhalants, and heroin COMBINED. NATIONWIDE DRUG ABUSE Hallucinogens (4 mil.) Inhalants (2.1 mil.) Heroin (.3 mil.)

  19. NIEM Impact on Pharmaceutical Drug Monitoring • 1 in 5 teens are abusing prescription drugs to get high. 40% of teens believe that prescription drugsare safer than illegal drugs. 29% of teens believe that prescription pain relievers are not addictive. “You have young people getting pills for free from the homes of family members and friends.” - John Walters, former White House drug czar

  20. NIEM Impact on Pharmaceutical Drug Monitoring • As diversion of prescription controlled substances and the abuse involving these drugs continues to escalate, how can we improve interstate monitoring of drug use? • How do we enableprescription drug monitorsto see across state lines?

  21. NIEM Impact on Pharmaceutical Drug Monitoring • Before NIEM, there was large gap in interstate reporting. • As abuse and diversion escalate, law enforcement and health practitioners need a standardized, scalable solution to share patient drug history. • The Standard NIEM PrescriptionMonitoring Program InformationExchange assists prescribers, health agencies, and law enforcement in identifying potential abuse and diversion.

  22. Strategic Next Steps for NIEM

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