There are many schools out there in Greater Noida that encourage a plethora of
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Sks world school one of the best schools in greater noida

There are many schools out there in Greater Noida that encourage a plethora of

extracurricular activities. One such school is SKS World School – one of the best

schools in Greater Noida that has excellent extracurricular and sports facilities for

cricket, hockey, basketball, football, badminton, lawn tennis, table tennis, cycling,


In many cases, while admitting their wards to the schools, most parents have

many doubts related to extracurricular activities. Don’t keep this doubt inside

you. Allow your toddler to get involved in extracurricular activities at school. It is

always essential to develop many social skills, working skills and more to achieve

a greater height. Let’s consider the advantages of participating in extracurricular

activities –

 If you get your ward enrolled in many such activities, then they would

surely learn about time management and prioritizing things in life.

 Allow students to explore various interests that they may have.

 Students learn about long term commitments when they are into

extracurricular activities, which is yet another excellent benefit. When they

join one of the activities, they commit themselves for a period of time.

 Such activities help raise the self-esteem of teens.

 Adding to this list is the building of solid relationship skills too.

Sks world school one of the best schools in greater noida

Most colleges, not only look at grades, but they also take a glance at additional

activities that students are engaged in while they are in high school.

In general, students who join in extracurricular activities possible see an

improvement in their academic and other skills, including goal-setting, teamwork,

discipline, sharing, accountability and responsibility. Students may even realize

that the lessons they learned outside the classroom, while playing, help them

cope with future challenges.

SKS World School is one of the best schools in Noida Extension & Greater Noida

West. Being a paradise with n number of multitasking abilities, this school offers

individual for the all round excellence. The school encourages students by giving

every child complete artistic freedom to articulate thoughts and implement them


Being recognized as one of the best schools in Noida, SKS strongly believes in

progressive thinking, preparing the young ones to accept the modern day

challenges of the competitive world. The major focus is on skill-building and

personality development rather than textual literacy.

For More Details

HS-01, Sector-16, Greater Noida West, (U.P)

Telephone: +91-9891081240, +91-9891081270