u s national forest service library n.
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U.S. National Forest Service Library PowerPoint Presentation
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U.S. National Forest Service Library

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U.S. National Forest Service Library - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S. National Forest Service Library
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  1. U.S.National Forest Service Library …find it here! Carol Ayer National Program Manager Special Libraries Association 2007 Annual Conference June 4, 2007 Denver, CO

  2. History • Forest Service libraries were run by Research Stations and paid for locally by a mixture of Research and other Forest Service money. • Over time Research Stations closed libraries because of funding issues. • Many areas received no library service. • This was raised as a national issue and after many long years it was agreed to make the libraries a national program.

  3. Vision • To provide service to the entire Forest Service by combining and expanding resources from remaining Forest Service libraries into one cohesive national structure.

  4. A new day • October 2006 the Forest Service libraries became the National Forest Service Library. • Changes include: • Funding from a national account • Our own program area with a single program manager • A library Board of Directors • Service to all Forest Service employees

  5. Achievements • National web page with access to library services • Expanded Monthly Alert service • National subscriptions to electronic journals • Expanded table-of-contents service • Expanded access to reference and database services

  6. Statistics

  7. Future developments • Additional national electronic subscriptions • Additional databases • Broader subject coverage in library collections & systematic collection development • Interactive services when our computer systems are upgraded to allow them. • Continued emphasis on marketing to customers and agency leadership.

  8. A new day • We are happy with the reorganization. • We are still working out some glitches like not being able to hire additional people in time for the additional workload. Some of this is being resolved. • Our customers are happy to have more access (or, in many cases, access) to library services.

  9. What next? • Continue to report our successes to the Library Board and national leadership team. • Continue to implement new and innovative services. • Continue to keep customer service as our our number one priority. We are proud to be the: National Forest Service Library …find it here!

  10. Questions?