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Coronado National Forest PowerPoint Presentation
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Coronado National Forest

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Coronado National Forest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Coronado National Forest D R A F T Motorized Transportation System Desired Condition

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Coronado National Forest


Motorized Transportation System

Desired Condition

The Coronado National Forest (NF) has a designated system of routes open for motor vehicle use by the public. The motorized transportation system provides access to National Forest System lands while minimizing damage to natural and heritage resources. It provides access for non-motorized activities. Visitors are respectful and stay on designated routes, know and comply with Travel Management Rules, and patrols are sufficient for enforcement of rules. In addition to designated public roads, adequate road access exists for administrative and permitted uses.

Principal access roads (Maintenance Level 3-5) are readily identifiable and have surfaces that are suitable for passenger car use and for emergency vehicles. There is adequate signing to assist travelers in finding their destination. Roads are maintained to standard to reduce gullies, washouts, or slides. The road edges are intact and not broken by excessive traffic. There are adequate turnouts or passing areas and adequate sight distances. Road surfaces are relatively smooth.

Backcountry travel routes (Maintenance Level 2) and some motorized trails are available for exploring the forest in off-highway vehicles in a responsible and respectful manner without causing resource damage or creating unauthorized routes. Roads are suitable for low traffic volume and low speed. Surface smoothness is not a consideration and some are rough or primitive, but most are available for use by the more experienced traveler in vehicles with high ground clearance. Maintenance is limited primarily to drainage.

Continued road system development and improvement may take place in areas where resource management activities are planned, to improve legal access to the forest, or for homeland security purposes near the international border. Some existing roads are closed to public vehicles when necessary to reduce human disturbance to wildlife, vegetation or soils; or for safety reasons. Closed roads (Maintenance Level 1) are sometimes also categorized as non-motorized trails for use by hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. Closed roads are rehabilitated and are not causing resource damage.

Sediment generated from existing roads is not reaching streams in unacceptable quantities. There are very few roads in sensitive areas, and the limited use of these roads does not cause resource damage.

October 2008