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EOC1650 Sales Guide

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EOC1650 Sales Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EOC1650 Sales Guide. 081121. EOC1650 – AP/CB/CR/WDS. Wireless Access Point / Client Bridge / Client Router.

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EOC1650 Sales Guide

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Access Point / Client Bridge / Client Router

EOC1650 is a revolutionary product consists of conciseness, quality, and flexibility. Upgradable SMA antenna provides a customizable interface for enhanced network coverage. Attached suction cup allows quick installation on window or smooth surface.

It features high transmitted output power and high receivable sensitivity. High output power and high sensitivity extends range and coverage to reduce the roaming between Access Points to ensure a stable wireless connection and reduce the expense of equipment.

eoc1650 features
EOC1650 Features


2.4GHz It works in 2.4GHz frequency spectrum

High output power Transmit output power programmable for different country selections

High Data Rate High speed transmitting rate up to 54Mbps, support large payload such as MEPG video streaming

Multifunction Application Access Point / Client Bridge / Client Router

Long range transmitting Transmit power control and distance control (ACK timeout)

Signal Strength LED indicators have the best transmit and receive signal for traffic communication

eoc1650 features1
EOC1650 Features


Public Wireless Solution An AP interface that is especially useful in public areas such as hotspots and enterprise

Signal Strength Display RF signal strength status shown LEDs of 3 colors, making network build-up easier

QoS(WMM) Enhance performance and density

PPPoE Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet at Client Router mode. This function will keep trying when failed or disconnected

BSSID Basic Service Set ID

distinguished design antenna selection
Distinguished Design – Antenna Selection

EOC1650 design integrated 7dBi panel antenna and external 5dBi omni antenna

For flexible application, users can select embedded directional antenna or external antenna by an antenna switch


Omni Antenna

7dBi Embedded

Directional Antenna

distinguished design eirp
Distinguished Design – EIRP

EOC1650 provides high output power and high gain antenna in a small case. The EIRP is up to 1000mW

23dBm + 7dBi

= 30dBm = 1000mW

distinguished design very long range
Distinguished Design – Very Long Range

Based on high output power and high sensitivity, the range performance is up to 10km at least


Distinguished Design – Flexible Mounting Kit

A simple design and originality, the U type loop and Suction-Cup , let EOC1650 easy to setup, but have strong fixed.

distinguished design application
Distinguished Design – Application

Access Point Mode

Flexible application

EOC1650 is designed to operate in every working environment for enterprises.

Client Router

Client Bridge


distinguished design power over ethernet
Distinguished Design – Power over Ethernet

EOC1650 supports Power over Ethernet

Besides flexible Access Point locations and saving cost, it use 24V PoE to reduce the heat issue and provide a very save using environment.


EPE-1212 with 24V

Power over Ethernet

No heat issue when 24V DC transfer to 5V

distinguished design power over ethernet1
Distinguished Design – Power over Ethernet

EOC1650 is capable of maintaining stable performance with Ethernet cable over120m.

EOC1650 works very well when using Ethernet cable over 120m

distinguished design signal indicator and antenna switch
Distinguished Design – Signal Indicator and Antenna Switch

EOC1650 provides RSSI Indicator and 1 x External SMA Connectors (for 2.4GHz)

• EOC1650 supports RSSI indicator which enables the best transmit and receive signals for traffic communication.

• An Antenna Switch provides two options of embedded and 1 external SMA connectors for more professional application.



distinguished design security
Distinguished Design – Security
  •  WEP Encryption-64/128/152 bit
  •  WPA/WPA2 Personal (WPA-PSK using TKIP or AES)
  •  WPA/WPA2 Enterprise (WPA-EAP using TKIP)
  •  802.1x Authenticator
  • Hide SSID in beacons
  • MAC address filtering, up to 50 field
  •  Wireless STA (Client) connected list
dd wrt support
DD-WRT Support

EOC1650 is compatible with DD-WRT

Pain-free upgrade guide provided


1. Customized Extend

2. Scalable Software Platform

3. Open Source Communicative support up to 2 million