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Complete Streets MTC Policy and Programs

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Complete Streets MTC Policy and Programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Complete Streets MTC Policy and Programs. January 29, 2010 Sean Co Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Complete Streets: Policy (Routine Accommodations). Developed in 2006 from Transportation 2030

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complete streets mtc policy and programs

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Complete StreetsMTC Policy and Programs

January 29, 2010

Sean Co

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

complete streets policy routine accommodations
Complete Streets: Policy(Routine Accommodations)
  • Developed in 2006 from Transportation 2030
  • Review of Federal, State and local policies to determine how bicycles and pedestrians are accommodated
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accommodations are included in 57% of projects
  • Study led of creation of checklist for project sponsors
complete streets checklist
Complete Streets: Checklist
  • Project sponsors required to complete checklist when using MTC funds
  • Did the project consider all users in project planning and design?
  • Checklists are made available to Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committees
complete streets applied
Complete Streets: Applied
  • Applied to the ARRA stimulus projects
  • 104 checklists completed
  • 55% stated adopted plans call for bicycle and pedestrian facilities
complete streets lessons learned
Complete Streets: Lessons Learned
  • Difficult to apply to programmatic projects
  • ARRA restrictions on use of funds limited project improvements
  • Limited time by Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory to review projects
complete streets next steps
Complete Streets: Next Steps
  • Revisions to application based on feedback from project sponsors
  • Applies to New Act STP/CMAQ projects $1.4 billion
  • Continue to monitor and evaluate effectiveness of checklist
  • Encourage cities and counties to develop their own policies
complete streets state policies
Complete Streets: State Policies
  • California Complete Streets Act 2008
  • Caltrans Deputy Directive 64
  • 42 jurisdictions nationwide have adopted policies in 2008
  • 120 jurisdictions nationwide in total
safety toolbox
Safety Toolbox
  • Created in 2003 as a web tool for city and county governments
  • Provides process and analysis for pedestrian safety problems
  • Engineering, education and enforcement tools engineers and planners
pedestrian districts study
Pedestrian Districts Study
  • Study in 2006 that explored the use of districts for creating better pedestrian environments
  • 10 different pedestrian typologies
  • Cost estimating tool for conceptual estimates for pedestrian improvement projects
transportation for livable communities
Transportation for Livable Communities
  • $85M to date invested in TLC, with 90% going to pedestrian improvements
  • Ped volumes were reported up in over 80% of TLC project areas
  • Program using 65% CMAQ funds, funds that otherwise would support transit expansions, HOV projects, etc. 
transportation for livable communities14
Transportation for Livable Communities
  • Current TLC call $40 million  
  • Developed design standards from an ITE best practices report with the Congress for New Urbanism
  • Station area planning funds land use plans in order to create walkable, mixed use neighborhoods (next call for grants expected summer 2010)

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