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UCSF IT Update. January 2014 Presenter: Joe Bengfort. IT Consolidation: Background / Context. Market and financial pressures obviate the need for UCSF to act more and more as one institution. UCSF IT needs are rapidly evolving and escalating, e.g.: Data access Analytics

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Ucsf it update

UCSF IT Update

January 2014

Presenter: Joe Bengfort

It consolidation background context
IT Consolidation: Background / Context

  • Market and financial pressures obviate the need for UCSF to act more and more as one institution.

  • UCSF IT needs are rapidly evolving and escalating, e.g.:

    • Data access

    • Analytics

    • Integration of systems and data across missions

    • Mobility (communications; data; applications)

    • Secure / simple movement of large amounts of data

    • High perform. computing / high speed networks / high capacity storage

  • Recent IT leadership changes offer an opportunity to revisit our structure to address these needs.

A unique opportunity to reshape our investment in IT around the evolving needs of the UCSF missions.

Higher level it strategies
Higher Level IT Strategies

  • Reshape our investment in IT to meet the evolving needs of UCSF:

    • Optimize sustaining operations expenses (e.g. maintenance; administration of systems)

    • Shift investment into transformational capabilities. (e.g. Data Warehousing / Analytics; Tele-health; Clinical Communications; High Performance Computing; Population Mgmt Systems, etc…)

  • Establish roles and processes to facilitate close collaboration between IT and UCSF departments:

    • Solutions Architects

    • Customer Engagement Manager

    • IT Program / Project Managers

  • Leverage IT infrastructure across UCSF to meet expanding needs at sustainable cost.

    • Network (wide area network; voice network; video; wireless network; firewalls, etc…)

    • Unified Communications (web meetings; desktop video; instant messaging; etc…)

    • Data Center services (computing servers; storage; backups, etc…)

    • Security technologies and policies

  • Establish and optimize processes to remove waste, increase quality and enhance our ability to execute on project and operational commitments.

    • Utilizing Lean methodology

    • Aimed at increasing productivity, improving customer experience, shortening turn-around times

Patient Care Mission

Discovery Mission

Teaching Mission

Customer Relationship Mgmt.

Education Systems

Enterprise Admin. Systems

Research Systems

Clinical Systems

IT Customer Service

IT Finance

IT Planning and Architecture

IT Quality & Service Management

Security, Identity & Access

Application Technical Support Services

Data Warehousing and Analytics Support

Development and Integration

Core IT Infrastructure

Ucsf it organization structure
UCSF IT Organization Structure

Note: Items shown under each director are indicative of where functions will be performed but do not represent organizational structure in this diagram. Details Org Charts: http://it.ucsf.edu/sites/it.ucsf.edu/files/itorgchart.pdf

The big rocks for it very top priorities
The Big Rocks for IT: Very Top Priorities

  • Maintaining and Operating our Production Environments

  • Finance 3

  • Mission Bay Hospital IT Projects

  • Mission Hall

  • Windows 7 Upgrade

  • Business Intelligence / EDW Initiation

  • Encryption Remediation Plan

  • Security Compliance Program

  • Enterprise Content Mgmt – Document Imaging

Topics of interest to research
Topics of Interest to Research

  • Establishing Enterprise Data Warehouse Capability

    • Have establish a central team to create a data warehouse, data governance and analytical support capability.

    • Three dashboards have been produced over the last 6 months including:

      • Flash-dash: Operational Dashboard reflecting key aspect of hospital operations (census, revenue, volumes, visit schedule lag, etc…)

      • Dish-dash: Discharge before noon performance

      • Quality Dashboard: Over 350 quality metrics

    • Two Research related dashboards under development now:

      • Upgrade to Flash-dash to include a view of patients related to Clinical Trials. Targeting February availability.

      • Cohort exploration tool allowing researchers to search ApeX data in a de-identified fashion but with direct, self service access. – Targeting March availability.

    • Data management plan under development

  • Shared Equipment Grant (S-10) submitted for High Performance Computing

    • Collaborative approach between ICHS and IT.

    • UCSF committed matching funds to increase likelihood of success.

    • Expect results in 2nd Q 2014.

Topics of interest to research1
Topics of Interest to Research

  • Academic Research Systems (Doug Berman) – Recent Developments

    • Clinical Data

      • Data from APeX and SFGH available upon request

      • IDR – Provides cohort sizes for UCSF patients

      • UC-ReX - Provides cohort sizes for patients at all five-UC medical campuses. Facilitates collaboration on studies.

    • Research Environment

      • MyResearch – Improved interface, improved and updated statistical software

    • Contact [email protected] for assistance

  • Topics of Lower Interest…but high importance

    • Windows XP support expiration: April 8, 2014

      • Microsoft will no longer provide security patches.

      • This makes any XP computer vulnerable to virus and hacking attacks.

      • Further, this results in increased risk to all other computers and data on the UCSF network.

      • Upgrading Microsoft XP computers to Windows 7 is required by April 8, 2014.

      • The software upgrade to Windows 7 may require you to upgrade or replace computers in your department.

    • Encryption:

      • Recent, high profile losses of PHI due to stolen, unencrypted laptops and desktops.

      • Most have been personally owned devices being used for UCSF purposes.

      • http://it.ucsf.edu/how_do/encrypt-my-personal-laptopdesktop-installation-guidelines

      • Also, contact the UCSF IT Service Desk at 514-4100 for assistance.

      • Please help drive this awareness and compliance.

Engage it in strategic planning
Engage IT in Strategic Planning

Key Request: Engage Information Technology early in strategic planning process at all levels from departmental to institutional.

  • IT Roadmap / 10 Year Plan on Campus

  • Medical Center 10 Year Plan

  • Clinical Enterprise Strategic Plan (CESP)

  • Outputs of UCSF 2025

  • Departmental annual or strategic plans

Expectations of it
Expectations of IT

  • More structured project prioritization and oversight process.

    • Project planning / approach

    • Refinement of project budgets as scope is clarified and milestones established

    • Oversight of execution

    • Reporting of outcomes (functionality; business value; attainment of savings)

  • IT will listen and address the priorities of the business (Education, Research, Patient Care, Administration).

    • Will adjust our customer collaboration models to fit the needs of each business unit.

    • Will use the IT Committees to get alignment and decision making where necessary.

    • Continue to improve our culture of customer service.

  • Frank talk / communicate:

    • What’s working / what’s not.

    • What doesn’t seem to make sense.

    • Issues / concerns.

    • What are the priorities.

  • Have high expectations from UCSF IT / expect a lot.