leveraging the latest new features what s new time matters n.
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Leveraging the Latest New Features What's New: Time Matters PowerPoint Presentation
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Leveraging the Latest New Features What's New: Time Matters

Leveraging the Latest New Features What's New: Time Matters

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Leveraging the Latest New Features What's New: Time Matters

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  1. Leveraging the Latest New Features What's New: Time Matters Robert Gray, CIC Matters in Motion, Inc.

  2. Bio: Robert Gray • 1980 – Began technology career as a technician, then programmer and consultant • 1997 – Launched GrayLint Enterprises, Inc. with partner Scot Linton • 1998 – Became Time Matters CIC (Certified Independent Consultant) serving clients across the US • 2005 – Released CaseWORTH PI Settlement Calculator software (add on for Time Matters) • 2009 – Launched Matters in Motion, Inc. continuing CIC consulting with a new focus on custom software add-ons for Time Matters

  3. Objectives • Learn about the latest enhancements in the new version 10 release of Time Matters & LNTPA • See why v10 will be the best Time Matters ever – really… • See some cool demos • Discuss exciting new plans and possible directions

  4. Presentation Logistics • This presentation & demo videos will be posted to • Email me: • Questions – Q&A at the end – please. • Meet me at my Lexpo table in the back of this room

  5. Terms • TM – Time Matters/LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage • Pro – “Time Matters Professional” • SQL – Pronounced “Sequel”. “Structured Query Language” SQL is a modern, fast and reliable system for your TM information. • CIC – “Certified Independent Consultant” We study, test and are certified by LexisNexis as experts so we can help you get the most value out of their software products. • “user interface” –The part of a program the user sees and interacts with. Simply, it is the screens, tabs, fields, buttons and so on that you “interface” with when you use the program.

  6. Why should you upgrade to v10? • Survey… • Version 10 is NOT about a bunch of new features. • There are only 7 “New Features” in v10. • Stability. Stability. Stability. • Version 10 primary focus is fixing “annoying reported issues”. You know – bugs… • Continued commitment to fixing reported issues in the future. LN says “30% of future development resources will be focused on resolving open issues.”

  7. v10 – Ding dong the ‘Pro’ is dead! • The Pro database is old technology. • Remember your vintage 1988 PC? Wish you could go back? • I have TM Pro now. What is going to happen to me?

  8. Pro vs. v10 SQL Database • Industry standard used by millions of businesses • SQL is faster & more powerful • SQL is more reliable • I’ve never seen a TM Enterprise (SQL) corrupted • Pro user limits • Pro Database speed • Pro Database corruption • Perfect network connectivity is crucial Time Matters v10 SQL TMPro

  9. Why did LN wait till v10 to make this change? • Maybe some of you are a little irritated with LexisNexis over Pro. • Even though this new path is better for everyone, some will complain. • It's difficult to commit to such a course change, even if clients are better off for it. • “Why isn’t this version 9 Service Release 4?”

  10. How does v10 help me if I already have TM Enterprise? • Take the chains off the LN developers • Opens the door to many new outside innovations

  11. New Enhanced Power Views • What is a Power View? • Demo – TM Power Views (Old & New) • What the Future holds for Power Views

  12. Desktop Extensions“Great Taste… Less filling!” • Desktop Extensions are a great example of v10 unchaining the developers • “Time Matters Lite” vs. Experts in a Hurry • Demo – Desktop Extensions

  13. Over the Air Sync for your iPhone – Finally! • Smart phone sync has always been possible, but it's a pain in the neck. • Manual Sync: Time Matters ↔ Outlook ↔ iTunes ↔ iPhone ↔ iTunes ↔ Outlook ↔ Time Matters = YIKES! • Version 10 gives everyone wireless push synchronization without the headaches • TM Exchange Sync Tool + MS Exchange = Wireless Magic • MS Small Business Server (SBS) • Or pay a reasonable monthly fee for a hosted Exchange account • Not just for the iPhone Windows Mobile iPhone Blackberry Palm Pre

  14. More Power for the Outlook Link OK, the lightning bolts are a little over sell… But this is a useful feature.

  15. Merge Template Organization • What is a Merge Template? • Are you talking about the Formattable Clipboard? • So what is the new feature?

  16. Auto Backup Auto Backup 2009 Practice Management Annual Conference • Do you backup your data every day? Do you really???? • Who would be in trouble if your phone rang right now? • “I think our data is on this tape…” • v10 includes automated backup – ask your CIC for setup help • But, you still need a complete backup plan… …It wasn’t!

  17. Backup Plan Your backup plan must include 4 things: • Hold someone accountable every day. • Test at least once a month to be sure you can read your backup data. • Keep an on-site backup and take another backup off-site. • Do not use tape! Use portable hard drives. Consider web-based backup as a 3rd level of protection.See Wells Anderson’s Email me for a copy of our plan:

  18. Why upgrade from Pro? If you currently have Professional: • SQL is honestly reason enough to switch • Lexis’ new commitment to stability • A small but valuable set of new features • Don’t get left behind!

  19. Why upgrade from Enterprise? If you currently have Enterprise: • A small but valuable set of new features • Lexis’ commitment to stability • Why should I pay for an upgrade?

  20. Q&A • I’ll post these presentation materials on the Resources page of • Or come by our Lexpo table to see demos or just chat. • Please feel free to email me for more info: • Ask away…

  21. Our Add-On Software Products for Time Matters TMWebViewsShare your TM Power Views on the web MatterFXKeep your finger on the pulse of your firm – from your Inbox CaseWORTHPersonal Injury Damage/Expense Management & Settlement Calculator for Time Matters TMJustice Example of a custom web portal for Time Matters Visit to learn more…