educ tion when performance matters n.
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educ tion when performance matters…. INTRODUCTION. Agenda. Company Profile Services and Products What is educAtion? Why educAtion? Main Features Additional Features Key Benefits Infrastructure Model Pricing Plans and Contacts. Company Profile. UP RROW . A Dream! A Hope! A Wish!

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  • Company Profile
  • Services and Products
  • What is educAtion?
  • Why educAtion?
  • Main Features
  • Additional Features
  • Key Benefits
  • Infrastructure Model
  • Pricing Plans and Contacts
up rrow

A Dream! A Hope! A Wish!

This is where all good things start

and so was the start of


UPARROW is a group of young

and enthusiastic software professional

with a strong desire to stand apart and

to earn recognition for positive and

creative work. 

up rrow1
Since 1996

Corporate Sector


Telecard Limited

Supernet Limited

Real Estate (Dubai)

Procter and Gamble (PnG)

HRS Private Limited

World Trade Center

Arfeen Limited

Envicrete Limited

Smart Franchise and

Various Telco companies

Since 2008

Education Sector


Meridian Grammar School

Spring field School

Happy Home High School

Clients in focus:-

White House Grammar School

Metropolitan Academy

Oxford High School

services and products1

Corporate sectorEducation sector

Web based MIS system 1.Students Admission system

Corporate Billing & Receivable System 2. Students Information system

Financial system 3.Students Fee management system

Procurement system 4. Staff Information system

Store management 5. Payroll management system

Corporate Sales system 6. Attendance Management system

Site Survey system 7. Timetable generation system

Web portals 8. Financial accounting system

BTS Site management 9. Examination management system

Inventory management 10. Result analysis system

MIN management 11. Inventory management system

Human Resource information system 12. Library management system

Factory management 13. Conveyance management system

Payable & Receivables 14. Web management

Billing systems and etc 15. Event management

16. Student Alumni and etc

what is educ tion1
What is educ tion?

Schools were facing multiple, unrelated

programs and methods of managing their

operations that had evolved over time. We

decided to find a comprehensive solution

based on advanced emerging technology

that could manage all school campus

operations, for its highly sophisticated

student information system, database, and

configuration with superior functionality.

what is educ tion2
What is educ tion?

educ tion

has been designed to enable institutions to

improve the management of the entire student

cycle. The suite offers a comprehensive, highly

configurable and scalable answer to school’s

growing need for fully-unified, integrated systems

to manage recruiting and admissions, academic

records, transportation, examinations, staffing,

financial accounting, human resources and Web


what is educ tion3
What is educ tion?

Multi-Campus proficient

educAt ion is a web-based ERP solution for education centers which can be implemented in single or multiple locations. It is capable of breaking down revenues, costs and expenses not only at course or year but also at campus level.

Subject, Teacher and Student development

educAtion also helps you plan, organize, and execute a classroom management system. The tool helps you stay in control of classroom practices by keeping track of all the steps and materials needed to create and manage great learning events, like scheduling, assignment and tests, enrollments, contacts, materials, and more.

Web Integration

educAtion is a web based system, So without redundancy everything would be shared in web. Secure and personalized. The System also gives parents access to the required information without much involvement of money and time. With this web based system your school can also organize an effective parent interaction system for better relationship and knowledge sharing with them.

why educ tion1
Why educ tion?
  • educAtion integrates over 50 management features into one database, unifying school and home!
  • educAtion approach to school management software automates the flow of information between school administration, the classroom and the home, via the web, using one database

educAtion comes with Parent’s Web fully integrated into the system and available 24/7, from work, home, school or on the road. Your parents will love being this connected with the school and informed of their children’s progress. It’s not an add-on expense or purchased separately..

why educ tion2
Why educ tion?

…a world of unmatched convenience and service with a comprehensive school management system that is as easy for you to implement as flipping a switch.

… of more than 50 dynamic features connecting parents, teacher, and administration … and enhancing academic performance with real-time, school-parent communication.

main features1
Main Features
  • Manages all school information in one integrated, real-time database
  • Medical records
  • Courses and classes
  • Supports admissions, enrollment and scheduling processes
  • Performs billing and tuition management
  • Offers reporting with pre-defined reports and create-a-report capabilities
  • Includes extensive security and password protection for granting rights to


  • Allows users to send emails with one click without looking up email addresses
  • Automatically provides group email lists by class, homeroom, grade, entire

school, etc. without someone manually building and maintaining the lists

  • Provides ability to attach documents to email, such as school calendar, newsletter,

bulletins, progress reports, etc.

main features2
Main Features
  • Attendance feature allows teachers to take attendance from the classroom

making information immediately to the office

  • Automatic grade book feature calculates term

averages and loads report card from grade book.

Lets teachers:

  • Document course objectives and lesson plans
  • Establish grading criteria for each class
  • Record grades for assignments and tests
  • Emailing feature enables teachers to email messages or progress reports

from grade book without looking up email addresses

  • Online grade book allows teachers to enter information from school or home

n real-time, making it immediately available to the ParentsWeb

main features3
Main Features

ParentsWeb provides access to:

  • Attendance
  • Daily Grades
  • Progress Reports
  • Report Cards
  • Transcripts
  • Lesson Plans
  • Homework
  • Missing Assignments
  • Discipline
  • Staff & School Directory
  • Teacher Email Addresses
  • Teacher Websites
  • Customized Web Surveys & Tests
  • System security provides password protection
  • Parents see only their children’s information
above 75 varieties of reports
Above 75 varieties Of Reports

Student Personal Data Management SystemsArea Wise, Religion Wise, Father Profession, School House Wise, Class Wise , New Admission, Admit Card, Admission Ledger, NSO History, T.C Issued Details, Address Details, Report For Board, transport Position, Avail Concession, Brother Sister Details, Gender Wise List, Statistical Report, Label Printing, ID Card Printing, New Registration, Category Wise, Birthday Day List, Student Report, TC Printing, Character Certificate. Fees Management:Date Wise Collection, Date Wise Cash Collection, Date Wise Bank Collection, Date Wise Class Wise Collection, Date Wise Head Wise Details, Head Wise Outstanding, Date Wise Head Wise, Head Wise Concession, Defaulter List, Defaulter Details, Defaulter Notice, Date Wise Total Amount, Receipt Wise Details, Refund Register, Head Wise Installment Wise Collection, Fees Summary, Student Wise Head Wise Fees Summary, Student Receipt, Student Wise Full Ledger, transport Ledger Monthly Outstanding, Annual Register. Staff and Payroll Management : .

Staff Details, Staff Search, Designation wise, Department Wise, Employee Group Wise, Single Employee Report, Pay slip Reports, Salary Statement, Head Printing Priority Setting, Salary Register, Old Month Reports, other customized Reports.

Exam Management Systems:Class Wise Subjects, Student Blank List, Student Wise Graphs, Student Wise Subjects, Student Wise Term Wise, Student Wise All Terms, Group Wise Subjects, Subjects Wise Term Wise, Subjects Wise All Terms, Report Card Printing

And many more……

additional features1

educ tion’s Web Portal

educAtion comes with Parent’s Web, fully integrated into

the system and available 24/7, from work, home, school

or on the road. Your parents will love being this connected

with the school and informed of their children’s progress.

Provides parents password-secure access to their

children's data such as:

  • Attendance
  • Daily Grades
  • Progress Reports
  • Report Cards
  • Transcripts
  • Lesson Plans
  • Homework
  • Missing Assignments
  • Staff & School Directory
  • Teacher Email Addresses
  • Teacher Websites
  • Customized Web Surveys & Tests
administrative features
  • Examination management system
  • Result analysis system
  • Library management system
  • Financial accounting system
  • Inventory management
  • Human Resource information system
  • Vehicle management system
  • Web management
  • Event management
  • Student Alumni
  • Procurement system
  • Staff Information system
  • Stock management and etc
interactive features

educAtion provides very systematic and effective tools of interaction for the school level. Any communication that can be enhanced at Intranet and Internet level is taken care. The best part is that when all is managed by the students, the features also provide them a great deal of practical exposure to real life experience.

  • News Management System.
  • Article Management System.
  • Notice Board management System.
  • Poll Management System.
  • Discussion Forums / Export Forums.
  • Internal Messaging System.
  • Online Examination System.
  • Web-based E-mail System.
  • Virtual Mail Server.
other miscellaneous features

Eliminating all the physical boundaries and limitations of time management ‘educAtion’ makes it possible for the schools materialize the access and connectivity of schools with a dream come true kind experience.

  • Dynamic Right Allotment System.
  • HTML Enhanced e-letterhead system.
  • E-mail Broadcasting.
  • Alumni Interaction & Management System.
  • Guest Book Management System.
  • Comprehensive Reporting System
  • Recruitment Management System.
getting started with education
Getting Started with educAtion

Our goal is to improve the entire performance of your school, including your administrative and classroom processes, and ultimately your student performance.

pricing plans
Pricing Plans
  • CPL (Cash Paid Plan)

This plan lets you pay off the amount of the solution in full.

  • MPL (Monthly Payable Plan)

This plan is suitable for institution with a monthly budget to keep up with

  • CP (Contract Plan)

In this plan we give you 24 hours 7 days a week support and there is no advance and we will be there for you whenever you need our experts.