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Software Licensing Management System “Technology & Infrastructure” PowerPoint Presentation
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Software Licensing Management System “Technology & Infrastructure”

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Software Licensing Management System “Technology & Infrastructure” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Software Licensing Management System “Technology & Infrastructure”. Kimberly J. McClain Ohio University Mgr., Infrastructure Support Systems, Computer Services. Ohio University Main Campus – Athens, OH (located in Southeastern Ohio) 19,725 students on the main campus

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software licensing management system technology infrastructure

Software Licensing Management System“Technology & Infrastructure”

Kimberly J. McClain

Ohio University

Mgr., Infrastructure Support Systems, Computer Services

Ohio University
  • Main Campus – Athens, OH (located in Southeastern Ohio)
    • 19,725 students on the main campus
    • Faculty/staff - 862 full-time faculty
  • 5 regionals campuses:
    • Chillicothe, Eastern (Belmont Co.), Lancaster, Zanesville, Southern (Ironton)
    • 8,290 students – regional campuses

Background at OHIO:

Late 2000, OHIO had “hodge-podge” systems for tracking software licenses

WordPerfect Licenses

Microsoft Agreement Student Sales

(Athens & Regional Campuses)

Microsoft Agreement University-Owned Machines

Statistical Software


How Software Requests Were Handled:

  • Highly decentralized purchasing
  • Individual request software for department (Fine Arts)
    • Example: WordPerfect & SAS
  • License Tracking:
    • Logged on paper log for Word Perfect & entered into Access database for SAS

Software Requests- continued:

  • Billing (cost recovery)
    • Keyed into spreadsheet
    • EOM – gave to departmental budget person; they keyed into Access database
    • Hard-copy report printed out and sent to Finance Dept
    • Finance keyed (for a 3rd time) into CUFS for departments to be billed
    • No receipt sent to department budget rep

Software Requests- continued:

  • Reporting
    • No way to run a report for one department to see what software they have since we had a decentralized software system

License Tracking Needed

  • OHIO Computer Services negotiated additional software agreements (Adobe, Macromedia, etc.)
  • Needed to better manage software licenses
  • Also needed to think about “audits”

“Through 2008, 30% of large enterprises will experience at least one on-site software audit per year.”(Gartner, 01.11.06)


Software Licensing Management System Created

  • Home-grown System – went live in early 2003
    • Cold Fusion
    • Oracle Database
    • Flash Technology (student sales)
  • Two systems in one
    • Departmental Sales (University-owned machines)
    • Student Sales

Order E-Mail (Pick-Up, Delivered, etc.)

Date: Thurs, 20 Apr 2006 From: <> To: <> Subject: Software Ready for Pickup Candi,

The following item you ordered is now available for pickup at our Computer Services Center, Test Score Office (office #117).

Date: 04/20/06          Order #: 003757

Item: Acrobat Pro 7.0 (Win)Media     Qty: 1

SN: 1118-1419-0776-9696-8486-0177

The serial number provided is needed during the software installation. Please retain this e-mail for future reference.

Please note this order may not be complete, additional items may be on order and will arrive at a later date. A detailed billing report with applicable charges is e-mailed to the budget rep for this account when billing has been completed.  Note:  Free upgrades or free items will appear on the report for informational purposes only.

If you have already picked up this item, please disregard this e-mail.

Thank you,

Computer Services



Billing (End of Month)

Used to be keyed 3 times


Savings Report

Billing Summary for April 2006



Billing (End of Month)

Finance Form is auto-created that summarizes all the sales for the month


Billing E-Mail (details sent to bum)

Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 09:48:35 -0400 From: <> To: <> Subject: Computer Services' Billing - April 2006 Attached is a detailed billing report from Computer Services for software purchases that were billed to account:

    010-0000-21010-314000-000000000 - Vice President Finance

If you are not the correct person to receive this information, please reply to this message with the correct contact information (name, email address) as soon as possible so we can correct our records.

By purchasing software through Computer Services, the above account saved $232.40 over suggested academic retail price.

If you have questions about this billing, please contact Computer Services' Frontline via e-mail at or 597-8000.

Thank you,

Computer Services

Apr 2006_010-0000-21010-314000-000000000.pdf


April 2006

Candice Morris



Student Sale Report

Dean, Duff DD284205

Swart, Bret BS125698

Morris, Nate NM65899

Straughsbaugh, Erica ES258896

Smith, Drew DS548964

Phillips, Kim KP587696

Jordan, Austin AJ125748

Manning, Peyton PM78965

Scott, Jenna JS458963

Bettis, Jack JB896523

Leu, Mary ML74589

Crawford, Kiki KC96325

Selleck, Thomas TS321654

Rhymer, Shari SR852369

Radford, Debbie DR02004

Hartley, Becky BH753951

McFadden, Judy JM985485

Kuhn, Pam PK789456

Andrews, Jesse JA002546


Current System Statistics:

Manufacturers: Over 30

Departments: 341

Customers: 1384

Products: 571 (Items: 1751)

Departmental Orders: Average about 100 per month & $25,000 in sales (cost recovery)

Student Sales: 28,785 students have purchased at least 1 product



Centralized Database



Savings $170,000 per year

Web Site:

software licensing management system web analyst programmer nicolae leu

Software Licensing Management SystemWeb Analyst/Programmer:Nicolae Leu

thank you questions mcclaink@ohio edu presentation available www ohio edu software ohec c cfm

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