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The Praxis Mathematics Tests PowerPoint Presentation
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The Praxis Mathematics Tests

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The Praxis Mathematics Tests
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The Praxis Mathematics Tests

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  1. The Praxis Mathematics Tests Workshop PPT #3 Slide show created by Jolene M.

  2. TIPS FOR TAKING THE TEST Develop a test-taking strategy, and then use your strategy.

  3. 25 Test Taking Tips Develop a strategy to mark questions. Skip the questions you find extremely difficult. My answer choice is “B”

  4. 25 Test Taking Tips You can answer questions in any order.

  5. 25 Test Taking Tips There are no answer patterns.

  6. 25 Test Taking Tips There is no penalty for guessing.

  7. 25 Test Taking Tips Visualize yourself being successful. Don’t worry about your score when you are taking the test. Use your energy to take the test, not to get angry at it. Take the test, do your best, pass it, get on with your career.

  8. 25 Test Taking Tips It is OK to write in the paper test booklet.

  9. 25 Test Taking Tips Your first answer is usually correct because of subconscious.

  10. 25 Test Taking Tips Look for key words that may lead to the correct answer.

  11. 25 Test Taking Tips If you don’t know the answer, make an educated guess by elimination.

  12. 25 Test Taking Tips Answers (except for compare & ordering) are in numerical order.

  13. 25 Test Taking Tips No trick questions, but traps built into the questions.

  14. 25 Test Taking Tips Dress comfortably in layers.

  15. 25 Test Taking Tips The correct answer IS one of the 4 or 5 – you just have to find it.

  16. 25 Test Taking Tips Bring a scientific calculator for Praxis II that you are familiar with.

  17. 25 Test Taking Tips You can take a bathroom break, but…

  18. 25 Test Taking Tips Keep your notes on the scratch paper in an organized way.

  19. 25 Test Taking Tips If taking the paper test, be sure the answer oval corresponds to the question number.

  20. 25 Test Taking Tips Be aware of the time & pace yourself. Because the time counts DOWN, you may want to start at the end of the test and work backwards (this works on math only).

  21. 25 Test Taking Tips Can’t leave early so use the time wisely to review your work.

  22. 25 Test Taking Tips If you are forced to speed up, do so efficiently. Don’t panic.

  23. 25 Test Taking Tips Know the four types of multiple choice questions. (See speaker notes) • Roman Numerals –Assess each answer before looking at the Roman Numeral choices. • Which of the following –Form a sentence by replacing with each answer choice. • Complete the Statement – Read the sentence with your choice • Multiple-choice withqualifiers – Circle thequalifier. Remember, youare looking for theexception.

  24. 25 Test Taking Tips Read all the possible answers before selecting one.

  25. 25 Test Taking Tips Understand “Back Solving” to answer a question.

  26. 25 Test Taking Tips Wear earplugs or earphones if you are easily distracted.

  27. 25 Test Taking Tips If you are nervous, see if chewing gum is allowed.

  28. 25 Test Taking Tips Consider the context set up by the question stem. Which of the following…. (substitute the answer choices)

  29. 25 Test Taking Tips Any Questions?