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Successful Research Stays Abroad Tobias Weinzierl PowerPoint Presentation
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Successful Research Stays Abroad Tobias Weinzierl

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Successful Research Stays Abroad Tobias Weinzierl - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Successful Research Stays Abroad Tobias Weinzierl
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  1. Successful Research Stays Abroad Tobias Weinzierl

  2. Where does the idea for this workshop come from? 2010/11 2008 2011/12

  3. Workshop @ IGSSE Forum Raitenhaslach 2012 • Workshop @ Annual IGSSE Meeting • July 4, 2012; open to all IGSSE members • Introductory presentations on successful research stays and group work • What are the dos and don’ts for a successful research stay • Presentations • Marion Weinzierl: At the Technion • AmalBenzina: In the Saudi Desert – KAUST • Simon Stähler: From Tristan da Cunha to the ANU • JovanaKnezevic: At the SCI in Utah • Group work questions • Abroad vs. Preparation • Dos and don’ts • Identify most important issues (quantitatively) Don’t Do This at Home Do This at Home Don’t Do This at Abroad Do This at Abroad

  4. Preparation Don’ts Don’t take work from home with you. Do not forget to leave some spare time.

  5. Preparation Dos Get in contact (from face to face at conference, e.g.) early. Get an overview about research and people at destination.

  6. Don’ts Abroad Stay in your office all the time and work alone. Wait for others to contact you. Be afraid to ask for help.

  7. Dos Abroad Knock on doors / talk to people early. Do things you can’t do at home. Travel & have adventures.

  8. Conclusion Host is extremely important and there’s not that much you can do about that. But a meeting before might help (grab him/her on the underground). However, there are some showstoppers as well as things that can help to make it a success. People there have their day-to-day work. You have to tailor your work to theirs, not the other way round. Everybody is personally responsible to make the best of this time.