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Applying the principles of graphic art for dalamDesain multimedia visual communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Applying the principles of graphic art for dalamDesain multimedia visual communication

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Applying the principles of graphic art for dalamDesain multimedia visual communication
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Applying the principles of graphic art for dalamDesain multimedia visual communication

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  1. Applying the principles of graphic art for dalamDesain multimedia visual communication Describe the multimedia

  2. Applying the principles of graphic art for dalamDesain multimedia visual communication Here are the multimedia teaching materials Applying the principles of graphic arts in visual communication design for multimedia: Graphic Design Aesthetics Sketch Drawing presfektip Drawing Obkek Drawing Illustration

  3. Graphic Designer Graphic design is a visual form of communication that uses images to convey information or messages as effectively as possible. In graphic design, text, images are also considered as an abstraction of symbols that can be sounded. Graphic design is applied in communication design and fine art. Like other types of design, graphic design can refer to the process of manufacturing, design methods, the product (design), or any discipline that is used (design).

  4. Graphic design art include cognitive abilities and visual skills, including typography, illustration, photography, image processing, and layout.

  5. Graphic Designer • ~ Limit Media • ~ Principles and Design Elements • ~ Perlalatan Graphic Design • ~ List of Graphic Design Software • - Desktop Publishing • - Webdesign • - Audio Visual • - Rendering 3 Dimensions

  6. Graphic Designer Limitation Media Graphic design was originally applied to static media, such as books, magazines, and brochures. In addition, in line with the times, graphic design is also applied in the electronic media, which are often referred to as interactive design or multimedia design. One-dimensional boundary has changed over the development of thinking about design. Graphic design can be applied to a design environment that includes the processing space.

  7. Graphic Designer Principles and design elements Elements in graphic design as basic elements in other design disciplines. These elements (including shape, shape (form), texture, line, space, and color) form the basic principles of visual design. These principles, such as the balance (balance), rhythm (rhythm), stress (emphasis), the proportion ( "proportion") and unity (unity), then form a structural aspect of a larger composition.

  8. Graphic Designer Graphic design tools The equipment used by graphic designers is the idea, mind, eyes, hands, hand drawing tools, and computers. A concept or idea is usually not considered as a design before it is realized or expressed in visual form. In mid 1980, the arrival of desktop publishing and the introduction of graphic software applications introduced a generation of designers in the computer image manipulation and 3D image creation that previously was a hard work.

  9. Computer graphic design allows designers to see the results of layout or typography changes instantly without using ink or a pen, or to simulate the effects of traditional media without demanding a lot of space. • A graphic designers use sketches to explore ideas that are complex quickly, and then he has the freedom to choose the tools to finish, by hand or computer.

  10. Graphic Designer Graphic Design Software List There are several software used in graphic design: Desktop publishing Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe indesign Page Maker Coreldraw GIMP Inkscape Adobe Freehand Adobe Image Ready

  11. Graphic Designer Graphic Design Software List There are several software used in graphic design: Webdesign Macromedia Dreamweaver Microscoft Frontpage Notepad Adobe Photoshop

  12. Graphic Designer Graphic Design Software List There are several software used in graphic design: Audio visual Adobe After Effects Adobe Premier Final Cut Adobe Flash, or before Macromedia Flash Ulead Video Studio Magic Movie Edit Pro Power Director

  13. Graphic Designer Graphic Design Software List There are several software used in graphic design: Rendering 3D 3D StudioMak Maya AutoCad Google SktchUp Blender

  14. Graphic Designer Some examples of graphic design images

  15. Graphic Designer Some examples of graphic design images

  16. Graphic Designer Some examples of graphic design images

  17. Destination Graphic Designer Graphic Design Learning Objectives Graphic design concept to be applied in various fields of design. Know graphic design as a visual processing multimedia information data. Understanding the elements of graphic design as a tool of sefektif messenger, efficient, communicative, and aesthetic in the context of the media. Mengusai roses basic techniques of designing so that they can anticipate the development of entrepreneurial and global marketing are universal.

  18. Benefits Graphic Designer The benefits of education in the field of graphic design can be viewed from various aspects, namely: Accelerating the learning process by presenting a lesson in graphic form Introducing the world of graphic design to students so that students can implement in their environment. Introduce to students of graphic design applications. Preparing students to be able to easily understand the messages disampiakan in graphical form.

  19. Principle Graphic Designer Principle Graphic Designer ~ Scale proportions ~ Focus ~ Contrast ~ Irama ~ Balance ~ Unity

  20. Understanding graphic design According to the graphic design Suyanto "The application of art and communication skills for business and industry needs". These applications may include advertising and product sales, creating a visual identity for the institution, products and companies, and environmental graphics, information design, and visually improve the message in the publication.

  21. Graphic Designer According to Jessica Helfand "Complex combinations of words and images, figures and graphs, photographs and illustrations that require special thoughts of an individual who can combine these elements, so that they can produce something special, very useful, surprising or subservis or something easy to remember. "

  22. Graphic Designer According to the graphic design Sihombing Danton "Employ a variety of elements such as markers, symbols, verbal descriptions divisualisaikan through typography and images with photographic techniques or illustrations. Elements are implemented in two functions, as visual devices and communication devices. "

  23. Categories Graphic Designer In general, graphic design can be divided into several categories: Printing (Printing) which includes the design of books, magazines, posters, booklets, leaflets, flyers, pamphlets, advertising, and other similar publications. Web Design: design for web pages. Films include CDs, DVDs, multimedia CDs for promotion. Identification (Logo), OGD (Environmental Graphic Design): is a professional design that includes graphic design, architecture design, industrial design, and architect taman.Desain Products, packaging and the like.

  24. Graphic Designer Scope of Work 1. Books especially modern books non-fiction and textbooks requires a lot of graphic illustrations and visual information, including photography and text.

  25. Graphic Designer Scope of Work 2. Magazines. The main reason to maintain an image (image) in the magazine is to achieve a certain target audience. How to attract attention is through a written form, add the columns and use the empty spaces.

  26. Graphic Designer Scope of Work 3. Newspapers (Newspaper). Every newspaper has a visual style is different, but the layout still follow the standard visual patterns. Text and photos are the main components seimbangama presented in the editorial management of the work. Lay out the manual is always created even though computer technology has provided the settings instantly.

  27. Graphic Designer Scope of Work 4. Leaflets, brochures and newsletters. Leaflets can be visualized quickly a certain size based on the rational design elements by following a certain formula. Newsletter approach requires more careful. Type size is varied, the vertical distribution of the column, contrast and layout are also important for doberikan as did the making of the newspaper.

  28. Graphic Designer Scope of Work 5. Logos (Corporate Image). Designing the logo may be the most important and costly in the field of graphics. All the elements into its elements should be meaningful, communicative and describe the company image or institutions that use it

  29. Graphic Designer A designer must have at least 5 (five) dimensions of scholarship: 1. Insight Technology 2. Science Insights 3. Insight Art 4. Social and Cultural Insights 5. Wawacan Philosophy and Ethics

  30. History of Graphic Designer 1. Johannes Gutenberg (1398-1468) Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing machine can be moved in the year 1447 with a design resembling the pressure model used in the Rhineland, Germany to produce wine. This is a revolutionary development that allows mass production of books at low cost, which became part of the explosion of information during the European renaissance.

  31. History of Graphic Designer 2. The Great Exhibition (1851) Hyde Park was held in London between May to October 1851, at the time of industrial revolution. This major exhibition highlighting the culture and industry and celebrate the industrial technology and design. The exhibition was held in the building of die-cast metal structure and glass, often referred to as the Crystal Palace, designed by Joseph Paxton.

  32. History of Graphic Designer 3. Lay Out Hollywood Mondrian (1872) Piet Mondrian, who was born in 1972, is a painter who influences his work is still applied hinggga now, namely in the era of computer graphics directly. Though he was not a graphic designer directly, but the division's work inspired lukisanya canvas area in which we are familiar with the term Grid. In the ad layout structure, which is used system known as Modrian Layout. In the painting modrian apply geometric images using the theory of universal harmony is known as the golden rectangle.

  33. History of Graphic Designer 4. Aristide Bruant, Toulouse-Lautrec (1892) Post-Impressionist painters and the French art nouveau illustrator, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec depicts many facets of Paris in the nineteenth century in the posters and paintings that express a sympathy for the human race. Although found in lithography by Alois Senefelder Austria in 1796, Toulouse-Lautrec help achieve industry consolidation and the arts.

  34. History of Graphic Designer 5. Modernism (1910) Modernism is formed by urbanization and industrialization of Western society. A dogma is a breath of modern design is "Form Follow Function" is the remark by Louis Sullivan.Symbol strongest of modernism kejayan engines are also interpreted as the future for his followers.

  35. History of Graphic Designer 6. Dadaisme (1916) An art and literary movement (1916-1923) which was developed following the First World War and seeking to find an authentic reality through the abolition of traditional culture and aesthetic forms. Dadaisme bring new ideas, directions and ingredients, but with little uniformity. The principle is a deliberate irrationality, a cynical nature and anarchy, and the rejection of the law of beauty.

  36. History of Graphic Designer 7. De Stijl (1916) Style that comes from the Dutch De Stijl is an art and design movement that developed in a magazine of the same name was found by Theo van Doesburg. De Stijl using the form four strong-side, using basic colors and use asymmetrical composition. Figure below is the Red and Blue Chair designed by Gerrit Rietveld.

  37. History of Graphic Designer 8. Constructivism (1918) A modern art movement that began in Moscow in 1920, which is marked by the use of industrial methods to create a geometric object. Influential Russian constructivism in modern outlook through the use of sans-serif letters in red and black asymmetrical arranged in blocks. Gamabr below is a model of the Tatlin Tower, a monument to the Communist International.

  38. History of Graphic Designer 9. Bauhaus (1919) Bauhaus opened in 1919 under the direction of renowned architect Walter Gropius. Until finally to be closed in 1933, the Bauhaus began a fresh approach to design follow Duni First War, with a style that focused on function rather than decoration.

  39. History of Graphic Designer 10. Gill Sans (1928-1930) Tipograper Eric Gill studied at the Edward Johnston and refine the type of letter Underground in Gill Sans. Gill Sans is a typeface sans serif with the proportion of classic and characteristic geometric grace that gives it an ability varied (great versatility).

  40. History of Graphic Designer 11. Harry Beck (1931) Back graphic designer Harry (1903-1974) to create an underground map of London (London Underground Map) in 1931. An abstract work that contains little relationship to the physical scale. Beck focused on the needs of the user how to from one station to another station and where to change trains.

  41. History of Graphic Designer 12. International Style (1950) International or Swiss style is based on revolutionary principles such as 1920's De Stijl, Bauhaus and Neue Typography, and it became official in the 1950s. Grid, the principles of mathematics, a little decoration and sans serif typefaces became the rule as typography improved to better show than an expression of universal functions private.

  42. History of Graphic Designer 13. Elvetica (1951) Max Miedinger created by a designer from Switzerland, Helvetica is one type of letter of the most popular and famous in the world. Clean look, without the lines unreasonable based on the letter Akzidenz-Grotesk. Initially called Grostesk Hass, the name was changed to Helvetica in 1960. Helvetica family has a thickness of 34 models and Helvetica Neue has 51 models.

  43. History of Graphic Designer 14. Emigré (1984) American graphic design magazine, Émigré is the first publication to use Macintosh computers, and graphic designers to influence the switch to desktop publishing (DTP). This magazine also acts as a forum for experimental typography

  44. Communication Graphics and Visual Communication ~ Communication Graphics Graphic communication is the work in the field of visual communications-related graphics (printing) and / or in the field of two-dimensional and static (not moving and not time-based images). The basic terminology necessary to explain the difference between Graphic Communication with Visual Communication.

  45. Communication Graphics and Visual Communication ~ Communication Graphics Visual communication can be defined as the process of delivery of the symbols that contain a certain sense of seseorangkepada others through print media (printed material), outdoor media (outdoor), electronic media (electronic), where the display (display), and memory items (special offer).

  46. Communication Graphics and Visual Communication Here are examples of visual communications media: 1) Media Communication Printed / visualPoster (inside and outside), stickers, book covers, packaging, selipat (folder), 2) Foreign Media RuangSpanduk (banner), signage, banners, neon box, neon sign, billboards, billboard , box car.

  47. Communication Graphics and Visual Communication 3) Electronic media Radio, television, internet, films, video programs, computer animation.

  48. Communication Graphics and Visual Communication 4) Place a display (display) Showcase (display window), point of purchase, design pendants, floor stand. 5) Goods KenanganKaos, hats, umbrellas, glasses, various souvenirs, bags, and

  49. Kick Graphics Kick Graphics One more place in the universe on the Internet that should visit the graphic designer Graphic lokal.Jurus a blog is an initiative of Richard Fang and Tosan Aji. Initially because they see the development of increasingly graphic design rampant in Indonesia, but on the other side of learning resources and content in Indonesian language is very rare quality in found

  50. GRAPHIC DESIGN TYPOGRAFI GRAPHIC DESIGN TYPOGRAFI one of the graphic design elements is the letter or font. font becomes very important because it represents the contents of which will be delivered by the message. with the font designers can put your message. To be able to message more effectively to the reader the message is necessary to note the choice of an appropriate font with the content of your message. this is very important because the selected font can represent or describe the contents of the message.