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Refrigerated 3 PL providers PowerPoint Presentation
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Refrigerated 3 PL providers

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Refrigerated 3 PL providers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Refrigerated 3 PL providers

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  1. Breast Reconstruction Surgery

  2. Mastectomy can leave you scarred for life but thanks to advanced surgical procedures like breast reconstruction surgery you do not have to lose your self-esteem. Five Towns specializes in plastic surgery techniques that can help women remove their mastectomy scars and get fuller breasts with minimum recovery time. • PROCEDURE • The doctors work with your oncologists to recommend the best breast reconstruction procedure for you. In some cases, women might need radiation therapy even after the mastectomy whereas some others don’t need it afterward. So both cases require a different approach which will be explained to you by the doctor. • Normally a breast reconstruction surgery can be done in any of the two ways – either with a tissue flap construction or through an implant. Sometimes both these methods are combined to provide a more desirable outcome.

  3. Tissue Flap Construction– In this type of breast reconstruction surgery the tissue is taken from a less exposed donor site like the buttocks or thighs, and it is used to construct the new breast. Implant reconstruction– In this type of procedure a silicon or saline implant is used for reconstructing the breasts. RECOVERY • Depending on the type of breast reconstruction surgery you underwent, the recovery time will vary. In both types of procedures, you will experience a little discomfort, swelling and bruising. The doctors will provide you with a surgical bra that you need to wear for the first few weeks after your surgery. After a few days at the hospital, you can go home but you will need to stay • •

  4. away from engaging in strenuous physical activity at least for a month, and this includes taking time off from work. • Dr. Scheinman and his team of expert staff will discuss all possible options to create the best suitable plan for you. You can call them up or contact them via mail to book and appointment and plan your breast reconstruction surgery.

  5. Thank you …. Visit at