lecture 1 introduction to recombinant dna technology n.
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Lecture 1 Introduction to recombinant DNA Technology

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Lecture 1 Introduction to recombinant DNA Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lecture 1 Introduction to recombinant DNA Technology. Dr Muhammad Imran. What is a gene?. Gene is a piece of DNA which encode an RNA molecule which may encode a protein. What is a genetic engineering?.

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what is a gene
What is a gene?
  • Gene is a piece of DNA which encode an RNA molecule which may encode a protein

What is a genetic engineering?

  • Set of techniques by which one can deliberatelyinsert new piece/s of DNA into the existing DNA piece to modify the characters of an organism.

Gene Cloning

  • Set of experiments carried out to create a recombinant molecule and its propagation in an organism/host organism multiplication.
pcr polymerase chain reaction
PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • A reaction in which we use DNA polymerase to make the copies of fragment of DNA selectively amplified with the help of primers
history of rdna technology
History of rDNA Technology

GregorMendel1850s and 1860s the birth of genetics

what genes are and how they work
What genes are and how they work
  • W. Sutton…the factors (genes) reside on Chromosomes 1903.
  • TH Morgan ……. Endorsed Sutton…..and gene mapping started in 1910 and by 1922 nearly 2000 genes were mapped.
  • Set of experiments by Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty in 1944, and of Hershey and Chase

in 1952 proved that DNA is hereditary material and not the proteins

1952 1966 well done watson and crick
1952-1966 well-done Watson and Crick
  • Structure of DNA was elucidated, genetic code cracked, and the processes of
  • transcription and translation described

Anticlimax era and frustration in late 1960


recombinant DNA technology or genetic engineering

Gene cloning

Kary Mullis discovered a revolutionary technique now called PCR

gene cloning
Gene Cloning

T.A Brown 6th Edition

properties to dna and its replication
Properties to DNA and its replication
  • DNA is double helix
  • Double helix is anti-parallel
  • Replication only takes place from 5-3
  • Replication is semi conservative
  • Replication is bidirectional
pcr polymerase chain reaction1
PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Quite different from gene cloning
  • Very simple
  • Easy to do less time consuming
  • Economical
  • Wide application
principle of primer designing
Principle of Primer designing
  • Few things to be considered while designing the primers