bush clinton bush presidencies n.
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Bush, Clinton, Bush Presidencies PowerPoint Presentation
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Bush, Clinton, Bush Presidencies

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Bush, Clinton, Bush Presidencies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bush, Clinton, Bush Presidencies. 1989-2008. George Bush #41. Domestic Policy Budget Deficit: Regan’s spending practices led to a huge deficit. Bush went back on his promise to not raise taxes.

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Bush, Clinton, Bush Presidencies

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george bush 41
George Bush #41
  • Domestic Policy
    • Budget Deficit: Regan’s spending practices led to a huge deficit. Bush went back on his promise to not raise taxes.
    • Civil Rights & Unrest: Riots in Los Angeles and other cities in 1992 after a jury found white policemen not guilty in beating a black man – Rodney King
    • Americans with Disabilities Act 1990: prohibited discrimination based on disabilities and required public facilities to be accessible.
george bush 411
George Bush #41
  • Foreign Policy
    • Invasion of Panama: sent in troops to capture drug-dealing dictator Manuel Noriega and restored democracy
    • End of the Cold War: Berlin Wall was torn down, Germany reunited, and the Soviet Union became independent states
    • Persian Gulf War 1991: UN military action led by the US to remove Iraq from Kuwait
    • Somalia: airlift of food and military action against warlords who threatened food supply
bill clinton 42
Bill Clinton #42
  • Domestic Policy
    • Health Care Reform: proposed to give every American health insurance. No plan ever passed
    • Economic Recovery: closed several military bases, boom in computer sales and internet stimulated the economy. NAFTA boosted trade with Canada and Mexico
    • Impeachment & Scandal: investigation of personal finances uncovered an affair with an intern. Clinton lied about the affair and impeachment was recommended
bill clinton 421
Bill Clinton #42
  • Foreign Policy
    • Yugoslavia, Bosnia & Kosovo: NATO forces intervene to end persecution of Bosnian Muslims in Kosovo
    • Terrorism: following the bombing of two US embassies, Clinton ordered air strikes of Afghanistan but failed to capture terrorist leader Osama bin Laden
    • China: Clinton tried to use US trade to promote better human rights policies in China. The policy failed.
george bush 43
George Bush #43
  • Domestic Policy
    • Election 2000: Gore won the popular vote but the outcome was so close, neither had enough electoral votes.
    • 9/11/01: worst attack in US History
    • War on Terror: Osama bin Laden – primary suspect and Taliban – rulers of Afghanistan who refused to in bin Laden
    • Patriot Act: expanded law enforcement powers to investigate suspected terrorism activity
george bush 431
George Bush #43
  • Foreign Policy
    • War in Iraq: Fear that Saddam Hussein had nuclear or chemical weapons or provide them to bin Laden lead to military action
    • In 2005 Iraqi voters elected representatives to draw up a constitution for the first Arab democracy in the Middle East