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Bill Clinton & George W. Bush

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Bill Clinton & George W. Bush - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bill Clinton & George W. Bush. Mr. Ermer U.S. History Honors Miami Beach Senior high. Election of 1992. Cable news media plays large role, 24-hour news cycle Three person race between President Bush, Democrat Bill Clinton, and independent Ross Perot

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bill clinton george w bush

Bill Clinton & George W. Bush

Mr. Ermer

U.S. History Honors

Miami Beach Senior high

election of 1992
Election of 1992
  • Cable news media plays large role, 24-hour news cycle
  • Three person race between President Bush, Democrat Bill Clinton, and independent Ross Perot
    • Bush enters campaign with 86% approval rating after Gulf War victory
      • Popularity fades as recession worsens in late 1991
    • Clinton unites Democrats behind economic issues, not social
    • Perot promises leadership on fiscal crisis as populist conservative
  • Grassroots campaigns motivate people to vote
  • Perot pulls 19% of the popular vote
  • Clinton wins election with 43% to Bush’s 38
clinton s first term
Clinton’s First Term
  • Democrats in Congress weak, Republicans united
  • 1993: Clinton meets resistance policies and appointments
    • Resistance lifting ban on gays and women in the military
    • Whitewater Scandal
  • Increases taxes on wealthiest Americans, cuts gov’t spending
    • Budget also included tax credits for poorest Americans
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Appoints Hillary Rodham Clinton to reform healthcare
    • Healthcare reform fails amidst staunch Republican opposition
  • Successful intervention in Bosnia
  • 1994 mid-term election, Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress for first time in 40 years
    • New Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich leads Republicans on radical agenda
election of 1996
Election of 1996
  • 1995: Republicans move to more conservative agenda
    • Scale back federal regulation, transfer other powers to states
    • Medicare reform
    • Greatly reduce federal spending, balance the budget
  • Clinton moves his own agenda more to the center
    • Moves own agenda to center: cut taxes, balance budget
      • “The era of big government is over”~ President Clinton
  • Congressional Republicans unwilling to compromise
    • Government shuts down in November 1995, January of 1996
    • Shut-downs discredit Gingrich and Republicans heading into election
  • Republicans nominate Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas, Perot back
    • Clinton surging in popularity after shift to the center
    • Economy booming, world at peace, federal deficit shrinking
    • Clinton signs Social Security reform, raises minimum wage
  • Clinton wins with 49%, Dole 41%, Perot 8%
the rise and fall of bill clinton
The Rise and Fall of Bill Clinton
  • Republicans remain in control of Congress
  • Clinton and Congress work together on economy
    • Cut taxes for middle class Americans for education
    • Balance the federal budget, deficit becomes a surplus
      • Government makes more money than it spend for first time in 30 yrs.
  • Monica Lewinsky Scandal
    • President denies, then admits he lied to Kenneth Starr
    • Clinton impeached by Congress, for perjury and obstructing justice, only second presidential impeachment in US history
    • Clinton acquitted in impeachment trial, remains in office
  • Kosovo Crisis
  • Clinton ends presidency more popular than he began