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Marketing Introduction

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Marketing Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing Introduction. The Hedgehog and the Fox. So how does this story relate to marketing and specifically to Marketing Introduction?. There must be a clear understanding of what is to be achieved, how it is to be achieved. (hedgehog). Examples of Hedgehog DECA Programs.

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Marketing Introduction

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there must be a clear understanding of what is to be achieved how it is to be achieved hedgehog
There must be a clear understanding of what is to be achieved, how it is to be achieved. (hedgehog)
examples of hedgehog deca programs
Examples of Hedgehog DECA Programs
  • Alta High School
    • Written Events
  • Timpview High School
    • Fashion
  • Davis High School
    • Sports Marketing
  • Freemont High School
    • Retailing
  • Between CTSO’s
  • Between Career Pathways
  • Between Core Curriculum and Elective Courses.
  • Other’s
cte options
CTE Options
  • Agriculture (24 classes)
  • Business & Economic education (24 classes)
  • Family & Consumer Science (18 classes)
  • Health Science (19 classes)
  • Information Technology (47 classes)
  • Marketing (20 classes)
  • Skilled and Technical Services (44 classes)
  • Technology & Engineering (10 classes)
  • We (Marketing Teachers) are competing with the before named groups for the same students.
  • We believe that our programs are better than all others.
  • We have limited resources
    • ½ CTE credit required.
    • Other elective credits
  • What is going to make Marketing more attractive than the others?
cte intro content areas
CTE Intro Content areas
  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Healthcare Careers
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Technology & Engineering
how much does marketing get
How much does marketing get?
  • 5 Days are allocated (may vary depending on the teacher) Most CTE Intro teachers are business teachers.
cte intro marketing
CTE Intro - Marketing
  • BUSINESS ROTATION: 5 DAYS Standard 9: Students will examine the workplace tasks and concepts in Marketing.
    • Objective 1: Explain the four P’s of Marketing (product, pricing, promotion, and place) and how they are used in business and in society.
assessment criteria for marketing
Assessment criteria for Marketing
  • Students must create/conduct and analyze market research to determine what product (service) to produce (or provide).
  • Students must determine and analyze what price to charge customers for the product (service) in order to make a profit.
assessment criteria for marketing1
Assessment criteria for Marketing
  • Students must discuss how the product (service) will reach the customer and how the product (service) will be sold to the customer by using the ‘7 Sales Step Process’.
  • Students must discuss how the product (service) will reach the customer and how the product (service) will be sold to the customer by using the ‘7 Sales Step Process’.
the problem
The Problem
  • Only 5 days
  • No more marketing education until 10th grade.
  • Will 7th graders remember anything that they learned?
  • Was marketing fun?
  • Why should I choose marketing
  • Others?
marketing introduction purposes hedgehog ideas
Marketing Introduction Purposes(Hedgehog Ideas)
  • Clearly define marketing.
  • Indentify Marketing Pathways and related classes.
  • Participate in DECA (where possible)
  • Increase enrollment in marketing classes.
  • Build a bridge between middle school (junior high school) and high school.
marketing introduction standards
Marketing Introduction Standards
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills – Students will model interpersonal communication skills needed in marketing and in life.
  • Marketing Concept – Students will define the Marketing Concept and what role identifying products types, consumer types, and market segmentation play.
marketing introduction standards1
Marketing Introduction Standards
  • Marketing Mix – Students will be able to explain each category of the Marketing Mix or the 4 P's of Marketing.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Students will be able to identify key personal traits, interpersonal skills and elements of teamwork that facilitate job success and ethical action in the workplace.
school district issues
School/District Issues
  • Can 9th graders participate in DECA
  • Will Marketing Introduction be approved by district/school?
  • Others?
questions to consider
Questions to consider
  • Is it worth it?
  • Will it achieve the desired results?
  • Are marketing teachers willing to accept the challenge?
Who would be willing to help write/refine questions to be used on the state competency test for marketing Introduction on June 18th?