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Doing Business in Africa PowerPoint Presentation
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Doing Business in Africa

Doing Business in Africa

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Doing Business in Africa

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  1. Doing Business in Africa

  2. New territories mean new people Are YOU ready for growth Will your staff be able to deal with the pressure of growth Are you comfortable with your potential new partners? _________________________________________________ Understand the human mind Understand how people make decisions Understand what motivates people

  3. 3 Important concepts Understand what is the most important aspect in your business Understand that things are not what they seem to be Understand how the brain makes decision

  4. X Edges Shapes motion Our History

  5. Think about our thinking

  6. The Science of Axiology

  7. What is Axiology? It is a mathematical accurate assessment that objectively identifies how our mind analyzes and interprets our experiences. It identifies how we are most likely to react in any given situation. Basically it examines “how we think”. It helps us to understand the patterns we use to make judgments about anything. These processes determine how and why we act as we do.

  8. Developed By – Dr Hartman Dr. Robert S. Hartman was nominated for the Nobel Prize for his contributions in value measurement using Axiology. Hartman's value mathematics makes it possible to measure human values as accurately as a thermometer measures temperature.

  9. How does it work ? Online Profile (45 minutes) 82 Page report (plus feedback) 84 Attributes (i.e. Leadership, common sense) What talents do you have Why are you motivated to use them How do you prefer to use them

  10. The Three Styles of Decision Making

  11. The components of our behavioural style

  12. The Seven Dimensions of Value and Motivation Why do you prefer to do what you do(This drives your passion, reduces fatigue, inspires you and increases drive)

  13. Support Developed in the 50’s Computerized in the late 90’s by Innermetrix Actively used globally for more than 20 years 2000 registered consultants Hundreds of 1000’s of business

  14. Andre Fourie 082 46 88 290