war in the pacific the atomic bomb n.
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War in the Pacific The Atomic Bomb

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War in the Pacific The Atomic Bomb - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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War in the Pacific The Atomic Bomb. Pgs. 335-336. Pearl Harbor. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese troops landed in the Philippines. Four months later they forced the Americans there to surrender.

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pearl harbor
Pearl Harbor
  • After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese troops landed in the Philippines.
  • Four months later they forced the Americans there to surrender.
  • Before surrendering, the commander of the U.S. troops, General Douglas MacArthur, promised the people of the Philippines, “I shall return.”
  • The Japanese appeared to be winning the war in the Pacific.
    • Two Battles turned the tide:
      • Battle of the Coral Sea
      • Battle of Midway
        • U.S. Navy defeated the Japanese fleet
        • U.S. Navy sank four Japanese aircraft carriers.
  • The Allies began to force the Japanese from islands they had conquered.
  • The Allies formed the strategy of island-hopping.
    • Island-hopping meant only liberating the most important islands on the way to Japan.
    • The Allies would also begin bombing Japan from the air.
  • October 1944 – General MacArthur began a major invasion to take back the Philippines.
  • MacArthur fulfilled his promise to return to the Philippines and liberate the island from Japanese control.
iwo jima
Iwo Jima
  • This was a costly battle for both sides.
  • 4,000 American soldiers died.
  • 20,000 Japanese soldiers died.
  • The United States captured Iwo Jima in 1945.
  • President Truman made the difficult decision to drop an atom bomb on Japan.
  • He wanted to end the war quickly and save American lives.
  • On August 6, the American bomber, Enola Gay, flew over the city of Hiroshima, Japan.
  • A single bomb was dropped.
  • First, there was a flash like an exploding sun.
  • Then a cloud shaped like a mushroom rose above the city.
  • The bomb killed 75,000 people, most civilians.
  • Japan did not surrender so an order to drop a second bomb was given.
  • On August 9, a bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.
  • After this – Japan agreed to surrender!
war over
  • About 300,000 Americans were killed.
  • 15 million soldiers from other countries had died.