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A Trip to London PowerPoint Presentation
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A Trip to London

A Trip to London

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A Trip to London

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  1. A Trip to London

  2. Why do people travel? • to study foreign languages • to make friends • to go sightseeing • to learn about traditions and customs • to learn about culture • to develop their outlook • to have a rest • to visit new places • to meet different people

  3. The motto of our lesson: • The more you live, the more you travel, The more you travel, the more you see, • The more you see, the more you learn.

  4. [æ] – travel, capital, gallery • [eı] – play, place, stadium • [ju:] – museum, new, beautiful • [ı] – big, different, bridge • [α:] – park, car, partner • [i:] – see, meet, week • [eə] – square, where, hare

  5. INVITATION LETTER Dear Russian Friends! My name’s John Atkins. My best friends are Leon and Steve. They are really nice and social. We have many of the same hobbies. Our hobbies are listening to music, playing sport games and telling secrets. We live in London. It’s one of the most famous and interesting cities in Europe. There are lots of places to visit in London: museums, Art galleries, theatres…. As you probably know it’s the capital of the UK. It’s a mixture of old and new building and there is a lot to see and learn about. We send you some photos and we are sure you know where they are made. I would like to invite a group of up to 20 children and 2 teachers from your school to visit us.We know little about you and we would like to get some information beforehand. We hope to see you. Best wishes from us all. John, Leon and Steve.

  6. Name Date of Birth Nationality Country Parents Foreign languages you speak Hobbies

  7. Roman London.

  8. People have lived in the London area for more than 5.000 years, but there used to be forests and marshes(болото) instead of a city. London itself was begun by the Romans about 2.000 years ago. They called their town Londinium.

  9. Inside Londinium. Inside the wall, Londinium had houses, bath houses temples, shops and markets. Nowadays, this area is a business district, known as the City.

  10. Roman ruins. After the Romans left, Londinium probably lay in ruins. The city grew up again, however, because it was a useful port.

  11. Decide Whether These Statements True or False • There are many bridges over the Thames in Roman times. • -The Romans came to England in the 19th century. • -Londinium was a very beautiful town in old times. • -The Romans built few roads in England. • -The Romans built the town far from the river.

  12. What do these pictures show?

  13. Big Ben

  14. The Houses of Parliament

  15. Buckingham Palace

  16. Trafalgar Square

  17. The Tower of London

  18. Westminster Abbey

  19. The Tower Bridge

  20. Big Ben. Home,fortress, guards,TrafalgarSquare, museum , Queen , tombs , towers, buildings , royal ______________________________ is the main square of central London where a number of famous _______________ and monuments including the National Gallery and Nelson’s Column are situated. Buckingham Palace is the London _______ of the _________. Changing of the ______ happens here every day at 11:30 a.m. The Houses of Parliament is a beautiful building with two ______________ and a very big clock called _____________. Westminster Abbey is a ____________ church. Here you can see the ____________ of many British kings and queens. The Tower of London was a ______________, later a prison. It is a _________________ now.

  21. Imagine that you are in London and want to get to a famous place but you don’t know how. Ask to help you a policeman or a passer-by. • Tell me-and I’ll forget, • Show me- and I’ll remember, • Let me do-and it will be mine forever

  22. The Westminster palace has more than 1100 rooms, 100 ladders, and all of them unite 5 km of corridors. The interesting fact that in this huge structure of London also is available 19 bars and restaurants.

  23. The tower of Big Ben is the building of the Parliament, on which there is the clock, Big Ben hides behind it and it is called the Tower of St. Stephan. Its height - 96 meters, and inside there is a spiral staircase, with 334 stairs.

  24. It is a museum of Madam Tussaud. It is beautuful building! Main attraction in museum is a room of horror and life-sise figures of famous people.

  25. St. Paul's Cathedral in London

  26. St. Paul's Cathedral in London • St Paul's is London's cathedral and embodies the spiritual life and heritage of the British people. Cathedrals serve a wide community.St Paul's Cathedral acts as an important meeting place for people and ideas, as a centre for the arts, learning and public debates.

  27. The London Zoo opened in 1828, the pearl of the beautiful Park of London - Regent's Park. It is the largest zoo planet, сollection of animals collected around the world has more than 6 thousand species.

  28. Legend sais, one of the battles (битва) between the Saxons and the Welsh onion was held on the onion field. • St. David ordered his soldiers to put on a helmet leeks (лук парей) to differentiate them from other soldiers. • Later, the color of leeks - white and green - became symbols of Wales.

  29. Windsor castle is in English town – Windsor. 1) It is crowning residence. 2) Windsor castle was built by King Wilgelm I on 11 ages. 3) Crowing family lives in Windsor castle 1000 years. 4) It is the biggest living place on world.

  30. An amazing event occurred in the British capital in 1949. It was connected with Big Ben - one of the most popular attractions. It was like this: one day a whole flock of starlings sat on the minute hand of Big Ben! It was so great that all the starlings did not manage to fit on the arrow, which length is 4 m 27 cm! Nothing special you can think, but it ended up that because of this flock, the time that the clock shows slowed by as much as 5 minutes. It took a lot of strength to correct everything.

  31. QUIZ « Lodon`s Sightseeings 1.The capital of The UK is …. a)London b) Washington c) Paris 2.The 4 parts of the UK are….. a) England, Scotland, America and Wales b) England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales 3.The symbol of England is… a) A black rose b) a red rose 4. The head of the UK is…  a) The Queen b) the President 5,Big Ben is… a) Queen’s residence b) clock tower  

  32. 6. The Queen lives in … a)Tower of London b) Buckingham Palace c)Westminster Abbey 7. Nowdays the Tower of London is… a)a fortress b) a prison c) a royal palace a museum   8. The country’s government seats at… a)Buckingham Palace b)Houses of Parliament c)Hyde Park 9. The royal church is… a) St. Paul’s Cathedral b)Henry VII Chapel c) Westminster Abbey   10. In Trafalgar Square there is a monument of… a)The Queen of England b)Sir Christopher Wren c) Admiral Nelson

  33. 11.Westminster Abbey is… a) A prison b) a place for coronation 12.Admiral Nelson is… a) A national hero b) a president 13.Ravens are… a)birds b) animals 14.The Thames is…. a) A palace b) a river 

  34. “When a Man Is Tired of London He Is Tired of Life” "Если Вы устали от Лондона, то Вы устали жить, потому что здесь есть всё, что можно ждать от жизни" - так писал Сэмьюэль Джонсон (  1709 — 13 декабря1784 — английский критик, лексикограф и поэт ).