homonyms week 8 n.
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Homonyms Week 8 PowerPoint Presentation
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Homonyms Week 8

Homonyms Week 8

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Homonyms Week 8

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  1. Homonyms Week 8

  2. What is a homonym? • Words that are spelled the same but pronounced differently OR • Words that are pronounced the same but spelled differently

  3. I KNEW that I would need a NEW coat this winter. • KNEW is the past tense of the verb KNOW. * I knew I would do well on my homonym test! * Sally knew all the lyrics to Justin Bieber. • NEW is the opposite of old. * I love my new MINI Cooper. * We welcomed the new student into the class. MEMORY TIP: If you remember that KNOWLEDGE is spelled with a K, then you can see that the root word is KNOW! Today I KNOW, yesterday I KNEW.

  4. THEN I knew I had more new clothes THAN my sister. • Use THAN to compare two things • Mrs. Fanning’s desk is neater THAN mine. • Are you smarter THAN a 5th grader? • Use THEN to tell when something happens • First I am going to the store, THEN to the theater. • Back then I was much happier. Memory Trick: Technically these are not homonyms because THAN is supposed to be pronounced with a short “a” sound. And THEN rhymes with WHEN—so the definition rhymes with the “e” spelling.

  5. I felt very WEAK when I was sick last WEEK. • Use WEAK as the opposite of strong. • He was so attractive, I felt WEAK in the knees every time I saw him. • She made a really WEAK argument to her mother about getting a puppy. • Use WEEK to mean 7 days. • Next WEEK is Christmas vacation! • This is going to be one busy WEEK. MEMORY TRICK: Each WEEK at school I get an Excellent Education!

  6. I wanted to know WHICH house belonged to the old, creepy woman because she is rumored to be a WITCH. • Use WHICH as a pronoun to tell what one or ones. • Which dog is yours? • Can you tell which way to go? • A WITCH is a woman thought to have supernatural powers. • Last Halloween, I dressed as a WITCH. • The Wicked WITCH of the West was melted. Memory Trick: The WITCH cast a spell that made me ITCH!