the haunted house of secrets n.
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During school you promised three of your friends that you would rescue the red ruby from the haunted house of secrets so you will. Many years ago in 1289 a mischievous king George 1st who stole the red ruby and put it in the haunted house of secrets, he made sure that it was well guarded before he died. Press click here to begin.

Click here

outside the gates
Outside the gates

With your mind full of terror you pushed the gates wearily open with a creak and tiptoed inside. Whipping wind is hitting your face like a bullet that has been shot at your head. As you tiptoed to the door you are not safe and you don’t know what terrifying things are watching you. Soon you see the front door and the half hidden back door, which one will you choose?

Front Door

Back Door

front door
Front Door

Despite the that the door is absolutely disgusting there is no doorbell or doorknocker, how will you get in? Fortunately it is unlocked so you can just slip through the ginormous door but suddenly out of nowhere a zombie is there and stabs you in the heart. Unlucky you have failed and died trying.

back door
Back door

Although the back door is half hidden it is still open so you can slip through the cobwebby door easily and walk inside. Finally you find a staircase on your right and a golden door on the left. Which one will you go for?

Climb up staircase

Go through door

climb up staircase
Climb up Staircase

Outside the owl hoots very spookily making you even more petrified, you carry on making you’re way up the stairs very quietly and you can hear the stairs creaking every time you take a step. Only one door is upstairs so you have no choice but to enter it.

Open Door

opening door
Opening Door

When you open the door you hear a very noisy creaking sound behind the door. As soon as you have heard it the evil queen comes out and stabbed you in the heart. Blood runs down your cold bare body as your vision gets blurred. Unlucky, you are now dead.

You adventure is over.

opening upstairs door
Opening upstairs door

Gradually you open the golden door and as soon as you go in you shut it very carefully and now you are locked in. Luckily you step on two keys ad one of them is the door key, you are jubilant now so you pocket both of the keys and carry on investigating. Suddenly you see the evil king guarding the red ruby. Do you want to:

Unlock the door and leave the mansion

Fight the king

unlock the door and leave the mansion
Unlock the door and leave the mansion

Even though you came here to get the red ruby you still run out of the mansion and leave the haunted house of secrets forever. You’re friends are so mad and beat you up so much that you die. Unlucky you have failed.

Your adventure is over.

fight the king
Fight the King

So you walk further in and start stabbing the king with your key. Finally you stab the king in the head the red ruby is sitting right in front of you and is gazing back at you, you need the key to unlock the box of the red ruby and take the red ruby back to your precious home.

Do you have the key?




Rapidly you use the key to unlock the red ruby box and rapidly take the red ruby back out of the mansion and back to your glorious house, carrying it home with you and singing in great triumph.

Well done!

You have completed your mission and your adventure!


Unlucky you leave the mansion alive but empty handed. Sorry about that but the box is jammed to the table so you need the key otherwise you cannot get the glamorous red ruby.

Are you sure you do not have the key if you do click here