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The Haunted House PowerPoint Presentation
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The Haunted House

The Haunted House

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The Haunted House

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  1. The Haunted House

  2. The moon was covered by clouds. Owls were hooting in the distance. It was Halloween. Will and Kate were doing like other kids do on the 31st of October, trick or treating.

  3. “La ,La ,La , La” Kate sang as she went along. “Would you shut your mouth for five minutes ?” said Will. “ Ur nope” said Kate. “La LaLaLa”. Will and Kate came to a dead end.

  4. “Uggg!” choked Will. Will and Kate stopped at two rusted gates. A bat flew off the two rusted gates into an old wooden house. The two rusted gates opened.

  5. Will and Kate walked up the twisty hill .

  6. A white man, with teeth like a rabbit and a black suit on, answered “How can I help you? ” “AHH” Kate and Will realised it was a vampire. They tried to make a run for it.

  7. Rrrrrr,” grumbled Frankenstein from the south side. “Ahhh” screamed the children. You can’t run now.

  8. Ah ha ah try and run. From the west side they heard “Ah, ha, ha, ha”.

  9. “Mmmm” a mummy came out of it’s coffin and walked from the east side.

  10. The vampire walked to the children and said “ We were about to have dinner, join us”. “Firstly, what’s for dinner? Oh wait let me guess. Green faces, cat eye balls and pig’s foot?” “Ah ha, ha, ha,” the monsters all laughed. “No roast leg of lamb?” “Don’t mind if I do.’’ said Will rubbing his hands and licking his lips. “Don’t worry,” said one of the monsters “We won’t poison you.” So the children joined them for dinner.

  11. Surprisingly the roast was beautiful until the drinks. The witch gave the kids blood and told them it was red cordial but you’ll never guess what it was? ….... Blood. The Witch said, “It was pay back for insulting me that I have a green face.” “But she does have a green face and I can’t help it, if we do a flash back you will see it and I won’t be wrong,” said Will. Flash back.

  12. “MUSIC TIME” yelled the Vampire. “Which song?” said Kate “’Thriller’ by Michael Jackson, on we go 1,2,3’’ said the Vampire.

  13. They started to do the moon walk the spin and everything.

  14. SLAM As Will and Kate were doing the spin, the door slammed shut “Oh no, what are we going to do?” said Kate. “ I don’t know” said Will as the piano started to play.

  15. Casper the ghost came out and said “Hi how can I help you? I’m Casper” “ Can you help us?” said Kate. “ Sure I’ve been trying to get out for 90 years. I got put in here and locked up with nothen to eat,” said Casper. “But the question is how do we get out”? said Will.

  16. Casper and the children tried to escape for hours until Will had an idea. Will found a brick and a window. Will liked smashing stuff, it was like his hobby. Will said “Stand back”. ?

  17. SMASH Will threw the brick. Just as Kate was hopping out of the window the monsters came. One of the monsters grabbed Kate but Casper tuned back and said “BOO”. “Ahhh” said the witch and let go of Kate. As Casper and the children went home, Kate cut herself on the leg trying to get out of the window but beside that the kids went home and ate their candy.Casper became a Hollywood movie star and made the movie ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’.

  18. That’s all folks. Thanks for watching. By Paige