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  1. HOUSING STRATEGY FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION Aser Cortines Director of Urban Development Marrakech, October 18th, 2001

  2. Brazil - context challenge CAIXA - partner in search for solutions conclusion

  3. Brazil - context challenge CAIXA - partner in search for solutions conclusion

  4. Human Development Index 0.750 - 69th position among 162 countries human development report 2001 - Brazil - Human Poverty Index 12.9% Brazilians under grave privations Brazil - 2000 GDP US$ 596 bi per capita income US$ 3,587

  5. 32% up to US$ 160/month 65% up to US$ 400/month unequal distribution of the family income pnad 1999 high level of urban poverty is a strong obstacle to a fair and even social development

  6. - Brazil - 169.6 m inhabitants fast urbanization 1950 36% urban 2000 81% urban census 2000 40% of the population live in metropolitan regions which occupy 2% of the national territory

  7. urban housing deficit 3.8 m units 98% household income up to US$ 400/month 1999 estimate to the poor is left the periphery of the cities or segregated urban spaces, deprived of habitability and salubrity conditions

  8. Brazil - context challenge CAIXA - partner in search for solutions conclusion

  9. to assure to all Brazilians the conquest of citizenship to ensure equal rights and opportunities for a safe and healthy life

  10. Brazil - context challenge CAIXA - partner in search for solutions conclusion

  11. housing an essential value for citizenship CAIXA provides poor families with opportunities of access to adequate housing subsidy policy • acquisition • leasing • construction • housing improvement

  12. innovative strategies of management CAIXA stimulates the search for appropriate solutions that guarantee better results in terms of cost and quality “Casa Feliz” self-management construction process

  13. local Government actions • land grants and implementation of infrastructure • additional facilities for the community • reduction of public taxes and tariffs • financial incentives

  14. community participation in the construction of housing units strenghtening of associateship basis social and technical support professional qualification in the process of building houses

  15. use of local low-cost construction materials technological innovations agreements with suppliers acquisition through associateship production on site

  16. social and cultural integration of vulnerable groups housing provision with infrastructure and services fostering citizenship through education and development of productive activities

  17. statute of the city SEDU/PR CAIXA House of Representatives law 10257 - July 10th, 2001 considerable advancement for urban planning and management strongly contributes to the accomplishment of the recommendations accorded in recent international meetings and in the Habitat Agenda

  18. statute of the city hope of positive change in the Brazilian urban scenario establishes instruments that normalize and induce land use and occupation makes the development of the social function of the city and property possible

  19. induces to participative governance statute of the city new political culture shared governance when performing functions of public interest

  20. statute of the city facilitates integration of slums and irregular plots to the formal city inclusive cities land regularization housing and infrastructure improvement provision of public services and facilities

  21. facilitates rehabilitation of city centers productive cities emphasis on residential component allied to preservation of architectural heritage statute of the city advantage of existent infrastructure, urban facilities, and transport system adequate use of vacant or decaying real estate and empty plots Brazil - 4.6 m vacant urban households

  22. presupposes solid partnerships among government and private enterprises statute of the city makes the generation of financial resources for investments in poor urban areas viable

  23. CAIXA’s Best Practices Program dissemination of good practices in local urban management 2 among the 40 finalists DUBAI 2000 2002 Award - 135 inscribed in the CAIXA’s Best Practices Program housing construction provision of infrastructure and social actions

  24. Brazil - context challenge CAIXA - partner in search for solutions conclusion

  25. it is fundamental: to encourage partnerships, strenghtening the community participation to promote technological innovation - product, process and management to adopt instruments that contribute to the construction of inclusive and productive cities - the statute of the city - to insure adequate housing is the foundation for social inclusion

  26. the image of a city is the image of a society

  27. new awareness it is only possible to construct a new world based on social inclusion through common effort, perverse situations will be surmounted