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Chow Tai Fook Visit June 2012 Section 3 – Kununurra 周大福访问团 2012 年 6 月 第三站 – 库努纳拉 PowerPoint Presentation
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Chow Tai Fook Visit June 2012 Section 3 – Kununurra 周大福访问团 2012 年 6 月 第三站 – 库努纳拉

Chow Tai Fook Visit June 2012 Section 3 – Kununurra 周大福访问团 2012 年 6 月 第三站 – 库努纳拉

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Chow Tai Fook Visit June 2012 Section 3 – Kununurra 周大福访问团 2012 年 6 月 第三站 – 库努纳拉

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  1. Chow Tai Fook Visit June 2012 Section 3 – Kununurra 周大福访问团 2012年6月 第三站 – 库努纳拉

  2. The purpose of today今天的培训目的 • Understanding fashion jewellery and its potential in China • 了解时尚珠宝及其在中国的市场潜力 • A new way of selling: sales strategies for fashion jewellery • 探讨新的销售方式:时尚珠宝的销售策略 • Review Australian Colours training programme • 回顾逸彩系列培训课程 • Team exercises - role playing & joint problem solving session • 团队练习 —角色扮演和共同解决问题时段 • Wrap-up for the week • 本周活动结束

  3. Our training occurs in three sections我们的培训分三个部分 • Welcome, introductions and safety + agenda for the week • 欢迎、介绍和安全 + 一周行程安排 • Why are we here – objectives + expectations • 此行的原因 – 目的 + 期望 • Introducing Rio Tinto • 介绍力拓公司 • The Rio Tinto & Chow Tai Fook Partnership • 力拓与周大福的合作伙伴关系 Section 1 第1部分 Wednesday 27th 周三,27日 Perth 珀斯 • Welcome, introductions and safety • 欢迎、介绍与安全 • Introducing the Argyle Diamond Mine • 介绍阿盖尔钻矿 • Mine Tour • 参观矿山 • Understanding Argyle diamonds • 了解阿盖尔钻石 • Question & Answer • 问题与解答 Section 2 Thursday 28th Argyle Mine 第2部分 周四,28日 参观阿盖尔钻矿 Section 3 第3部分 Friday 29th 周五,29日 Kununurra 库努纳拉 • Introducing Fashion Jewellery – trend, research, case studies • 介绍时尚珠宝– 发展战略、探讨及案例研究 • Team exercise • 团队练习 • Fashion jewellery sales strategies • 时尚珠宝销售战略 • Role playing & joint problem solving session • 角色扮演及共同解决问题时段 • Wrap-up for the week • 本周活动结束 YOU ARE HERE 你目前的位置

  4. In this section: Understanding fashion jewellery 本节重点:了解时尚珠宝 • Fashion jewellery is a well established international trend • 时尚珠宝是一种成熟的国际化趋势 • Diamond fashion jewellery has strong potential in China • 中国市场对时尚钻石首饰的潜在需求强劲

  5. Lets start with a warm-up exercise to understand your perspectives让我们首先通过一个热身练习来了解您的观点 • Break out into Groups of 2 or 3. Using the cards provided: • 将学员分成2组或3组。根据手中的卡片: • Select 3 cards that describe the hopes, fears and expectations you have about training the CTF sales staff on fashion jewellery / Australian Colours • 选取3张卡片,分别描述身为周大福销售人员的您对于时尚珠宝首饰/逸彩系列培训持有的希望、担心和期待。 10 minutes 10 分钟 5

  6. What is diamond fashion jewellery?何谓时尚珠宝? • Affordable, daily diamond jewellery • 价位适中、适合日常佩戴的钻饰 • Serves as an accessory, for example to complement an outfit • 比如装饰套装的配饰 • Different to ‘fine’ jewellery which is regarded primarily as an investment or ‘love pledge’ • 不同于被主要视为投资品或爱情信物的“奢华”珠宝 • A complement, not a substitute and not substitutable to/with other fine jewellery in a woman’s wardrobe • 女性衣橱内奢华珠宝的补充,而非其替代品,也不能被替代 6

  7. Diamond fashion jewellery is a well established trend in the West – independent market analysis 时尚钻石首饰在西方已经成为一种成熟趋势 — 独立市场分析 • We enlisted the services of an international expert on global jewellery trends • 我们邀请国际专业机构围绕全球珠宝首饰趋势展开调查 • They study current and predict future jewellery trends • 该机构在研究当前珠宝趋势的同时对未来的发展趋势做出预测

  8. How do we know diamond fashion jewellery is well established? 如何判断时尚钻饰珠宝已经成为一种成熟趋势? • Fashion and jewellery • 时尚与珠宝首饰 • Celebrity culture • 名人效应 • In the media • 媒体报道 • Case study: Tiffanys • 案例研究:蒂凡尼

  9. Fashion and Jewellery 時尚與珠寶首飾 Louis Vuitton , SS2012 Valentino, SS2012 Prada, SS2012

  10. Celebrity Culture 名人效應

  11. In the media 媒体报道

  12. Case study: Tiffany & Co: From a jewellery focus to a fashion focus 案例分析:Tiffany & Co — 从关注珠宝到关注时尚 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s

  13. Why the diamond fashion jewellery trend? 形成这一趋势的原因 • Affordability • 可負擔 • Emotions • 情感 • Story-telling • 故事性 • Self-purchase for pleasure • 自我購買的愉悅 • To accessorize • 用來裝飾 • To feel unique • 感受與眾不同

  14. Diamond jewellery has evolved 钻石首饰的发展历程 • Until the 1990’s, diamonds were viewed largely as a luxury afforded only by the privileged • 直至1990年代,钻石在很大程度上被看作是特权阶层才能拥有的奢侈品 • But, in the West, the concept of luxury has evolved, luxury has become an emotional experience • 但是,在西方,奢侈品的概念已经进化,奢侈品已经成为一种情感体验 • It is no more about the high value of a product, but about making the consumer feel special. • 不再仅仅只是高价值的产品,而是让客户感受到与众不同

  15. Consumers want affordability 消费者希望可以负担 • Today, we see accessible gems within reach even to the mass market • 今天,它的内涵侧重于更易获得的珠宝,进而成为大众市场的新宠 • The market has evolved from an exclusive approach to diamond jewellery to a fashion approach • 市场随之而动,钻石珠宝首饰已经从身份象征走向时尚

  16. Consumers want emotional experiences 品牌更加注重推销情感体验 Tiffany & Co advertisement campaign

  17. Consumers want stories 消费者渴望故事

  18. A self-purchase for pleasure rather than carat weight 购物快感胜过克拉重量 Vogue China, February 2012

  19. Consumers are influenced by fashion and want to change jewellery often 在时尚的感召影响下,消费者希望时常更换珠宝首饰 • Diamond jewellery as a fashion accessory associated to lifestyle • 钻石珠宝成为联系生活方式的时尚配饰

  20. Consumer purchase decisions are increasingly driven by their hearts, they want to feel unique 消费者越来越倾向于听从内心驱使而做出购买决定,他们想要与众不同

  21. Aspirational trend–setting brands 引领潮流的品牌 • The top luxury brands are aware of the market changes and are reflecting it in their product offering with fashion jewellery. • 高端奢侈品牌已经意识到市场的变化,他们通过时尚珠宝反映出这种变化 • Consumers all over the world follow these brands and are inspired by their designs. • 全世界的消费者追随着这些品牌并为他们的设计所启发

  22. International retailers are responding to this trend with the use of small diamonds 国际零售商借助小钻的魅力应对这一趋势 • As a result, we are seeing a broad use of small diamonds by big brands • Using small diamonds allows more flexibility to be more creative with innovative design whilst remaining affordable • 因此,我们看到使用小钻的广阔市场 • 大品牌使用小钻是因为小钻创造漂亮而创新设计的灵活性更强,并且他们在更具创造力的同时也更容易为大众所接受

  23. Dior Stefan Hafner Ivanka Trump Vogue Germany Embroidery and lace effects 刺繡及喱士效果 Casato MVee Chopard

  24. Repossi Katie Decker Louis Vuitton Lightness 輕盈 W Magazine, March 2012 Ivanka Trump Crivelli

  25. Birks and Mayors Boucheron Art Deco 装饰艺术 Tiffany & Co Geometric forms 幾何圖形 Gucci SS2012 John Hardy David Webb Vahan

  26. Piaget Vhernier Vogue Jewellery, Italy Chanel Black & White 黑與白 Tiffany & Co Laurenz Baumer Palmiero Salvatore Ferragamo

  27. Palmiero Bold colours 大膽的色彩 Piaget Dior The New York Times Van Cleef and Arpels A Jaffe

  28. Cartier Boucheron Modern Nature 现代自然 Vogue Jewellery, Italy Harry Winston Dior

  29. It has become so much about design that designers are using unusual, imperfect gems • 它与设计的相关性如此之强,设计师开始使用奇异而不完美的宝石

  30. Kimberly Mc Donald Todd Reed Sutra Jewels Boaz Kashi Diamonds in the rough Todd Reed

  31. Arunashi Bavna Jewelry Dior Marco Bicego Tiffany & Co

  32. Summary: The international diamond fashion jewellery trend 总结:国际时尚钻石首饰趋势 • ___________________ • ___________________ • ___________________ • ___________________ A well established international trend responding to consumers needs with small diamonds 借助小钻应对消费者需求已经成为一种成熟的国际趋势

  33. Closer to home, independent market research shows China is ready for fashion jewellery 本地市场调查 — 独立市场调查显示,中国的时尚珠宝市场蓄势待发 • We enlisted the services of Ipsos - one of the largest research companies in the world • 我们邀请Ipsos发起调查 - Ipsos是全球最大的独立调查事务所之一 • Surveyed women in 5 key cities • 调查对象为五个重点城市中的女性群体 Shenyang 沉陽 Xi’an 西安 Shanghai 上海 Chengdu 成都 Xiamen 廈門

  34. Before we go on we’d like to get your feedback 在进入下一个环节之前,我们希望倾听您的意见 • What are the key barriers to selling the Australian Colours collection / fashion jewellery compared to other collections? • 与其他系列相比,销售逸彩系列/时尚首饰的主要障碍是什么?

  35. Women want diamonds – no matter what!女人不管怎样都想拥有钻石 • Good awareness of ‘small diamond / fashion jewellery’ • 小钻/时尚珠宝首饰”在除西安之外的城市均获得认同 • No discrimination against jewellery with small diamonds不存在对小钻珠宝首饰的偏见 • “I have a solitaire from my husband, • now I am looking out for fashion diamond • jewelry for more casual, everyday wear.” • “我有一件我丈夫赠送的独粒钻石首饰, • 眼下我正在寻找时尚的钻石首饰来搭配较为休闲的日常着装。”

  36. Strong desire to own diamond fashion jewellery for variety of reasons 希望拥有时尚钻石首饰的强烈愿望的多种原因 • Attractive外在魅力 • Even more dazzling sparkles than solitaire, full lashes of small diamonds can bring 360 degrees of brilliance effect • 甚至比独粒款式更加闪耀,饱满的小钻能够产生360度的惊艳效果 • Designs oriented, available in variety of designs, greater variation in style (than solitaire) • 设计出众,样式繁多,适合不同风格(相比于独粒首饰) • Trendy, simple, decent and elegant accessories • 时髦、简洁、体面而优雅的配饰 • Easy matching with daily outfit • 容易与日常装束搭配 • Versatile for all occasions (from casual/leisure to formal) depending on styles • 可以根据不同场合变换风格(随意/休闲或者正式) • Accessible更易获得 • Pricing is more affordable (than solitaire) • 价位适中(相比于独粒首饰) • Can be self-purchased, more of an accessories for everyday wear (not bound to be a lifetime gift from partners) • 可以自己购买,适合作为日常配饰(而非来自伴侣的终生礼物) • Valuable 高贵身价 • Diamond is more superior than crystal (Swarovski is just a stone) • 钻石比水晶更加高级(施华洛世奇只是石头而已) • Often come in the setting with K gold/platinum thus more valuable than plain gold/platinum/silver jewelrypieces 往往镶嵌于K金/铂金,因此比单纯的黄金/铂金/银更有价值

  37. There is a gap in the market for diamond jewellery that is affordable and fashionable 价格适宜的时尚钻石首饰仍旧是一个市场空白 • Perception that diamond fashion jewellery is expensive • 普遍认为钻石珠宝首饰十分昂贵 • Lack of attractive and distinctive designs > lagging other jewellery • 市面上缺少独特而富有魅力的设计 • Desire for "affordable luxury" • 对于“负担得起的奢侈品”有强烈的消费意愿 "When I go into different stores, even though they have lots of different designs, none really strike me as the styles that I really like. “我走进不同的店铺时,即使它们有很多不同的款式,但惟有我喜爱的款式才能真正打动我。”

  38. Diamond fashion jewellery is appreciated for its style and value as an accessory above all else 时尚钻石首饰因其风格魅力和配饰价值而倍受追捧 “I would consider whether it fits my clothing, makes me look great more so than how much it is worth in the future” “我更在意它是否适合搭配我的衣服,让我看起来气质出众,而非考虑它未来的价值。” • Attractive style overrides the size/quality of diamond • 富有魅力的设计比钻石本身的大小/品质更为诱人 • Fashion jewellery serves to mix and match outfit > investment value not an obstacle • 时尚珠宝首饰的用途是与服装混搭而非一项投资

  39. What consumers want – design, design, design消费者的愿望– 第一是设计,第二是设计,第三还是设计 Ever changing / variation of designs is a HOT BUTTON 焦点问题是款式设计的变化/与众不同 Meaningful & personalized 良好寓意&个性化体验 For good luck/fortune blessings. 保佑好运/幸运祝福 3D, Chinese zodiac, horoscopes design3D,十二生肖、星座设计 Cute/adorable 乖巧/可爱 To pampering oneself, princess-like living in the imaginary world (e.g. Disney collection). 宠爱自己,像公主般生活在幻想世界中(例如迪斯尼系列) More 3D cartoony, cute, miniature design3D卡通、可爱、迷你设计 • Status reflector • 气场十足 • To impress and stand out from the crowd, be seen and noticed. • 从众人中脱颖而出,给人以深刻印象 • More stunning design with more diamonds/larger piece of design • 用更多的钻石/大气的设计营造更加出众的风格 Designs to express individuality, for different occasions and needs 通过针对不同场合的设计表达个性和需求 • Feminine • 温婉气质 • To accentuate personal style, more graceful, glamorouslooking and attractive. • 突出个人风格,更加优雅、迷人且富有魅力 • Curvy, artistic/abstract designs, unique and special • 柔美曲线、艺术/抽象设计、独树一帜而不落俗套 • Casual and trendy • 随意&时髦 • To brightened up my outfit, feeling at ease. • 着装的点睛之笔,自在适意 • Can be more playful with designs, from nice and simple to bold and funky depending on personality • 更具玩味的设计,从雅致简洁到前卫新潮,取决于消费者的个性 • Mature & decent • 成熟&知性 • To reflect personal taste/status, to enhance professional, trustworthy image and increase self confidence. • 体现个人品味/地位,打造值得信赖的职业形象,提升自信 • Sleek, simple, streamlined design • 雅致、简洁、流线设计

  40. Summary: Diamond fashion jewellery in China 总结:中国市场的时尚钻石首饰趋势 • ___________________ • ___________________ • ___________________ • ___________________ Consumers want attractive and affordable diamond fashion jewellery as an accessory! 消费者渴望拥有负担得起且富有魅力的时尚钻石配饰!

  41. In this section: Fashion jewellery sales strategies 本节重点:时尚珠宝销售策略 • A new way of selling – from traditional to creative • 新的销售方式 — 从传统销售到创意销售 • A new way of seeing diamond jewellery beyond the 4Cs to fashion and emotion • 看待钻石珠宝的全新角度 — 超越4C标准,聚焦时尚和情感

  42. Fashion jewellery requires a new way of selling 时尚珠宝需要新的销售方式 Creative sales 创意销售 Traditional sales 传统销售 What does this mean? 这意味着什么?

  43. Traditional sales technique focuses on the product and 4Cs传统销售技巧侧重于产品和4C标准 • With solitaires or fine jewellery the focus is on: • 对于单粒钻石或者高级珠宝而言,卖点通常集中于: • The physical attributes of the product - the 4Cs • 产品的物理属性 – 4C标准 • Resell or investment value • 转售价值或投资价值 43

  44. Creative sales technique moves beyond the product and 4Cs 创意销售技巧超越了对于产品和4C标准的关注 • With diamond fashion jewellery the focus is on: • 时尚钻石首饰的卖点: • Its appeal as a fashion accessory • 作为一种时尚配饰的吸引力 • The customer’s emotional needs • 顾客的情感需求 44

  45. Lets go back to: What are the needs of the customer? 让我们回到根本: 顾客的需求… "When I go into different stores, even though they have lots of different designs, none really strike me as the styles that I really like. “我走进不同的店铺时,即使它们有很多不同的款式,但惟有我喜爱的款式才能真正打动我。” • “I have a solitaire from my husband, • now I am looking out for fashion diamond • jewelry for more casual, everyday wear.” • “我有一件我丈夫赠送的独粒钻石首饰, • 眼下我正在寻找时尚的钻石首饰来搭配较为休闲的日常着装。” 45

  46. Show customers that diamond jewellery can serve as a versatile fashion accessory 让顾客懂得钻石珠宝可以作为一种多样变换风格变换时尚配饰 • Consumers want to keep up with fashion trends and want to change jewellery often • 消费者渴望紧跟时尚潮流并且时常更换珠宝首饰 • Demonstrate to them: • 向消费者推介的重点: • The wide variety of beautiful and trendy designs • 各种精美而时尚的设计 • They can afford to change styles every season • 消费者能够负担每季更换不同的风格 • They can mix and match with outfits or to suit their needs / moods • 消费者能够将它们与不同着装进行混搭或者挑选适合自己需求/情绪的配饰 46

  47. Introduce customers to diamond fashion jewellery 向顾客推介时尚钻石首饰 Show customers that diamond jewellery can serve as a fashion accessory 让顾客懂得钻石珠宝可以作为一 种时尚配饰 • Customers don’t know what they want until they know what’s possible. • 顾客往往由于认知所限而无法确定自己想要什么。 • I-phone example • 以iPhone为例 • Its up to sales staff to show them diamond fashion jewellery exists • 销售人员的工作是推介时尚钻石首饰,为顾客指点迷津。

  48. Get them to try it on 鼓励顾客试戴 Show customers that diamond jewellery can serve as a fashion accessory 让顾客懂得钻石珠宝可以作为一 种时尚配饰 • Diamond fashion jewellery is an accessory • 时尚钻石首饰是一种配饰 • So, more than with any other jewellery, ensure the customer tries it on • 因此,相比于其他珠宝首饰,更有必要鼓励顾客试戴 • Such as when selling another accessory, eg a scarf or hat • 类似于销售围巾或帽子等其他饰品 48

  49. Address the customers’ need to feel unique – they want to buy from their heart and for self-pleasure 满足顾客渴望与众不同的想法 —他们想要随心而动的购物体验,享受关爱自我的购物乐趣 • Make them feel different and important • 让顾客感觉与众不同和受到重视 • Give them ‘permission’ to buy what they ‘want’ • 给予顾客“随心所欲”购买的“许可” • Language is key • 语言的作用至关重要 • “A new way to express your individuality …” • “展现个性的新方式…” • “If you want to stand our from the crowd, this jewellery can’t be missed…” • “从芸芸众人之中脱颖而出的必备佳品…” 49

  50. Give your customers a story and ‘emotional hook’ 用故事和“情感诱导”打动顾客 • Consumers want to have meaning to their purchase and to feel engaged in their purchase • 消费者希望自己的购买行为有意义并且希望对购买初衷确信不疑 • Tell them what is behind the jewellery: • 向顾客讲述珠宝背后的故事: • Inspiration: a place, a person, an event, a theme… • 启迪:一个地点,一个人物,一个事件,一个主题…… • Meaning: it means good luck, fun, remembrance… • 寓意:意味着好运、有趣、纪念…… • Intent: it is for women who want to go on a journey… • 意图:适合希望开启一次生命旅程的女性…… Lets look at an example now 让我们来看一个例子 50