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Bell Ringer. Have you ever tried to settle a disagreement between friends? What was the disagreement? Were you successful?. The War Winds Down. The End of the Vietnam War. Henry Kissinger. Appointed special assistant for national security affairs

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bell ringer
Bell Ringer
  • Have you ever tried to settle a disagreement between friends?
  • What was the disagreement?
  • Were you successful?
the war winds down

The War Winds Down

The End of the Vietnam War

henry kissinger
Henry Kissinger
  • Appointed special assistant for national security affairs
  • Given wide authority to diplomatically end the war
  • Linkage: Improving relations with China and USSR to persuade them to cut back aid to N. Vietnam
  • Rekindled peace talks with N. Vietnam
cutting back
Cutting Back
  • Vietnamization: gradual withdrawal of troops
  • Increased airstrikes
  • Nixon Doctrine: US would provide military assistance to anticommunist governments in Asia but they would have to provide their own combat troops

My Lai

  • “I walked up and saw these guys doing strange things…Setting fire to the hootches and huts and waiting for people to come out and then shooting them…going into the hootches and shooting them up…gathering people in groups and shooting them…As I walked in you could see piles of people all through the village…all over…They were shooting women and children just like anybody else.”
my lai massacre
My Lai Massacre
  • March 1968
  • Hundreds of unarmed civilians killed by US soldiers
  • Women were gang raped and brutally mutilated
kent state massacre
Kent State Massacre
  • US troops invade Cambodia
    • Destroy Vietcong bases
  • Protests across the country
  • May 4, 1970
  • OH National Guard fire on protesters
  • Kill 4 students and hurt 9 others
jackson state shootings
Jackson State Shootings
  • May 14, 1970
  • Police killed 2 African American students
the fifth estate
The Fifth Estate
  • “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person, but if you give him a mask, he will tell you the truth. Two people and a secret, the beginning of all conspiracy. More people and more secrets. But if we could find one moral man, on whistleblower, someone willing to expose those secrets. That man could topple the most powerful and the most repressive of regimes.”
pentagon papers
Pentagon Papers
  • Daniel Ellsberg
    • Former Department of Defense worker
  • Releases government documents to the New York Times
  • Showed how presidents worked to deceive Congress, the press, and the public about Vietnam
  • Significance: Proved gov’t was not honest
christmas bombings
Christmas Bombings
  • Peace talks break down
  • US Response
    • 12 straight days of bombing only stopping on Christmas
  • Peace talks resume
reaching peace
Reaching Peace
  • January 27, 1973
  • US withdraw rest of troops from Vietnam
  • POWs are exchanged
  • All is well
just kidding
Just Kidding!
  • March 1975
  • North Vietnamese invade South Vietnam
  • Saigon is captured and renamed Ho Chi Minh City
the cost of war
The Cost of War
  • $170 billion
  • 58,000 dead
  • 300,000 wounded
  • 1 million lost by Vietnamese
  • Unrecognized sacrifices
  • Wanting to forget
  • Losing faith in the government