4p1 class mun 2010 delegation of yemen security council n.
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4P1 Class MUN 2010 Delegation of Yemen Security Council PowerPoint Presentation
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4P1 Class MUN 2010 Delegation of Yemen Security Council

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4P1 Class MUN 2010 Delegation of Yemen Security Council - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4P1 Class MUN 2010 Delegation of Yemen Security Council. Tan Tai Joum (28) Tan Yi Wei (29) Hwa Chong Institution. Yemen-Somalia ties. Yemen has historically enjoyed good relations with Somalia, its neighbour to the south and fellow Arab League member.

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4p1 class mun 2010 delegation of yemen security council

4P1 Class MUN 2010Delegation of Yemen Security Council

Tan Tai Joum (28)

Tan Yi Wei (29)

Hwa Chong Institution

yemen somalia ties
Yemen-Somalia ties
  • Yemen has historically enjoyed good relations with Somalia, its neighbour to the south and fellow Arab League member.
  • Ethnic Somalis for the most part blend in well with Yemeni society, as they share centuries of close religious, commercial and social ties.
yemen somalia ties1
Yemen-Somalia ties
  • Following the outbreak of the civil war in Somalia, Yemen unconditionally opened its borders to Somali asylum seekers. The World Refugee Survey 2008, published by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, estimates that 110,600 Somali refugees lived in Yemen in 2007, which is a fraction of the estimated 700,000-strong Somali nationals already living and working in Yemen.
yemen somalia ties2
Yemen-Somalia ties
  • There are also many Somalis who have received Yemeni citizenship due to marriage with Yemenis as well as through service to the nation over the years.
  • In addition, Yemen and Somalia have a long history of trade and inter-action, with many of Somalia's Sultans, such as Yusuf Ali Kenadid and Gerad Ali Dable, often being exiled to and recruiting troops from Yemen's Hadhramaut region.
situation analysis1
Situation analysis

Piracy issue

  • Piracy have been rampant near the coast of Somalia since the second civil war in Somalia ( early 21st century )
  • Increasing threat posed by piracy also caused significant concerns to many states (eg. India ) as multiple shipping trade routes pass through the Gulf of Aden
situation analysis2
Situation analysis

Piracy issue

  • In recent years ( mainly 2007 – 2009 ), many countries & international organisations have offered to help ease the piracy situation in Somalia
  • Eg. Russia, Singapore, UN, Maritime Peace org., India, EU, etc
situation analysis3
Situation analysis

Piracy issue

  • Despite the increase in actions taken, the piracy rate has inflated, as an increasing number of ships are being held hostage or robbed
  • Some pirates claimed that they take on piracy to protect Somalian waters as MNCs are dumping waste into the waters, destroying the fishing industry at Somalian coasts
situation analysis4
Situation analysis

Political instability

  • Excessive amounts of political instability during the past decade
  • Somalia's transformation into an independent state was peacefulin the beginning but is soon erupted into a violent conflict
situation analysis5
Situation analysis

Political instability

  • In 1969 Abdi Rashid Ali Shirmarke, Somalia's second President, was assassinated and in the following days a military coup, led by Major General Muhammed Siyad Barre, tgained control of the country
  • In 1970 Barre declared Somalia to be a socialist state
situation analysis6
Situation analysis

Political instability

  • Somalia experiences many economic problems
  • Native clans in Somalia are constantly fighting with their foes ( to gain wealth by taking control of land )
  • Internal stability will give rise to peace ( no pirates too )
situation analysis7
Situation analysis

Political instability

  • Since independence in 1960, Somalia did have a well working parliamentary democracy for the first nine years ( note the word FIRST )
  • Historical Somali values and acquired Western practices ( due to colonization ) appeared to coincide, thus causing conflicting parties
situation analysis8
Situation analysis

Political instability

  • With political instability in Somalia, unrests are prone to happen which will affect & deter business or investments in the area.
  • Unemployment rates will rise as many companies will choose to relocate
situation analysis9
Situation analysis

Political instability

  • Trade and economy is also severely affected by the political instability
  • When people are poor, they will turn to desperate ways to get $$$
  • Robberies, PIRACY will become rampant
  • Vicious cycle
situation analysis10
Situation analysis

Shortage of funds

  • Political instability deters foreign investors and MNCs from investing in Somalia
  • With insufficient funds, Somalia is less unable to deal the piracy issue effectively
proposed solutions
Proposed Solutions

Vocational training for unemployed youth

Resolving The Issue of Piracy off the Coast of Somalia

Establish/Enhance border management and protection system

Illegal arms trade

Establish intelligence network


Proposed Solutions

  • Illegal arms trade
    • Contribute to piracy
    • Need to reduce, if not eliminate, the illegal arms trade

Proposed Solutions

  • Benefits:
    • Reduction or end of conflict and piracy in Somalia
    • Reduction or elimination of a regional arms trade
    • Reduction of armed crime in neighbouring countries
    • Reduction of many levels of violence perpetrated throughout the region

Proposed Solutions

  • Vocational training for unemployed youth
    • Enhance practical skills of unemployed youth in sectors such as fishing, agriculture
    • Target both sexes
    • Young women may also receive training in health, pre- and post- natal child care and nutrient

Proposed Solutions

  • Benefits:
    • Curb on illegal activities such as piracy
    • Growth on economy
    • An improvement of pre and post‐natal care and survival rates of mother‐and‐child

Proposed Solutions

  • Establish/Enhance border management and protection system
    • Strengthen the Somali government’s capacity to monitor and protect its external borders (both sea and land)
      • Development of intelligence gathering and analysis
      • Provision of essential equipment such as communications and computerization

Proposed Solutions

  • Benefits:
    • Enhanced capacity to monitor the movement of pirates and would be pirates
    • Give a greater emphasis on prevention of piracy
    • Greater effectiveness in rooting out piracy

Proposed Solutions

  • Establish intelligence network
    • Establish a dedicated intelligence system directed at penetrating the pirate organisations
    • Have a relatively loose operational system
    • Get more accurate information about them
proposed solutions1
Proposed Solutions
  • Benefits:
    • More accurate and timely information about current and planned operations involving piracy
    • More accurate information about organisational structures, funding, payment methods and external links
    • More effective targeting of interdictions and preventive operations