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The Chamber of Ghost

The Chamber of Ghost

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The Chamber of Ghost

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  1. The Chamber of Ghost By: Anne

  2. The Chamber of Ghost Long ago in Georgia, there was a school called Hogwarts the witches and wizards came together to learn there magic. There was a guy and a girl and they always got in trouble. There names were Harry and Hermione. But they hade a dorm with Jake and Millie always trying to keep them out of trouble. Harry and Hermione were in Dumble Dorks Office alot.

  3. Chapter 1 Tick the clock went off. “ is it all ready morning” Hermione squealed. Oh be quit Harry said. Come on one more minute. It’s 5:30 school starts at 6:30. Lets get Dressed Hermione said Harry. So that got dressed up in a rope. Has the Hogwarts sign.

  4. Chapter 1 • They went to the main hall to get breakfast but the alarm clock was wrong it was really 1:00 in the morning. But they didn't now so the waited and waited….. Then it was 5:00 in the morning so the got food. The hade eggs, omelet, bacon, and sausage. But they forgot to feed there llama so they went to the dorm and feed it grass, and ketup. It was a half en hour till school what will they do?

  5. This is part of the lunch room

  6. Chapter 1 • They went to the T.V. room and watch the series Mom is Out of it. When that was done they went to the place to learn magic. They asked what kind of spell do you want to now. I want to learn a food spell to learn to make food appear when ever you want. O.K.. Here is the spell “ not going to happen”. Oh can’t you please tell me. That was the spell.

  7. Chapter 2 • Hermione what spell would you like to learn. The spell to make different people disappear. What would you use it for to make you disappear. Not that spell then. Please no. How about the making of you spell. What's that to make two of you so instead of going to school you can watch TV. What is the spell “ quinoa kilo mayo”. Thanks for the bad spell Maaaa.

  8. Chapter 2 • I’m going to use this spell said Hermione I’m using mine tomorrow so I can make food appear in class nice. We’ll what food will it be. The food called junk food. I new that was coming. We’ll I’m using to not go to school. We’ll I like mine better. Why because I can eat whatever I want. I just don’t want to fat. We’ll in the T.V. room there food you always eat. I now but I don’t get it all the time

  9. Chapter 2 / lunch • It's time for lunch already yes harry said. We’ll there lunches were the best. They got apple sauce, apples, and pizza every day. But the food wasn't there ! So Harry and Hermione went the kitchen yelled at the lady and she made them food! But it was different what they ate it was macaroni and cheese not pizza. They loved it. But no side that was coming it was Candy.

  10. Chapter 2 / class • Today we will learn potions. What potions. Mood potions can we learn make nice potions! Yeah , you can. it. Sure. Now first you use nay the red stuff , then the olive oil the green stuff, and fish oil the orange stuff. Now give to your partner. But Hermione did something wrong she used chicken oil instead of fish oil. So now it’s a Meany positions.

  11. Chapter 3\ dinner • Harry recovered from the meanest and ate dinner. Speggiti and meat balls. But the hade garlic bread also. But it was done and they went to the T.V. room. But they only hade 10 minutes. The got on there p.j.s and went to bed. In the morning that got up to a wired sound. So they went outside the dorm and got fanshed into a chamber. They heard the sound and it was a ………

  12. Chapter 4 • A ghost !!! They found out that when they got there and saw a good one and a bad one. They were scared! They trapped them in! But they saw a light. When they didn't look the ran away. They ended up in raven claws dorm. And found there way home.

  13. Chapter 5 • And lived Haply ever after Expect for the ghost

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