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Competitive Landscape

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Competitive Landscape. Proprietary and Confidential. Outline. Outline. Duration: 45 minutes. Differentiators and Positioning. Alvarion Wi-Fi Key Differentiators. Technology differentiators Two-way spatially adaptive Beamforming Interference Immunity S uite

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competitive landscape

Competitive Landscape

Proprietary and Confidential




Duration: 45 minutes

alvarion wi fi key differentiators
Alvarion Wi-Fi Key Differentiators
  • Technology differentiators
    • Two-way spatially adaptive Beamforming
    • Interference Immunity Suite
    • 900 Mbps per unit, three streams
    • 512 users per unit
    • 3x3 MIMO
    • High Gain Diversely Polarized (HGDP) antenna
    • Others
      • IP-68, high EIRP, 4.9-5.9 GHs single HW
  • Solution differentiators
    • Very flexible: bands, field-of-view
    • WCPEn-2400-I, Market leading Wi-Fi CPE
    • Built-in Access Controller
alvarion wi fi key differentiators1
Alvarion Wi-Fi Key Differentiators
  • Value proposition
    • Best coverage and capacity
    • Best interference mitigation
    • Lowest cost per sq-km
      • Superior in NLOS and high interference
    • Best for BWA services
      • Unique Beamforming indoor Wi-Fi CPE
      • Superior indoor signal penetration
    • Best for large venues (Airports, campus, stores, hotels… )
      • Ubiquitous coverage with fewer units
  • Experienced
    • An Alvarion company – a wireless powerhouse
    • Two decades of wireless broadband experience
outdoor wi fi market positioning
Outdoor Wi-Fi Market & Positioning

Alvarion is a Carrier Grade Wi-Fi Market Leader

Growth, $1B Market in 1-2 years


Altai, GoNet, BelAir



Cellular Offloading


CarrierAccess Service


$$$ perAccount

Sea ports


Oil & gas



Safe City

Air ports






High-end WISPs



Low-end WISPs

ruckus in a nutshell
Ruckus – in a nutshell
  • Privately held
  • Revenue 2011: $150M-$200M (estimated)
  • HQ: Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  • 340 employees
  • Solutions: Wi-Fi for enterprises/carriers, indoor/outdoor
  • Customers: enterprises 70% and operators 30%
  • Technology: 802.11a/b/g/n, adaptive antenna array, mesh
  • Main partners: Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens
    • Distribution: 2,600 partners WW
  • Main customers: AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom, China Telecom, KDDI and Tikona
  • Active WW, less in Africa
ruckus claim to fame
Ruckus Claim to Fame
  • Smart antenna selection for better coverage
  • Tikona network
  • KDDI win
  • Perceived as low price
  • Good CPE
Light urban, heavy interference, laptop tests

Outdoor Coverage Competitive Test

Ruckus Sector


WBSn Sector





On average, WBSn provides 50% greater ubiquitous coverage, and 50% higher capacity

building coverage
Building Coverage

Alvarion: Superior Radios Cover Building Using Fewer Units

hotel coverage tests
A test by a large hotel chain

Thick concrete walls, reinforced with heavy metal structure

Hotel Coverage Tests
  • Results:
  • Undesirable results with BelAir and Ruckus
  • BelAir and Ruckus require additional equipment – expensive
  • Wavion is the preferred solution
seoul international airport s korea
Seoul International Airport, S. Korea
  • KT
  • “Ruckus failed in the airport due to coverage and throughput performance. … started checking Airport coverage with twelve Ruckus APs and had bad coverage and throughput. Then … tested Wavion and Wavion covered half the floor with one WBS2400-SCT. Still …decided to go with Ruckus as it got better throughput when tested Ruckus in short distances. After installing four Ruckus … got lots of dead spots and 20 meter-only coverage for the throughput measured in initial trials. … have decided to remove Ruckus and install four Wavion units.”
ruckus latest news
Ruckus Latest News
  • ChannlyFly
    • A Buzz over “Online ACS” support
  • Cellular data offloading
    • Announced a new solution: SmartCell 8800 AP with a slot for 3G/LTE cellular card and SmartCell 200 GW. Both are planned for GA on 2H 2012. The GW, formally known as WSG was announced on 2/11and still not in market
tikona and kddi insights
Tikona and KDDI Insights
  • Tikona India
    • 40k 11g only Ruckus APs in 39 states
    • Low QoS and a lot of technical issues
    • Huge churn, 300k customers dropped to 100k
    • Investors are not happy
      • Not profitable
      • No additional POs for Ruckus over the last year
      • Scanning for alternatives: 2.3 GHz spectrum, LTE, managed services…
    • A bad Wi-Fi example for Indian operators
  • KDDI Japan
    • Was planning 100,000 hotspots by 3/12
    • A couple of thousand indoor APs only are under installation
    • A new RFI – released yesterday
limited actual field performances
Limited Actual Field Performances
  • ATI Vietnam
    • Ruckus won the deal in 2010
    • The project is on hold:
      • Performance does not meet expectations in Hanoi (1st phase)
      • Limited coverage
      • Only LOS
      • Reasonable performance with Ruckus CPEs only
      • WBSn showed superior performances in trials
  • PLDT
    • Ruckus failed the POC – low performance
  • Other limitations
    • ZD – a must, extra cost
    • No good Omni solution – need 3x sectors – expensive and complex!
how to win ruckus
How to win Ruckus
  • Alvarion radio superiority
    • Much better in metro NLOS
    • Much better in handling interference
    • Much better in indoor signal penetration
  • Business case advantage
  • WCPEn-2400-I – the BWA Ace up the sleeve
  • Leverage on Alvarion
    • Presence, support, distribution
  • Tikona – a failure!
cisco in a nutshell
Cisco in a nutshell
  • Public company
  • Revenue 2011: ~$1.6B
    • 50% Enterprise WLAN market share
  • HQ: San Jose, CA, USA
  • Solutions: enterprise Wi-Fi, smart cities, carrier 3G/LTE offloading, outdoor/indoor
  • Customers: enterprise, government, carriers
  • Technology: 82.11a/b/g/n, mesh, CleanAir
  • Active WW
cisco claim to fame
Cisco Claim to Fame
  • Complete solution
    • Indoor/outdoor AP
    • Access Controllers
    • Gateways
  • Core integration
how to win cisco
How to win Cisco
  • Cisco is expensive
  • Alvarion radio superiority
    • Much better at metro NLOS
    • Much better at handling interference
    • Much better at indoor signal penetration
  • Alvarion is flexible and committed
    • Alvarion is big enough to deliver, and small enough to care
  • Leverage on Alvarion
    • Presence, support, distribution


belair in a nutshell
BelAir in a nutshell
  • Privately held
    • Comcast Venture, T-Mobile venture and others
  • Revenue 2011: $40M-$50M (estimated)
  • HQ in Kanata, Ontario, Canada
  • 200 employees
  • Solutions: small cell HetNet, metro Wi-Fi, outdoor and indoor
  • Customers: Cable and mobile operators, governments and military
  • Technology: 802.11, WiMAX, 3G/LTE, strand-mounting
  • Main partners: Alcatel, Motorola, ip.access, Ericsson? Tessco
  • Main customers: AT&T, Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner
  • A significant deployment: Times Square, NYC
  • Mainly active in North America
  • Marketing positioning: carrier Wi-Fi and small cell solutions
belair latest news
BelAir Latest News
  • Launched GigXOne solution in 11/2011
    • New indoor AP (BelAir1000)
    • New outdoor AP (BelAir 1100, 2x2:2 no BF)
    • New Strand-mounting AP (BelAir3200, 3x3:3, standard BF)
    • New controllers (BelAirCC8000, BelAirHZ4000)
    • Targeting service providers
        • Hot zones, 3G/LTE offloading, campuses
  • Ericsson acquired BelAir – announced at MWC Barcelona 2/2012
    • Overall a positive indication of the carrier grade Wi-Fi market potential and growth trend
how to win belair
How to Win BelAir
  • Alvarion radio superiority
    • Much better at metro NLOS
    • Much better at handling interference
    • Much better at indoor signal penetration
  • Belair cellular offloading solution focuses ontunneling, less practical for most operators
  • Ericsson acquisition relates to the product arm. The integration arm may/will use marketproduct such as from Wavion as required. We should push our benefits per casevia the operators

Alvarion cuts the cost by 50%

gonet update
GoNet Update

11n Announced at MWC 2/12 – very late

  • Existing 11a/g portfolio has come of age
    • New 11a/g sector
      • MBW 3100 – sector dual band , 11a+11b/g
      • 11g from GoNet was proved to be inferior to Wavion – next slide
  • New 11n products announced
    • GoBeam5100 – Omni, 11b/g/n access, 11a/n backhauling
    • GoBeam 6100 – Sector, 11b/g/n access, 11a/n backhauling
    • Actual first launch is planned only in 2H 2012 – very late!
11g comparison tests
11g Comparison Tests

Field Test

Lab Test

Alvarion WBS-2400

GoNet MBW 1100

Alvarion 11g clearly outperforms GoNet 11g

gonet beam selection 11n
GoNet - Beam Selection 11n
  • Expensive and proprietary
    • Proprietary DSP
    • “Old” 11n baseband only chip (obsolete risk?)
      • Non-integrated baseband + radio
  • Not supported in 5 GHz
  • Based on selecting one beam from a set of 14 fixed beams
  • No exploitation of multipath
  • No adaptively of beam pattern
  • Decreased array gain in end-fire
    • due to linear array structure
  • No diversity gain – critical in the downlink
    • Diversity is important for MIMO



how to win gonet
How To Win GoNet
  • GoNet solution is:
    • Old
    • Low performance compared to Alvarion
    • Expensive
  • Expected early GoNet 11n products are only in 2H 2012
    • Will be expensive, proprietary and reduced features

Everyone else


company in a nutshell
Company in a Nutshell
  • Privately held
  • Revenue 2011: $10M-$20M (estimated)
  • Based in Hong Kong
  • 200 employees
  • Solutions: BWA, rural, verticals, 3GO
  • Technology: 802.11a/b/g/n, antenna selection
    • Spectrum: 2.4, 3.5, 4.9, 5.x GHz
  • Largest deployment: 150 base stations, in Malaysia
  • Mainly active in Asia, ME, US
  • Marketing positioning: carrier-grade super Wi-Fi
  • Latest PR: provided services on New Year’s Eve. Jan. 2012 based on A8-Ei with Fitel (ISP)
altai a8 portfolio evolution
Altai A8 Portfolio Evolution
  • A8
  • Omni
  • Cumbersome
  • Expensive
  • b/g access + a BH
  • 4 sectors 14 dBi, ant. selection
  • Limited NLOS
  • 6.5 kg, w/o ant.
  • $3,400 (eBay)
  • A8-Ei
  • Launched June/10
  • Sector 19 dBi
  • b/g access
  • Limited NLOS
  • $1,600
  • A8i
  • Launched Feb/11
  • 11a (BH) + b/g (access)
  • 8 elements ant. selection, 14 dBi, -3dB at back
  • Ant. section
  • 10.5 kg - heavy
  • A8n
  • Launched June/11 (not on website)
  • Cumbersome
  • 11an (BH) + b/g/n (access)
  • 2x2 MIMO, no BF
  • 4 sectors, ant. section
  • Limited NLOS

Expecting (standard) 11n availability in 2012

altai a2 and a2e
Altai A2 and A2e
  • Basic radio solutions
    • 802.11a/n (BH PTP/PTMP)
      • 23 dBm, 5.150-5.825 GHz (partial 5.8)
    • 802.11b/g/n (AP/CPE)
      • 26 dBm, 13 ch.
    • 2x2 MIMO, no BF
  • Flexible field of view (No dual band Omni)
  • IP-67

1st generation 11n equipment

how to win altai
How To Win Altai
  • Alvarion radio superiority
    • Much better at metro NLOS (not LOS)
    • Much better at handling interference
    • Much better at indoor signal penetration
  • Altai 11n is basic and late
    • No BF, 2x2 MIMO
  • Altai is expensive
    • A8/A8n is expensive
    • More base stations per sq-km
  • WCPEn-2400-I – the BWA Ace up the sleeve
  • Limited core integration experience
alvarion wi fi key differentiators2
Alvarion Wi-Fi Key Differentiators
  • Technology Differentiators
    • Two-way spatially adaptive Beamforming
    • Interference Immunity Suite
    • 900 Mbps per unit, three streams
    • 512 users per unit
    • 3x3 MIMO
    • HGDP antenna
  • Solution Differentiators
    • Very flexible: bands, field-of-view
    • Built-in Access Controller
    • WCPEn-2400-I – best CPE in the market
  • Value Proposition
    • Best coverage and capacity
    • Best interference mitigation
    • Lowest cost per sq. km
    • Best for BWA services
    • Best for large venues
  • Experienced
    • 15+ years of wireless and Wi-Fi
name lior mishan e mail lior mishan@alvarion com phone 972 54 5225756
Name: Lior Mishan


Phone: +972-54-5225756

Thank You