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Whales. By Emily, Rebecca, Dan, and Wes. Introduction. This is a whale book made by four fourth graders. We read the story Whales by Seymour Simon. We read this story which inspired us to do this project. We hope you enjoy! . The Right Whale.

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By Emily, Rebecca, Dan, and Wes


This is a whale book made by four fourth graders. We read the story Whales by Seymour Simon. We read this story which inspired us to do this project. We hope you enjoy!

The right whale
The Right Whale

  • The Right whale got its name because it is considered the “right” whale to catch.

  • Now, because of whaling Right whales are very rare.

  • I think we should stop whaling so the Right whales come back.

The narwhal
The Narwhal

  • The Narwhal is leopard spotted.

  • It is about fifteen feet long.

  • Most Narwhals live on the edge of the sea.

  • I think Narwhals look beautiful.

Blue whale
Blue Whale

  • The Blue Whale’s heart is the size of a small car.

  • This majestic whale lives almost every where in the world.

  • The Blue Whale is larger than the largest dinosaur ever was.

  • These whales are very famous.

Sperm whale
Sperm Whale

  • The Sperm Whale is a very good diver. This whale is thought of most of the time because of its big square head. They are the largest of the toothed whales. They mainly eat squid. These are very smart and capable whales!


  • The Orca, or Killer Whale, is the largest in the dolphin family. Yes, it’s a dolphin. They may be friendly in captivity, but in the wild they feed on fish, seals, sea lions, penguins, and even other whales! But still, Orcas are magnificent acrobats that live around the world. Orcas are the best whales (or dolphins) in the world!

Gray whale
Gray Whale

  • The Gray Whale feeds differently than all other baleen whales. It swims on its side along the ocean floor and sucks up tons of water, sand, and krill or other shrimplike animals. It then filters out the grit and salt water through its baleen plates. This kind of bottom feeding is called “grubbing”. The Gray Whale is also known for its yearly migration. It is the longest known migration route for any mammal. The Gray Whale is certainly great!

The fin whale
The Fin Whale

  • Fin Whales have a long stream-lined body, pointy head, and thin flukes which gives them a good body for fast swimming. When the Fin Whale feeds the long grooves allow it to expand its throat making it easier to feed. Fin Whales are the second largest whale in size at 70-90 feet long weighs 80 tons. I think that the Fin Whale is the most fascinating of the whales.

The humpback whale
The Humpback Whale

  • The Humpback Whale is the most common Whale to be spotted on Whale watches and is good at avoiding collisions with boats. The “Humpbacks song” is the most famous Whale song. It is only sung by the male, and can be heard from miles and miles away. The humpback has its on unique way of feeding called bubble netting. Bubble netting is when 1 whale blows bubbles under a small school of fish. Then when the fish get stuck in the bubbles the whale they swallow the bubbles, and the fish. The humpbacks song is by far the most beautiful whale song there is.


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  • http://www.nature.ca/notebook/english/mammpg.htm

  • Anthology story “Whales” By Seymour Simon


Dan did the right whale, the narwhal, and the introduction. Emily found the facts for the blue whale, the sperm whale, and the title page. Rebecca did the gray whale, the orca or killer whale, and resources page. Wes did the fin whale, the humpback whale, and the credits page.

A special thanks to Mrs. Crable and Mrs. O’Brien for helping us put together this wonderful book.