12 step program for lecture hall ics n.
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12 Step Program for Lecture-hall- ics

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12 Step Program for Lecture-hall- ics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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12 Step Program for Lecture-hall- ics. Neil Quisenberry (Sociology) Alan Alewine (Mathematics). Quiz . Are you irresistibly drawn to the podium every time you enter a classroom? Do you become irritable when a student’s raised hand interrupts your monologue?

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12 step program for lecture hall ics

12 Step Program for Lecture-hall-ics

Neil Quisenberry (Sociology)

Alan Alewine (Mathematics)

  • Are you irresistibly drawn to the podium every time you enter a classroom?
  • Do you become irritable when a student’s raised hand interrupts your monologue?
  • Are members of your class still nameless and faceless to you by midterm?
  • Do you still believe that students eagerly await the pearls of wisdom that drop from your lips?
key concepts
Key Concepts
  • The problem is not lecturing but the abuse of the method by going on lecture binges.
  • Excessive, out-of-control lecturing is an addiction.
  • Recovery is possible through a 12 step program.
over lecturing problems
Over-Lecturing Problems?
  • Lecture in moderation.
  • You control your lectures; your lectures do not control you.
  • Use interactive lectures (lecturette/groupette)
lecturettes are
Lecturettes are . . .

Little Lectures


Limited Length


groupettes are
Groupettes are . . .





step 1
Step 1

Acknowledge that you have a problem in your

teaching; it’s not yet perfect.

puttin on the hits 3 step interview
Puttin’ on the Hits(3 Step Interview)
  • Each group member receives a number from 1 to 4.
  • Begin in pairs (1&2; 3&4).
  • Set a time limit.
  • Tell your story to your partner; partner listens. Switch. (I-Step 1)
  • Tell your partner’s story to the group.

(I-Step 2)

  • Tell the class. (I-Step 3)
communication skills used in this activity
Communication Skills Used in this Activity
  • Sharing your own ideas
  • Listening to the ideas of others
  • Paraphrasing
  • Taking turns
step 2

Step 2

Admit that there is an educational power (or perspective) greater than yourself and turn yourself over to that higher power or perspective!

what is active learning

What is Active Learning?

Active learning may involve…

Learning by doing.

Discussion with others

Thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, etc.

Reading, writing, drawing, computing, doing kinesthetic activities, making music, etc.

Working with manipulatives

Active learning is NOT simply listening.

the round robin line up
The Round-Robin Line-up

This is one example of an active learning exercise….

  • Break class into small groups of 4-5 students.
  • Make one student from each group the reporter.
  • Groups will brainstorm about an idea being discussed in class.
  • Reporters from each group line up in front of the class.
  • In round-robin fashion, each reporter quickly explains one idea from his/her group.
  • Continue with round-robin until all ideas are shared with the class.
step 3

Step 3

Make a searching and fearless inventory of your teaching practices.

approaches to taking inventory
Approaches to taking inventory
  • Student evaluations
  • Peer observations
  • Video-taping
  • Suggestion box
  • Classroom assessments
classroom assessment techniques
Classroom Assessment Techniques
  • One-minute papers
  • Comprehension signals (we’ll explain!)
  • Diagnostic quizzes
  • Listening in on group discussions
  • Attending to group feedback
  • Others?
step 4

Step 4

Atone for your “wrongs”

Be action-oriented, not guilt-oriented!

ways to atone by changing your practice
Ways to Atone by Changing your Practice
  • Enroll in workshops for faculty (duh!)
  • Read about active learning (AL) strategies
  • Try a new AL strategy with your students
  • Observe another teaching who uses AL
  • Co-plan an AL lesson with another teacher
  • Team teach an AL lesson
  • Form an AL support group (or join the teaching circle!)
ways to atone by doing penance
Ways to Atone by Doing Penance
  • Invite former students to lecture to YOU!
  • Attend boring, endless lectures (Betsy Gordon!) and sit in a hard chair in the back of the room.
  • Listen to tapes of your worst lectures.
  • Purge yellowed lecture notes from your files.
  • Volunteer to chair a committee on the importance of active learning.
  • Other ideas?
step 5

Step 5

Maintain the Improvements you have made in your teaching

staying on the wagon
Staying on the Wagon
  • Remember to meditate or reflect on your teaching.
  • Be aware of internal and environmental cues that can trigger your addiction.
  • When faced with temptation to lecture,
    • Call your support team
    • Make use of affirmations
sample affirmations
Sample Affirmations
  • Lectures all day keep learning at bay.
  • Lectures through the day keep students in a daze.
  • A little lecturing goes a long way, a lot of lecturing makes a long day.
  • A lecture a day keeps the students away.
  • Talk the talk and the students will walk, walk, walk!
  • Other affirmations?
step 6

Step 6

Spread the word to other addicts.

spread the word
Spread the Word
  • Model the techniques of active learning
  • Embody this higher power in your teaching
  • Meet regularly with your support group (teaching circle)
  • Share ideas and resources for active learning
  • Emphasize interactive learning by alternating short lectures with brief pair or group activities

Cooperative Learning: Increasing College Faculty Instructional Productivity http://www.ntlf.com/html/lib/bib/92-2dig.htm

Cooperative Learning Resources


The International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education


lecturehallics anonymous pledge recite together
Lecturehallics’ Anonymous Pledgerecite together

I am a lecture-hall-ic and I must invoke the help of the higher power of active learning.

Today, I will control my lecturing. Instead of living to lecture, I will lecture only to inspire, illuminate, invigorate, and inform.

I will alternate between little lectures and active learning strategies.

When feeling the temptation to go on a lecture binge, I will recite my affirmation(s), call my support group and connect to my PAL (power of active learning).

I will reach out and support my brother and sister lecture-hall-ics, and help them stay on the wagon of active learning.