welcome to senior college dun laoghaire interior design department n.
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Welcome to Senior College Dun Laoghaire Interior Design Department PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Senior College Dun Laoghaire Interior Design Department

Welcome to Senior College Dun Laoghaire Interior Design Department

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Welcome to Senior College Dun Laoghaire Interior Design Department

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  1. Welcome to Senior College Dun LaoghaireInterior DesignDepartment

  2. The design staff are from many different design disciplines Architecture Interior Architecture Industrial Design Computer Aided Design Photography Fine art Business Emer Tubridy, Nicki Cloonan, Gillian Sherrard, Jackie Duigan, Cliona White, Lisa Woods, Jackie Duignan, Kymberly Dunne

  3. Core Elements Design design/studio projects, design concepts and practice Colour colourtheory and schemes Environmental Design egonomicsand anthrometrics Architectural Draughting & Visualisation surveying: room surveys and measured drawings, plans and elevations, planning rooms, internal fittings, lighting, 2D & 3D computer aided design& rendering,information technology (FETAC), photoshop Materials & Internal Furnishings sample board presentations: decorative paint finishes, soft furnishings, textiles, window treatments, upholstery, natural and man made materials and processed materials Professional Practice bestpractices for Interior Designers

  4. Student Diversity The course attracts students from a wide range of age groups and nationalities.

  5. Student Presenting for the First Time Students work along side design staff designing a variety of interior projects.

  6. Tutor Feedback Tutors discuss the development of individual projects as studentsprogress.

  7. Great Atmosphere students share their design ideas with fellow class mates and a great atmosphere is created in class

  8. A FinalPresentation FirstYear Interior Design students present a design scheme

  9. Foreign Trips Site visits and foreign trips are an important aspect of our design courses - this photographwas taken during a visit to Barcelona

  10. Visit to Berlin This photograph wastaken on a recent trip to Berlin

  11. Visit to Rome On foreign trips we usually have a guide taking us on daily walking tours and site visits.

  12. Field trips in Ireland We also visit places of design interest within Ireland. For instance this isa student looking through a piece of sculpture in the city centre.

  13. Art and Design Exhibitions We regularly visit galleries such as the Chester Beatty Gallery, The Hugh Lane Gallery, Collins Barracks and The National Gallery.

  14. A Presentation for a Restaurant Design A second Year Interior Design scheme for a restaurant including mood boards,samples and sketch books.

  15. Model making helps to communicate design ideas It is an important aspect in developing design concepts.

  16. Colourful model making An interesting design scheme created by a student at Senior College Dun Laoghaire.

  17. Students working together creating models A busy atmosphere develops in the classroom.

  18. Colour Theory Lectures are given by staff about colour theories and how to put together schemes.

  19. Soft Furnishing In first year we learn about the different companies that manufacture and supply fabrics and wallpapers. Trade show rooms are visited and students learn how to specify appropriate materials for different projects.

  20. Upcycling Our first years recently undertook an upcycling project reviving chairs that were about to end their lives in a skip.

  21. Another Upcycling Project The dreary sofa was changed into a bright new innovative design.

  22. Sketching Design ideas for a second year Interior Design living room project.

  23. MoodBoards Students put together boards showing the design elements that will appear in their Interior Design schemes.

  24. A finished design by a third year interior design student Perspectives help to communicate the student’s design.

  25. Technical Drawing Students learn how to draft technical drawings of buildings both by hand and computer.

  26. History of Art and Design The history of Art and Design is taught through a series of lecture based seminars.

  27. Professional Practice Lectures are given on how to run your own business. All design staff have experience in the industry and some are currently running their own design practises.

  28. Work Experience Design staff use their contacts in industry to help students securework experience placements.

  29. Our department regularly enters our students into design competitions. This is Jenny Deasy receiving a winning certificate for her entry into a national competition organised by House and Home Magazine.

  30. End of Year Exhibition Each May, our students put on an end of year exhibition in the town hall in Dun Laoghaire. We ask designers from Industry to open the exhibition and in the past we were lucky enough to have Diarmuid Gavin as our guest.

  31. Graduation Day After completing the course students graduate in The O’Reily Hall in UCD. It becomes a celebratory day for all involved.

  32. The Real World Designers work along side Structural Engineers and contractors to produce exciting interior designs.

  33. Jobs in Interior Design After graduating our students successfully take up jobs in industry or go on to study for a further qualification.

  34. Work In Progress The thrill of seeing your design coming together can be both exciting and rewarding.

  35. A Finished Design After your training designs like this one can be created.

  36. Exhibition Design Some students go on to have careers in ExhibitionDesign.

  37. Domestic Interiors Other students specialise in domestic interiors.

  38. Commercial Interiors Students can work in large design practices putting together schemes for commercial interiors.

  39. Show Apartments Designers put finishingschemes together for apartments and houses.

  40. . IThe Interior Design Course at Senior College Dun Laoghairecurrently has vacancies.If you are interested in applying for this fun,fulfilling course please contact us on 00353 1 280 0385office@scd.iewww.scd.ieThank you for taking the time to learn aboutInterior Design at Senior College Dun Laoghaire.