welcome to 1 st grade n.
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Welcome to 1 st grade! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to 1 st grade!

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Welcome to 1 st grade! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to 1 st grade!. Our Team:. Pat Auld Maureen Holmquist Meagan Lesinski Jennifer Hollywood-Proctor, Team Leader Addie Rhinevault , Paraeducator. Other friendly faces in 1 st grade :. Stacey Darchicort Allison Dowdy Batoul Eljaafari Tammy Reed Mrs. Jai

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Welcome to 1 st grade!

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    1. Welcome to 1st grade!

    2. Our Team: Pat Auld Maureen Holmquist Meagan Lesinski Jennifer Hollywood-Proctor, Team Leader Addie Rhinevault, Paraeducator

    3. Other friendly faces in 1st grade : Stacey Darchicort Allison Dowdy BatoulEljaafari Tammy Reed Mrs. Jai Ashley Mancuso, Student Intern

    4. Our Schedule • 9:30-11:30 Reading/Language Arts • 11:30-12:00 Lunch • 12:05–12:40 Content • 12:40-1:40 Specials • 1:45-2:15 Recess • 2:15-3:30 Math • 3:45 Stack and Pack • 3:55 Dismissal

    5. Look at what we are studying in 1st grade!

    6. Reading-Progress Monitoring by Instructional Text Reading Level-

    7. Reading Reading block ~Direct instruction with classroom teacher ~Support from paraeducator /reading specialist ~Daily 5

    8. Examples of questions used in reading groups for literary text Questions for Knowledge/Recall ~Where did the story take place? ~How is the problem solved at the end of the story? ~How would you describe the character in the book? Questions for Comprehension/Explain ~Predict what will happen next. ~How is the title related to the book? ~How does the setting make the story more interesting? Questions for Application/Use of Knowledge ~If you were in a similar situation to that of the main character, would you have responded the same way? ~Did this book remind you of anything that has happened to you? How?

    9. Language Arts • Quarter 1 – Knowing the Learner, Personal Narrative, and Writing in Response to Reading (ongoing) • Quarter 2 – Literary Non-Fiction: All About Books and Friendly Letters • Quarter 3 – Realistic Fiction: Short Fiction and Author Study: Book Review • Quarter 4 – Procedural Writing : How to Books and Poetry: Free Verse, Rhyme

    10. Math • Problem Solving • Place Value • Addition/Subtraction • Fact Fluency • Measurement • Time • Shapes and Attributes • Number charts to 120

    11. Why Grades 1 and 2 in 2013-2014? • Maryland adopted the Common Core in 2011 and will begin assessing those standards during the 2014-2015 school year. • HCPSS started the transition two years ago with kindergarten. • This is the second year that first and second grades are working on Common Core Standards. • This year, the transition will occur in intermediate grades so that all students are prepared for new assessments the following year in 2014-2015.

    12. Where Can I Get More Information? HCPSS SMART Pages • More information about the Common Core State Standards • Specific grade level standards • Optional activities you can do at home to support your student http://smart.hcpss.wikispaces.net

    13. Content • Social Studies – Working Together, Our Community of Cultures, Our Changing World, and Communities at Work • Science – Rocks and Fossils, Exploring Our World, Toys in Action, and Changes Big and Small • Health – Social and Emotional Health, Disease Prevention, Safety/Child Abuse, and Nutrition and Fitness

    14. STEM • Science • Technology • Engineering • Mathematics

    15. Homework • Vocabulary and Reading - Notebooks go home Monday with vocabulary activities to be completed during the week. Notebooks are due on Friday. This will begin on Monday, September 23. • Math – Assignments will be given out on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. It is a review of skills previously taught in class.

    16. Vocabulary/Reading Homework ~Students are to read 20 minutes each night. ~The week’s word study pattern is listed along with suggested words for practice. ~Monday and Wednesday nights, students are to chose an activity from the word study menu. ~Tuesday and Thursday nights, students are to to chose an activity from the quick write menu.

    17. Grading • Star – • Happy face – • Check - Effort/Learning Behaviors 1 Consistently Outstanding 2 Satisfactory • Needs Improvement

    18. Snacks • NO PEANUT BUTTER OR NUT PRODUCTS due to allergies. • Snacks should be quick (10 minutes) and easy to eat with little mess. • The following are examples of acceptable snacks in 1s grade: • small bag of dry cereal • pretzels • raisins • piece(s) of fruit • granola bar • grapes • carrots • water

    19. Miscellaneous • Please make sure to label all of your child’s clothing. • If your child must take medication while at school, please contact Mrs. Taneyhill, the health assistant. Medication may not be sent in with your child. • If you wish to send birthday invitations in with your child, please make sure there are enough for the whole class otherwise, please make other arrangements for distributing invitations. • Please check your child’s school supplies each month to make sure they have everything they need to be prepared for class.

    20. Johnny Appleseed • Please send in an apple by Friday, September 19th. • We will be doing different activities to celebrate Johnny Appleseed.

    21. Questions