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North Dakota. State University. CERT. Collegiate CERT. In partnership with North Dakota State University the North Dakota Division of Emergency Management and in collaboration with North Dakota League of Cities. Objective.

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North Dakota

State University


collegiate cert

Collegiate CERT

In partnership with

North Dakota State University

the North Dakota Division of

Emergency Management

and in collaboration with

North Dakota League of Cities


To serve and enrich North Dakota State University and the Fargo/Moorhead metropolitan area through community-based educational program with the purpose of increasing the community's ability to prepare for and cope with emergencies and disasters.


Utilize Emergency Management Program faculty and students within the university settings to increase awareness of personal safety, first aid, security, fire prevention .storm readiness and hazard mitigation


Have a campus-wide program in which each college, department, program and center has CERT personnel trained to prepare for and respond to an emergency or disaster.



  • Approximately 12,000 students
  • Faculty
  • Approximately 500 faculty
  • Support Personnel
  • Nearly 1,000 support personnel
  • Metropolitan Community
  • Nearly 140,000

Colleges and Majors

  • North Dakota State University has eight colleges including;
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Science and Math
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Human Development and Education
  • Business Administration
  • Pharmacy
  • Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources
  • These colleges combined offer over
  • 100 different majors.
emergency management program
Emergency Management Program

Degrees offered:

  • Minor
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

NDSU Emergency Management Student


emergency management student benefits
EmergencyManagementStudent Benefits
  • First hand knowledge of planning and exercising
  • Ability to acquire and share practical skills
  • Enhanced in-field abilities
emergency management student benefits10
Emergency ManagementStudent Benefits
  • Integration of theoretical and practical
  • Enhanced job placement
  • Community participation
goals for collegiate cert
Goals for Collegiate CERT
  • Train NDSU faculty and staff
  • Train approximately 12,000 NDSU students
  • Provide information and education to students, faculty and staff in all phases of emergencies and disasters
  • Help develop individual and

family emergency planning

training for collegiate cert
Training for Collegiate CERT
  • Implement basic CERT curricula
  • Utilize additional curricula concentrations
    • Based on specific risks or hazards each major or college is vulnerable to.
training goals for collegiate cert
Training Goals for Collegiate CERT
  • Personal safety
  • Fire safety
  • Fire suppression
  • First aid and CPR
  • Lab safety
  • Animal/crop safety
  • Storm Readiness
  • Hazard Mitigation
emergency management student opportunities
Emergency Management Student Opportunities
  • Research projects
  • CERT organizational development
  • Recruiting materials
  • Training programs
  • Exercise development and implementation
university benefits
University Benefits
  • Reduced vulnerability through
    • Specialists in relevant areas in all departments on the university campus
    • Increased awareness of safety and security concerns
    • Increased performance
    • Lower medical costs
community benefits
Community Benefits
  • Augment city and county resources for readiness and emergency operations
  • Aid in the development of further integrated Fargo/NDSU response teams
  • Integration of university activities with community
state benefits
State Benefits
  • Enhance state’s capability for readiness
  • Increase efficiency of North Dakota’s volunteer pool through training
  • Increase Citizen Corps participation throughout state, via social dissemination from current and former collegiate CERT members.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Arthur Oyola-Yemaiel, Ph.D.

Emergency Management Program Director

Kent Theurer

NDSU-EMSA President

Emergency Management Graduate Student