green investments and green finance in the netherlands l.
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Green investments and green finance in the Netherlands PowerPoint Presentation
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Green investments and green finance in the Netherlands

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Green investments and green finance in the Netherlands - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Green investments and green finance in the Netherlands. Huub Keulen,Rabo Groen Bank BV. Contents. Rabobank and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Green investments Green finance Bottlenecks / opportunities Conclusion. Rabobank en CSR (1).

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green investments and green finance in the netherlands

Green investments and green finance in the Netherlands

Huub Keulen,Rabo Groen Bank BV

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

  • Rabobank and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Green investments
  • Green finance
  • Bottlenecks / opportunities
  • Conclusion

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

rabobank en csr 1
Rabobank en CSR (1)

Sustainability is moving to the core of the policy of an increasing number of companies.

These days good companies make money with ‘Green’.’

‘ it is in our gens.’


Piet Moerland,

Chairman Management Board Rabobank Group

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.


Rabobank and CSR (2)

  • Together you achieve more then alone
  • Linked with the environment of the customers
  • Sustainable development of the society: triple P
  • People, Planet, Profit

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

green funds scheme
Green Funds Scheme
  • 1995: introduction Green Investment Scheme Dutch Govt.
  • Goal: encouraging green initiatives
  • Means: tax incentive private individual investors.
  • Cheap green finance for acknowledged green projects based on green certificate of the government
  • Rabobank market leader green investments: invested capital 31-12-2008: € 3,75 billion

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

public private cooperation
Public-private cooperation

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

parties involved
Parties involved
  • Government: Green scheme with tax incentive for individual investors
  • Consumer: green investment yields interest from green bank & tax incentive from government
  • Bank: - acquiring money against low funding costs - application green certificate for projects with government- supplying low interest loans for certified green projects
  • Government: assesment of application green certificate
  • Companies: low interest loans for green projects

Purpose Green Scheme: encouraging green initiatives

Extra benefits: involvement banks and individual

investors (civilians) with green projects (awareness)

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.


Tax incentive

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

benefits rabo green bonds
Benefits Rabo Green Bonds
  • Tax incentive (2,5% max. € 50,000 per individual)
  • Fixed interest
  • Guarantee on principal amount
  • Certainty
  • But also:
  • Supporting the environment and being socially responsible = feeling good

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

rabo green finance in mio
Rabo Green finance in mio €

On 31.12.2008 total € 3.373 mio.

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

green finance process 2 months
Green finance process (2 months)
  • Projects from Rabobank network
  • Application for green certificate by Rabo Green Bank
  • Assesment of application by appointed evaluation organizations (SenterNovem & Dienst Regelingen)
  • Issue green certificate by government
  • Loan proposal Rabo Green Bank
  • Issue green loan Rabo Green Bank

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

general project requirements
General project requirements
  • Project situated in:- the Netherlands- Netherlands Antilles- non-OECD country (Asia, Africa, South America)
  • Project provides significant and immediate environmental benefit
  • New project (application green certificate within 6 months after start up)
  • Minimum € 22,689 Max. € 34 million
  • Amount green certificate based on investment in fixed assets
  • Prove of actual investments: contract supplier / contractor
  • Different requirements depending on type of project (about 30 designated project categories)

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

green finance
Green Finance
  • Amount loan = amount green certificate
  • Term green loan = term green certificate (mostly 10 years)interest reduction over same period
  • Repayment = economic depreciation
  • Regular loan assesment by Rabobank (project has to be cost-effective)

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

incentive green loan
Incentive Green loan
  • 1 – 1,5% average interest reduction
  • Compliment for the entrepeneur

‘The Green Funds Scheme is unique in the world. Many sustainable project have been stimulated through this scheme. Continuity is more important than flexibility, because banks have long term commitments through green finance.’

Just van Lidth de Jeude, coördinator Technologie ministerie van VROM

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

is the dutch green funds scheme succesful
Total Netherlands (6 green banks)

Green investments: € 6.85 billion

Investors: 233,000

Green finance: € 6,09 billion

Projects: 3,800


Multiplier effect: Dutch government, by

not-receiving income tax, encourages

more than € 6 billion green

investments by companies

Total Rabobank

Green investments: € 3.75 billion

Investors: 86,000

Market share Rabobank: 55%

Green finance: € 3.37 billion

Projects: 2,300

Market share Rabobank : 55%

Is the Dutch Green Funds Scheme succesful?

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.

threads opportunities

Economic crisis

Windenergy: “not in my back yard”

Low return in nature and forestry

Assesment of return on investment by the governmentBank demands: highGovernment demands: low

Succes green scheme → upgrade requirements by the government


Grown awareness Green Scheme

Climate targets government

Subsidies Dutch government

Extension Green Scheme

Know-how local accountmanagers Rabobank

Threads & opportunities
  • Profit for nature & environment
  • Profit for the individual investor
  • Profit for green projects
  • Profit for the bank

Rabo Groen Bank B.V.