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Taxonomy Questions

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Taxonomy Questions. What is meant by the term binomial nomenclature ? What is the advantage of using a Latin name over a comm (e.g. English) name. Provide examples What change resulted in the six-kingdom system replacing the five-kingdom system?

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taxonomy questions
Taxonomy Questions
  • What is meant by the term binomial nomenclature?
  • What is the advantage of using a Latin name over a comm (e.g. English) name. Provide examples
  • What change resulted in the six-kingdom system replacing the five-kingdom system?
  • What do each of the following kingdoms have in common?

a) Fungi and Plantae

b) Eubacteria and Archaebacteria

c) Animalia and Protista

virus questions
  • Why aren’t viruses placed within the normal

classification system?

  • Why is a host cell unable to make its own

proteins while the invading virus replicates

  • a) list two viruses that are host specific and name

the host/cell types that they infect

b) list two viruses that are not host specific and

name the hosts that they can infect

  • Explain why some viruses cause disease right away while other viruses do not.
  • During the fall of 2002, the West Nile virus advanced north into Canada. This virus replicates in birds, is transmitted by mosquitoes, and can be spread to humans. Canadian Blood services impounded all blood supplies taken during this time. Hypothesize on she this action was taken

Bacteria Questions

1. Explain what is meant by the statement

“archaebacteria thrive on extremes.”

2. List 3 ways that archaebacteria contribute to human


3. Why is conjugation considered to be a form of sexual reproduction?

4. How has endospore formation guaranteed the survival of


5. In a laboratory experiment, a student grew a colony of

bacteria from a fecal sample. She suspected that the

organisms were E. coli. Provide a description of the

anatomy of E. coli to help with the identification.

helpful harmful bacteria questions
Helpful/ Harmful Bacteria Questions
  • Explain how E. Coli bacteria can be both helpful and harmful
  • A student constructs a composter to decompose garden waste and collects the following data:

Based on this data, on which day were the

bacteria the most active? Explain why.

  • List some ways that you could prevent food poisoning
  • Which forms of food poisoning are the most harmful, which appear to be the least?
fungi questions
Fungi Questions

1. What main feature/function is missing that prevent fungi from

being included in the plant kingdom?

2. For each of the following, provide a definition and describe the


a) mycelium, b) spore, c) hypha d) sporangia

  • Describe the role of the fungal partner in each of the following symbiotic relationships:

a) Mycorrhizae b) lichens

4. Suggest a reason why store-bought bread may grow

mould more slowly than a slice of homemade bread

5. If fungi were wiped out, how would this affect our lives?

Consider the social, economic, environmental and medical


6. What steps could people who are allergic to fungal spores take

to ensure that their environment is relatively spore free?

protist questions
Protist Questions
  • What main feature allows us to classify a Euglena as a plant-like protist?
  • List 3 ways algae are useful to humans
  • Name a protist that that feeds by phagocytosis
  • What is the difference in the reproductive methods of Euglena and Paramecia?
  • What is the difference between a cyst and a spore
  • An amoeba reproduces by binary fission about once every 24 h. How many amoeba would be produced from an original cell 1 week? Show your work