Experience of inspection process in lbod case
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Experience of Inspection Process in LBOD case - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Experience of Inspection Process in LBOD case. Voice of People and Bank’s Inspection Panel findings. Continued…. Continued…. Continued…. Continued…. Continued…. Continued…. Continued….

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Local people submitted their request for justice in 2004. After 4 years there is no significant outcome; therefore they reiterate their legitimate request once again saying that:

  • Entire LBOD effluent should be diverted to Dhoro Puran Outfall Drain (DPOD), Kori Creek and other natural routes, Kadhan Pateji Outfall Drain (KPOD) should be completely closed at RD-159

  • The sub-drains of Kotri barrage including Tando Bago, Lowari and Seerani drain be let to outfall in Rann of Kutch through KPOD at RD 00.00

  • The existing Tidal Link Canal, which is main cause of sea intrusion and degradation of wetland, should immediately be de-linked. We propose that dykes should be constructed in between the historical lakes and historical tide line, closing the mouth of tidal link canal

  • The ecology of the wetlands should be restored and wetlands should be brought on their original condition.

  • Government of Pakistan and all the donors including World Bank, Asian Development Bank should publicly take the responsibility of the problems and announce not further extension of the LBOD drains.

They also demand short term measures to compensate the losses
They also demand short – term measures to compensate the losses

  • All the losses including agriculture, livestock, houses and wetlands should be calculated in collaboration with affectees and they should be compensated without any delay.

  • Families of the people who were killed by drowning in drains should be separately compensated.

  • The World Bank and Government of Sindh should initiate a program for employment generation of at least 2000 to 3000 people in the area on emergency basis to protect the right to life and food.

  • The World Bank and Government of Sindh should provide free of cost boats, nets, subsidized gasoline, livestock and at least for four agriculture seasons seed and fertilizer in order to cope the economic shocks people have suffered.

  • Government of Sindh should announce immediately the free fishing zone for fishermen and should shelve the plan if it has to auction or other control mechanism on fishing in Badin in order to facilitate the majority of people to get out from poverty.

  • The water flow to wetlands should be ensured as it was before the operation of the project.

  • Government of Sindh should ensure the supply of irrigation water to this tail area of the canal commands.

  • Free of cost medical facilities should be provided on emergency basis to treat the severe illnesses like tuberculosis and kidney problems for at least two years. This is very serious issue and should be tackled on priority basis to release the health burden of poor.

  • The government of Sindh and World Bank should start a crush program for improving the education in this area and bring the people at Par with other areas in schooling and providing scholarships for higher education.

Actions proposed
Actions Proposed losses

  • A high powered committee be constituted to investigate the case thoroughly, suggest permanent (not adhoc) mitigation measures in consultation with the local community to redress the grievances of the people and to bring the conditions of the area at pre-project level with a better hope for their livelihood, education, agriculture, livestock husbandry and overall better future. The committee shall be authorized to fix the responsibility of the project failure

High powered committee
High Powered Committee losses

  • MPA of the area

  • District Nazim Badin

  • Two Bank members; one from WB and other from ADB

  • Two members one from WAPDA and one from PID

  • Two nominees from Academia / Technocrats

    • Mr. Mazhar-ul-Haque Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh

    • Mr. Muhammad Idrees Rajput Eminent Scholar and Irrigation expert

  • Two members from local community

  • Two members from the leading NGOs working in the locality

  • Committee shall to come up with concrete proposals and work plan with in 6 months

Tors of the committee
TORs of the Committee losses

  • Fix responsibility on individuals / institutions involved in the project failure and sufferings of the people

  • Recommend compensation for the loss to the life and property of the local people

  • Propose plan of action to dispose off the drainage effluent safely through the natural routes without harming the ecosystem. If required, the committee may propose abandoning the existing infrastructure in broader interest of the local community

  • Recommend the actions to revive the sweet water dhands, the fishermen’s livelihood, agricultural lands, livestock and natural habitats

  • Propose stopping further extension in LBOD/NDP project if not in the best interest of the local community

  • Propose using the drainage effluent for the development of Thar area if feasible

  • Recommendations of the committee shall be obligatory for the Government of Pakistan and the donors

Thank You losses