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Jeopardy. Game grid. Final Jeopardy. It’s hip to be a square 100. It was stormed on July 14, 1789; the start of the Revolution. What is the Bastille (Prison). It’s hip to be a square 200. Site where the guillotine once stood during the Revolution. What is Place de la Concorde ?.

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game grid
Game grid

Final Jeopardy

it s hip to be a square 100
It’s hip to be a square 100

It was stormed on July 14, 1789; the start of the Revolution.

What is the Bastille (Prison)

it s hip to be a square 200
It’s hip to be a square 200

Site where the guillotine once stood during the Revolution.

What is Place de la Concorde ?

it s hip to be a square 300
It’s hip to be a square 300

It has a column made from melted canons from Napoleonic wars.

What is Place Vendôme?

it s hip to be a square 400
It’s hip to be a square 400

This tall thin column was a gift to France form Egypt.

What is the obélisk or Cleopatra’s Needle?

it s hip to be a square 500
It’s hip to be a square 500

Under l’Arc de Triomphe is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in this square.

What is Place de l’Etoile?

l art pour l art 100
L’Art pour l’Art 100

Smile, you’ll get to see this masterpiece at the Louvre.

What is the Mona Lisa ?

l art pour l art 200
L’Art pour l’Art 200

All aboard, next stop, Impressionist Art.

What is Musée d’Orsay ?

l art pour l art 300
L’Art pour l’Art 300

This is not a museum, but a nice place to relax outside after touring the Louvre .

What is Jardin de Tuileries ?

l art pour l art 400
L’Art pour l’Art 400

Here you can see knights in shining armor, damsels in distress and the Lady and the Unicorn  ?

What is Musée Cluny ?

l art pour l art 500
L’Art pour l’Art 500

Hmmm, think about all the beautiful sculptures you can see at this small museum.

What is Musée Rodin ?

say your prayers 100
Say Your Prayers 100

This Gothic church built in 1100’s is famous for it’s architecture with gargoyles and flying buttresses.

What is Notre Dame?

say your prayers 200
Say Your Prayers 200

On top of Montmarte, it looks like a white wedding cake.

What is Sacré-Coeur?

say your prayers 300
Say Your Prayers 300

It looks like a Greek temple with it’s many huge columns.

What is La Madeleine?

say your prayers 400
Say Your Prayers 400

Located in L’île de la Cité, it is famous for it’s enormous stained glass windows and holy relics.

What is Sainte-Chapelle?

say your prayers 500
Say Your Prayers 500

This building was originally a church, but is now a mausoleum where famous French people are buried.

What is Le Panthéon?

napoleon je m aime 100
Napoleon «Je m’aime» 100

This one commemorates his victories and also has the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and eternal flame.

What is L’Arc de Triomphe?

napoleon je m aime 200
Napoleon «Je m’aime» 200

This is where injured soldiers were cared for and lived.

What is L’Hotel des Invalides?

napoleon je m aime 300
Napoleon «Je m’aime» 300

Located in the Dome Church inside L’Hôtel des Invalides, it has seven “layers”.

What is Napoleon’s Tomb?

napoleon je m aime 400
Napoleon «Je m’aime» 400

This has 3 arches and statues of horses on top.

What is L’Arc du Carrousel?

napoleon je m aime 500
Napoleon «Je m’aime» 500

He took over for the Pope and made himself Emperor at this Cathedral.

What is Notre Dame?

modern stuff 100
Modern Stuff 100

Modern Art Museum known as “the Refinery”.

What is Le Centre Pompidou?

modern stuff 200
Modern Stuff 200

Very modern-looking entrance to the very ancient Louvre.

What is the Glass Pyramid?

modern stuff 300
Modern Stuff 300

Located in the business district; a hollow cube with offices.

What is La Grande Arche?

modern stuff 400
Modern Stuff 400

Most famous avenue in Paris with cafés and shopping.

What is Les Champs-Elysées?

modern stuff 500
Modern Stuff 500

It wasn’t glam as a slaughter house, but today it is a modern Park with Science and Technology Museum.

What is Le Parc de la Villette?

potpourri 100
Potpourri 100

Built for a World’s Fair in 1889 and commemorates 100th anniversary of Revolution.

What is La Tour Eiffel?

potpourri 200
Potpourri 200


Oldest University in Paris; profs used to teach in Latin.

What is La Sorbonne?

potpourri 300
Potpourri 300

Louis 13th wanted a hunting lodge, but Louis 14th wanted a grand palace.

What is Versailles?

potpourri 400
Potpourri 400

Marie-Antoinette spent her last days here.

What is La Conciergerie ?

potpourri 500
Potpourri 500

This large park has 2 lakes and a zoo.

What is Le Bois de Vincennes?