Ir a new repository to meet user needs
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IR+ A New Repository to Meet User Needs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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December 15, 2009. IR+ A New Repository to Meet User Needs. Michael Bell Assistant Dean for Information Technology River Campus Libraries University of Rochester. People. Suzanne Bell Nancy Foster Susan Gibbons Nate Sarr UR Research Administrators Team. UR Research.

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Presentation Transcript
Ir a new repository to meet user needs

December 15, 2009

IR+A New Repository to Meet User Needs

Michael Bell

Assistant Dean for Information Technology

River Campus Libraries

University of Rochester


  • Suzanne Bell

  • Nancy Foster

  • Susan Gibbons

  • Nate Sarr

  • UR Research Administrators Team

Ur research
UR Research

  • Started on DSpace 2003

  • Institution of Museum & Library Services (IMLS) Grants 2003 +

    • Anthropological Research

      • Researchers (2003/04)

      • Grad Students (2006/09)

    • Modify repository to align it with the needs of faculty, not the other way around (Gibbons, CNI, 2004)

Studying users
Studying Users

  • How do they do their work?

  • Do they care about permanence? Metadata?

  • How can we design a digital repository that meets their real needs?

User research
User Research

Studying Students: The Undergraduate Research Project at the University of Rochester. (Foster, Gibbons. 2007)

User needs findings
User Needs (Findings)

  • People Pages

    • My Work, Research Interest, Credentials

  • Authoring Environment

    • Versioning, Collaboration

  • Compelling Statistics

The repository needs to
The repository needs to…

  • Become part of the users’ normal workflow

  • Be part of the research, not just publication, process

  • Support collaboration

  • Make publishing into the repository easy

  • Focus on the user as an individual and provide positive feedback

New repository
New Repository?

  • Purpose built to meet user needs

  • Faculty & Grad Students don’t need an institutional repository

    • Collaborating with others in discipline, not in institution

    • Focused on new research, not old work

New something else
New Something Else

  • Faculty & Grad Students Need:

    • Authoring & Collaboration Tools

    • Portfolios to Showcase own work

  • Institutions Want:

    • Flourishing Institutional Repositories

  • Can we get what we want by giving them what they need?

Ir a new repository to meet user needs

Repository Plus(Give me something I can sell)

  • Users don’t care about the repository

  • Repository doesn’t matter to them

  • These other tools matter

    • Authoring

    • Collaboration

    • Portfolio Pages

  • Let’s sell them on the other features, and make repository a bonus option (to them)

The hypothesis
The Hypothesis:

More researchers will participate and contribute more work to the repository if it is part of a system that provides other services the researchers need.


  • UR Research migrated from DSpace to IR+

    • Migration completed beginning of November

    • More than 7500 publications migrated

  • IR+ Version 1.0 is now available for download


    • Java, windows build

    • Manuals

Status @rochester
Status @Rochester

  • Soft Launch (1st use of software)

  • Programming work in migrating content

  • Just starting to promote internally

    • Subject Librarian training sessions this week standing room only. Subject librarians will promote in subject areas

    • News articles in campus news in January

Key features
Key Features

  • Personal Workspace

    • Your files, your way; multiple uploads & more

  • Sharing files, and versioning

  • “Publishing” into UR Research

  • Getting potential users’ attention:

    • Contributor Pages

    • Researcher Pages/Portfolios

    • Stats

More features
More Features

  • Faceted browsing/searching

  • Multi-file upload

  • Thumbnails of images in search/browse

  • Name authority

  • Embargo periods

Research reports
Research Reports

  • Graduate Students:

    • Next Generation Academics


  • Faculty

    • Understanding Faculty to Improve Content Recruitment for IRs


More information
More Information?

  • IR Plus


  • UR Research


  • Or contact me…