teaching chinese speaking skills by yue ming n.
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Teaching Chinese speaking skills By YUE MING PowerPoint Presentation
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Teaching Chinese speaking skills By YUE MING

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Teaching Chinese speaking skills By YUE MING - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teaching Chinese speaking skills By YUE MING
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  1. Teaching Chinese speaking skillsBy YUE MING

  2. Introduction Speaking is an important aspect in learning language My personal experience in learning foreign language Many students struggle in their pronunciation and fluency What kind of teaching method is better to help students improve their short term speaking skills?

  3. Purpose • Which method will help learners understand context better and promote them to speak as well as possible in real situations?

  4. Two sides teaching method • Traditional Chinese teaching methods • Technology based teaching aids

  5. Side One : Traditional Method • Mechanical memorization without any technology teaching aids • Advantage: the students can recite the text • Disadvantage: they can’t apply their learning to associate with their past knowledge

  6. Side two: New teaching Method • Use the visual aids as supplementary to help learners to understand the content • Advantage: students can apply their learning in the real situation • Disadvantage: will visual aids affect pronunciation?

  7. Methodology • Made survey • Selected 18 students at beginning level • Divided into two groups • Gave the same paragraph and vocabulary list to each group

  8. Methodology • One group uses traditional method, the other uses technology-based method • Test how much they understand the paragraph through three aspects: * Pronunciation * Accuracy * Fluency

  9. Methodology • I take the average score • Compare two groups’ final average score, the highest score can be adopted as the better teaching method

  10. Results

  11. Problem The pronunciation is not obviously different from two groups. Two groups have same problems with some certain words. For example: zou lu (to walk) henxihuan (like to do) chuquwan (go out to play)

  12. Conclusion • The new method with the pictures helped learners to understand the text better • The new method helped students apply their learning into real situation rather than the traditional method • Especially reflect in accuracy and fluency

  13. Future Work • Test this method in one or two semester • How to help students improve their pronunciation in short term • If the teacher can’t find proper visual aids, what kind of method should they adopt to help their learners, still keep the traditional method?