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Bellringer. Fill out your Learning Plan first. Answer the following questions on your Bellringer sheet: 1. What are you most excited about for this term? 2. What are you nervous about? 3. What is a SYNONYM? 4. What is an ANTONYM?. What I expect:. You to work HARD

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  • Fill out your Learning Plan first.
  • Answer the following questions on your Bellringer sheet:

1. What are you most excited about for this term?

2. What are you nervous about?

3. What is a SYNONYM?

4. What is an ANTONYM?

what i expect
What I expect:
  • You to work HARD
  • Homework being completed
  • No talking when you enter my classroom
  • IMMEDIATE focus
  • A lot of fun
  • Participation
  • Everyone to try their best. And improve. And smile a lot.
welcome to a new semester
Welcome to a new semester!
  • Please take a moment to read the letter in your hands.

I am a big fan of yours!

wordly wise warriner s
Wordly wise/warriner’s
  • Please put your name in the front, neatly and small
  • Write your number down in your Learning Plan
  • You are responsible to bring your books with you to class EVERY DAY.
wordly wise time yes
Wordly wise time!!! YES!!
  • Each week you will be given a list of amazing vocabulary words. It will be your job to KNOW these words, their parts of speech, their definitions, and how to use them in a sentence.
  • Every week, you will be asked to use these words in your writing and speaking.
  • Every week, you will be asked to take a quiz on these words.
  • Every week, you will need to get MASTERY on these words.
  • Thanks in advance
antiseptic n adj
Antiseptic (n./adj.)
  • N: disinfectant
  • Adj: bland; character-less
coherent adj
Coherent (adj.)

Thanks, mom. Your coherent argument for why I have a curfew makes so much sense! You gave me some valid reasons. You’re the best!

  • Logical and consistent
deliberate adj v
Deliberate (adj./v.)
  • Adj: done intentionally
  • V: engage in consideration
dolt n
Dolt (n.)
  • A stupid person (which none of you are. Or ever will act like. Right?)
elapse v
Elapse (v.)
  • To pass or go by (time)
exemplary adj
Exemplary (adj.)
  • 1. The best of its kind
  • 2. meant as a warning
gratitude n
Gratitude (n.)
  • thankfulness
inept adj
Inept (adj.)
  • 1.) Having no skill; clumsy
  • 2. displaying a lack of judgment; foolish
negligible adj
Negligible (adj.)
  • Insignificant
nymph n
Nymph (n.)
  • 1. mythological spirit of nature
  • 2. a beautiful girl
offal n
Offal (n.)
  • Waste parts of a dead animal
placid adj
Placid (adj.)
  • Not easily upset/excited.
  • Peaceful.
retaliate v
Retaliate (v.)
  • Attack in return
rite n
Rite (n.)
  • A religious or solemn ceremony or act
wile n v
Wile (n./v.)
  • N: 1. a clever trick to manipulate or persuade someone
  • V: 2. to tempt
  • V: 3. to spend time idly
exercises a b
Exercises a & B
  • Your Name
  • Ms. Sullivan
  • 1st Comp.
  • Date Due: September 4, 2013
  • Assignment name: W.W. List #1, A & B
exercise a
Exercise a
  • Mark the closest SYNONYM to the italicized word.
  • Write word, letter, AND meaning to receive full credit.
  • 1. exemplary- d.) meant as a warning
exercise b
Exercise B
  • This can be done on the same piece of paper.
  • All you do is write the letter of the sentence where the word is used incorrectly.
the 8 parts of speech
The 8 parts of speech
  • Prepositions
  • Verbs
  • Nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Pronouns
  • Conjunctions
  • Interjections



Put your arms out like you are an airplane, flying through the sky. There is a HUGE storm cloud ahead of you. Now, you can do a few things. You can go

ABOVE the cloud

BELOW the cloud

THROUGH the cloud

AROUND the cloud

OVER the cloud

TOWARD the cloud

  • A prepositional phrase begins with a preposition and ends with a NOUN or PRONOUN
  • After dinner (after is the preposition)

(dinner is the object of the preposition)

(after dinner is the prepositional phrase)

Without you (without is the preposition)

(you is the object of the preposition)

(without you is the prepositional phrase)

prepositions to memorize tonight
Prepositions to memorize tonight!
  • About
  • Above
  • Across
  • After
  • Against
  • Along
prepositional phrases
Prepositional phrases
  • 1. The shoppers went into the store.
  • 2. A blender fell on the floor.
  • 3. We walked between the aisles of the supermarket.
  • 4. During the storm we held onto the side of the boat.
  • 1. Finish Wordly Wise Exercises A & B
  • 2. Finish preposition packet
  • 3. Memorize first 6 Prepositions