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OverDrive Download Station PowerPoint Presentation
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OverDrive Download Station

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OverDrive Download Station

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OverDrive Download Station

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  1. OverDrive Download Station OverDrive Download Station is software that enables a public Internet station to also serve as a self-service download kiosk. This class will help prepare staff to demonstrate OverDrive Download Station and answer basic questions from users. Contact:

  2. Key Topics • What is OverDrive Download Station? • How Download Station Works. • What a User will Need. • User / Staff Benefits. • Step by Step Instructions. • System Requirements. • Support. Check our website at the latest version of these instructions.

  3. What is OverDrive® Download Station? Direct transfer to iPod! • Enables Public Internet PCs to act as self-service download stations for OverDrive audiobooks and music. • OverDrive Download Station tests portable devices for compatibility with OverDrive media. • Users browse, check out, and download right to their device! Windows®-based PCs can run OverDrive Download Station Software and still be available for public Internet use.

  4. What a User will Need • A valid library card. • A supported device. • Access to your library's OverDrive Download Station.For more information on supported devices, visit: Direct transfer to iPod!

  5. How Download Station Works • Connect your device. • Check out an audio title. • Download to your device. • Sign out of your account. • That's all there is to it! 'Test your device for compatibility' will launch a wizard to test a device for compatibility with OverDrive Audiobooks and Music.

  6. User / Staff Benefits User Benefits • Provides access to audiobook and music downloads for users who don't have Internet service. • Self-Service. • Users take advantage of the library's bandwidth for faster downloads. Staff Benefits • Limited staff involvement. • Can be used as a training and demonstration tool for users and staff. • Promotes your OverDrive service in the library.

  7. Placement Suggestions • Grab users' attention with great placement for OverDrive Download Station. • Next to catalog-searching computers. • In high-traffic areas. • Near the audio / visual department. Lee County Library System (FL) San Diego Public Library (CA)

  8. Digital Library Blog • Bright Ideas for your Virtual Branch! • Share promotional ideas with other OverDrive libraries. • Blog with your Partner Services Representative. • Post a comment or link to an article, video, or photo. • Tell us what's going on in your neck of the woods! • Visit us today: •

  9. OverDrive Download Station Step by Step

  10. Step 1: Connect your device • Connect your device to the OverDrive Download Station in your library. • If using OverDrive Download Station for the first time, get information about devices under the 'Find more information...' section. • If you would like to test your device for compatibility with OverDrive WMA Audiobooks and WMA Music, click 'Test your device for compatibility'. • Choose the format to test, and the OverDrive Download Station Wizard will open. • Click 'Next' to continue.

  11. Step 1: Connect your device • OverDrive Download Station will search for your device. • If you see this message, disconnect and reconnect your device. Wait a moment, then click 'Retry'. • If this message is displayed again, your device may not be compatible with OverDrive Download Station. Please see our list of incompatible devices for more information:

  12. Step 1: Connect your device • If your device is recognized, the 'Confirm' screen will be displayed. • Click 'Next' to begin downloading the test file.

  13. Step 1: Connect your device • OverDrive Download Station will first download and then transfer the file to the device. • When the transfer is complete the 'Success' screen will be displayed. • Click 'Finish'. Almost done! Next, you will need to test the files for playback.

  14. Step 1: Connect your device • Ready to test? • Disconnect your portable device. • Listen to the file(s) on your device. • OverDrive Audiobooks Success Message. • OverDrive Music Success Message. • If playback is normal then your device supports OverDrive WMA Audiobooks and WMA Music.

  15. Step 2: Check out an audio title • Browse / search your library's Virtual Branch website for audiobooks and music. • Add selected titles to your cart. • Check out with your library card.

  16. Step 3: Download & transfer to your device • After checkout, a download page will open. • Click the 'Download' button to begin.

  17. Step 3: Download & transfer to your device • Select the parts you wish to download and transfer.

  18. Step 3: Download & transfer to your device • The wizard will check for available storage on your device. • Depending on your device, you may have the option to delete titles if your device is full. • Once free space is confirmed, the download will begin.

  19. Step 3: Download & transfer to your device • When the download is complete click 'Finish' and disconnect your player. • Now you can enjoy your title on-the-go!

  20. Step 4: Sign out of your account • Before you leave the Download Station, be sure to sign out of your account.

  21. OverDrive Download Station System Requirements

  22. System Requirements – Hardware

  23. System Requirements – Software

  24. System Requirements – Internet • Broadband required. • 256 Kbps (minimum). • 1.5 Mbps (recommended). • Performance is based on: • Internet bandwidth. • Speed of the library PC. • Transfer rate of the user's device.

  25. System Requirements – Apple and Zune • Additional Windows Requirements for Transfer to Apple® Devices • iTunes® v9 (or newer) (download iTunes) • Additional Windows Requirements for Transfer to Microsoft Zune® • Zune application v3.0 (or newer) (download the Zune application)

  26. System Requirements – iTunes settings • To setup the recommended 'AAC Import Settings' in iTunes: • In iTunes, go to Edit > Preferences…. The iTunes Preferences dialog box is displayed. • Click the 'Import Settings…' button. The 'Import Settings' dialog box is displayed. • In the 'Import Using' field, select option 'AAC Encoder'. • In the 'Setting' field, select option 'Spoken Podcast'. • Click the 'OK' button to apply your changes and close the 'Import Settings' dialog box. • Click the 'OK' button to close the iTunes Preferences dialog box.

  27. OverDrive Download Station Support

  28. Support • Look for the 'Help' button on the OverDrive Download Station wizard. • Users should contact the library for assistance. • Libraries may contact us at: (Please do not share this email with users.)