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What If Week Proposal

What If Week Proposal. By: Meagan Oefelein , Hannah Howard, Gabi Sagorin , Jacob Torrey, Nick Vollucci , and Alex Popovski. Survey Results. Survey Results. Survey Results. Survey Results.

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What If Week Proposal

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  1. What If Week Proposal By: Meagan Oefelein, Hannah Howard, Gabi Sagorin, Jacob Torrey, Nick Vollucci, and Alex Popovski

  2. Survey Results

  3. Survey Results

  4. Survey Results

  5. Survey Results “I notice that some people sit alone. Maybe one day every week try to set up some sort of social so people can go to meet new friends (during lunch).” “you shouldnt be allowing ppl to make out” “So many kids sit alone at lunch, lets try to find a way to be their friend or help them find friends”

  6. Survey Results • “Being overworked” • “tests” • “the overload of tests in one day” • “The stress.” • “the amount of stress teachers and peers put on students when it comes to their future and college” • “Too much homework.” • “The teachers who don't understand we can't handle that many hours of homework”

  7. MondayWhat if we were all friends?

  8. What if we were all friends? • School-wide breakfast bonding at 8:30! • Free pancake breakfast • Encourage meeting new people, Dan on the Streets for WTV, notes to promote talking to strangers • Compliment wall • Set up in a visible spot • Have people write notes for others at a station

  9. TuesdayWhat if we were all warriors?

  10. What if we were all warriors? • Promoting G.O.W. through the student body • Hand out spirit packs made up of pompoms, visors, tattoos, etc. at school and at the game • Encourage dressing up in red and gold • Parade by drum line and band during snack for promotion

  11. WednesdayWhat if you were you ?

  12. What if you were you? • Open-mic during lunch • Showcase the unique talents of students around campus • Warrior TV • Show Dan on the Streets from Monday as promotion for What If Week • Shoe/sock drive promotion (start on Thursday, go til next Friday) • Nametags • Everybody gets a nametag!

  13. ThursdayWhat if we all took a breath?

  14. What if we all took a breath? • Stress ball handout • The balloon pop • Hand out balloons, blow up the balloon as if you are putting all your stress in the balloon, then.. WE POP THEM! (getting rid of our stress) • Chalkboard • “Instead of stressing, I could be…” • “I deal with my stress by…” • Candy incentive

  15. FridayWhat if we walked in each others’ shoes?

  16. What if we walked in each others’ shoes? • Sock/shoe drive • Relate back to Mike Smith’s assembly • Incentives during snack for donations • Lunch with Warrior Nation

  17. Budget

  18. Thanks for listening!

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